Tuesday, September 26th

In Jack’s office, Ashley shushes Ravi as she rants about firing Phyllis. Jack seems to have another idea.

Down at BnS, Vikki thinks it too risky for Billy to access Phyllis’ computer again – promise me you won’t do it. Won’t do what? Phyllis appears to ask.

Abby wonders what Scott’s doing in her Dad’s office. Engaging in their usual bickering, Abby then leaves when Paul arrives to see Scott. She’s pleased when Zack calls to invite her out to dinner. He then gets a call from Alice – who has some news.

Paul’s pleased that Scott gave him a lead on the promoter and his ‘girlfriend’ instead of trying to investigate himself. Scott just hopes Paul can bring this sex ring down.

Still in the recording booth, Mariah talks about how close she feels to Tessa – who ‘of course’ feels the same way. You’re like family to me. Family? Mariah covers he disappointment and vows to support Tessa no matter what. Devon summons Tessa back to work and wonders what’s wrong with Mariah.

Mariah reassures Devon that’s she’s fine. He asks her to stay – please. Looking at Tessa through the glass, Mariah can’t possibly refuse Devon’s request.

In Graham’s suite, Dina updates that Jack’s furious with her and Ravi’s checking her laptop. She’s not going to pick it up and wonders why Graham would offer to walk into that ‘lions den’ (and get it for her)

Billy lies – he wanted to take the kids to the amusement park. Vikki wants him to wait until next year. Phyllis then mentions BnS’s spike in sales. How does Billy explain it? The public wants BnS not Jabot – accept that.

Jack thinks Billy downloaded the files. Ravi agrees that it’s not Phyllis (and tells Ashley why) Jack’s sure that Billy used her computer. He charmed Dina to get her password. It doesn’t matter if Vikki pushed him into it. Jack has a plan – if they want access to our secrets, let’s give it to them.

Paul didn’t get anything suspicious off Herv’s credit card. Scott’s sure there must be a link. How do we stop this? Paul’s shared everything with Chris (who’s also investigating) Assured that Scott will pass anything else along, Paul leaves Abby to return to wonder why the Chief of Police wanted to see him.

On the phone, Alice tells Zack that Natalia’s very popular but Crystal should come back – she’s a big money maker. On speakerphone, Zack praises Natalia but won’t give her any more money.

It’s not about the money (a bonus for his ‘discretion) for Ravi – he’s not happy about Jack’s plan. Neither is Ashley; who’s disappointed with both her brothers. Billy isn’t loyal to us or our Father’s company, only to Vikki, Jack stresses.

After Vikki leaves the office, Phyllis is happy that Billy has time for dinner – see you later. He asks about Jack – what’s he thinking. He can’t prove you did anything wrong so is focusing on Parker Beauty. If Phyllis knew more she couldn’t tell Billy – and has no influence over Lauren. Pretending to be talking on the phone, Vikki drops the act after Phyllis leaves.