Monday, February 6th, 2023

Jack easily convinces Diane to move a few of her things into the house. He’ll run an errand while she goes to pack.

Her call returned, Sally makes a paternity test appointment. She’ll call Nick first, then Adam.

In her office, Vikki’s thinking about drinking/kissing in Nate’s office.

Vikki’s kiss still on his mind, Nate pounces on Elena as soon as she walks in the door. With a kiss, he leads her upstairs.

NIck apologizes for startling Vikki. She was just thinking about her brainstorming session with Nate last night. She’s confident she can take over Daniel’s project and Tucker’s company.

When Chloe arrives, Sally updates – and worries that if the baby’s Adam’s, Nick will walk away.

Nate and Elena come back downstairs. Their ‘interlude’ has made him late for work – this weekend will just be you and me, a romantic getaway, he promises.

Should I be hiding the silver? Victor mocks Jack the thief. He’s there to blast Victor – don’t think you can use my son to undermine your son (Adam)

Victor doesn’t need to undermine Adam – he’s doing all that on his loan. He tells Jack to go home and salvage his trainwreck relationship with Diane – it will all go up in flames.

In her suite, Diane holds the framed family photo to her chest and smiles.

Tessa’s early morning visit worries Elena – is something wrong with Mariah? The baby?

Sensing that Nick’s troubled, Vikki gives him a lecture about Sally. He won’t talk about Sally with his sister of Dad.

If Adam’s the father, it changes everything, Sally frets. The paternity test is taking place this afternoon. Nick and Adam will be swabbed, she surprises Chloe.