Tuesday, September 5th

Billy brings good humour to the office before he and Vikki send Reed off to school. Now alone, they discuss not to discuss the kiss. It’s forgotten and won’t happen again, Vikki’s eager to get to work. Actually, Billy has something else to talk about – something Phyllis told him.

At Jabot to meet with Jack (who’s not there yet) Hilary chats with Phyllis (who gives her a thumbs up for the great job she did airing Vikki’s dirt. Knowing Vikki’s still chasing Billy, Hilary asks Phyllis whether she’s winning or losing.

Now alone with Cane, Lily encourages him to keep trying – the kids will come back to you on their own. How’s the job hunt going? Cane’s still looking and hates that Lily’s the only one supporting the family financially. She has a photo shoot with Jordan – and he has to meet Juliet at the hospital for the results. Lily wishes them the best – let me know. Of course, Cane appreciates that.

Billy and I are fine, though Phyllis can’t deny that he has chemistry with Vikki; who’s martyring herself and manipulating Billy. He’s not seeing that he’s being played. Men are blind, Hilary likes women who tell it like it is. Yes, this is all ‘off the record’. Don’t give Vikki an inch, Hilary advises as Phyllis leaves her to wait for Jack.

Vikki’s not proud that she went off on Phyllis but is glad she got things off her chest. Changing subjects from Hawkman, she tells Billy about her dinner with Victor last night – we have to outperform Jabot. Let’s go check out our shelf space at Fenmore’s (and talk to Lauren) Our numbers will go up at Fenmore’s, Billy’s confident and has no problem going into Phyllis’s computer again to get Jabot’s sales numbers. It’s for a godo cause.

As Tessa tells Noah about Crystal, he notices Zack hovering and they talk briefly about Abby and the app. I’ll let you get back to whatever you were talking about, Zack leaves Tessa looking off-balance (even though she’s still sitting on the yoga mat)

Seated at Underground, Sharon rummages through her giant purse for Alice’s credit card – as she questions her about her work; I guess you’re always on the go. Small company? Nothing you’ve heard of, Alice will just cancel her card. Here it is, Sharon finally hands it over. Alice is just about out the door when Sharon loudly asks Nick if he’s seen the resume she sent over for Crystal. Alice stops in her tracks. Something wrong? Sharon asks her.

Alice suddenly remembers her manners; it’s been nice to see you both. Now it’s back to Madison. Nick’s left to scold Sharon – do you really think Alice is involved in a sex ring? He understands Sharon’s concern but she’s seeing things. Scott suggested the same thing – but he’s still helping Sharon and trusts her instincts. Nick’s then surprised to hear that Crystal is Tessa’s sister. Sharon won’t fail this girl again – so hear me out.

Tessa tells Noah about Crystal’s plans to go to college – but how will she get over what these monsters did to her? Noah points out that his Mom’s gone back to school; it’s never too late – have hope.

Juliet’s a nervous wreck when Cane joins her in a hospital room to reassure her. Juliet just wants everything to be OK. So does Cane. Taking a seat beside Juliet, Cane takes her hand – we’ll get through this together.

Sharon reminds Nick that she caught Alice in a lie; she lives in GC not Madison (and with a niece) You know she doesn’t have any family. Plus, the house is too nice for someone who works for a small medical supply company. She also ducks questions about her current life. Alice is hiding something. Nick can’t deny that.

Billy and Vikki take a seat at the club after back to school shopping and checking Fenmore’s shelves (which are selling BnS front and center still) Phyllis! Vikki’s unpleasantly surprised but takes the opportunity to apologize. Phyllis would also like to move on (and yes, she’d love to join them) Vikki forces a smile and Billy looks ill as he seats Phyllis at their table.

The doctor tells Cane and Juliet that the genetic marker didn’t show up in Cane’s blood; the child will carry the marker but won’t have the disease. The test also revealed the baby’s sex – would you like to know? Cane looks astonished to hear it’s a boy.