Monday, September 4th

Nick and Victor cross paths and exchange words while working out at the gym. Nick expresses surprise that his Dad did the right thing.

Still at Jabot, Nikki drops by Vikki’s office again to find her in a ‘fantastic’ mood – she just had fun setting Phyllis straight.

As soon as Billy walks through the door, Phyllis claims she had no agenda in trying to set Vikki up with Benjamin – what did she just tell you? She didn’t say a word – this is the first Billy’s heard of it.

Hilary’s glad to see that Mariah’s ‘indie-friend’ has left the workplace – so she can boast about being single; a free agent, but not for long.

Over food and wine, Lily tells Devon that Hilary and Jordan broke up. No, she didn’t mention it the other night – she just wanted to catch up. Here we go again, Lily sighs.

When Dina finds Ashley reading her Parker Beauty analysis in Jack’s office, she’s told that it’s good – but wants an explanation as to why she shared it with Graham before she and Jack even saw it.

**Apologies for the delay. I didn’t think the show was on due to the holiday! Excuse mistakes as I attempt to get this out before midnight (making it not a day ahead)**

Victor sent the furniture for Faith’s sake – not Nicks (then lambastes him for being a crappy Father and moving his funds away from the family financial advisor) Nick shrugs – guess Dean can’t spy for you anymore. Victor warns Nick not to come running to him when he goes broke.

Back at BnS, Nikki’s proud of Vikki for putting Phyllis on notice. And yes, she spoke to Jack. Vikki then tells her Mom that she and Billy had a moment that makes her sure he’ll come around if she’s patient. Today was a turning point. Nikki invitation to go out to dinner to celebrate is accepted immediately.

Yes, Billy IS upset that Phyllis would try to set Vikki up with Hawkman – and he doesn’t believe she was simply playing matchmaker. Vikki almost signed a deal with that snake – things blew up between them on TV. Maybe Vikki isn’t off base with her suspicions after all.

Phyllis admits she screwed up; Benjamin’s a sleaze. But she only set them up so that Billy might not feel guilty about Vikki being alone. You did this to protect me from being overworked? Billy’s skeptical. Phyllis felt she was losing Billy to a needy boss – I just wanted you back.