Friday, March 17th, 2023

Abby knows there’s a lot under the surface when it comes to Devon. Don’t let Lily and Amanda provoke you into anger. Taking on the role of Amanda for a mock trial, – you’re a liar, cheater – why should we believe anything you have to say. Devon’s calm – his life is Abby and Dom ~kiss~

Diane marches into the house. What’s got you so riled up. I ran into Jeremy and Phyllis – thick as thieves. He never left. She lied about not wanting anything to do with his plan. Jack’s not surprised lied but angry that Phyllis lied to Kyle and Summer. They wanted us to think the coast was clear. But why – what are they planning?

What was that about? Phyllis wonders what news Diane’s talking about. She’s psychotic. Jeremy cautions her not to get distracted. Jack and Diane are planning a future that will never happen. Focus on our plan. I need your full attention. Are you still onboard with this 100%?

Jack’s not surprised Jeremy got his hooks into Phyllis – she’s alienating everyone in her life. That’s the vulnerability Jeremy plays upon (though Diane’s not excusing Phyllis’ behavior) Us getting closer is making her more dangerous. This goes back decades – we competed for you – she feels like she lost – she’s enraged. In her mind, she doesn’t think I deserve you. Jack knows how much Phyllis loves her kids – he thought the risk of losing them would pull her back from the brink. She was so happy when Daniel moved back to town. She gives in to her worst impulses – with Chris, Sharon, you. She somehow justifies it to herself, Diane worries what she and Jeremy have in store for her. We’ll handle it together, soon, as husband and wife ~hug~

Phyllis balks at Jeremy micromanaging her. We make a good team – we could set the world on fire, he edges closer. Stay focused, Phyllis leans away, refusing to be distracted by a handsome ex con. Jeremy’s flattered. Don’t be, she sashays out.

Daniel thinks Devon’s being shortsighted and why does he think he’s the only one who grieves Neil. Yes! Lily appreciates him seeing that. Devon wants to throw everything that we’ve worked for away. Walk into arbitration confident, Daniel’s sure the Judge will rule in her favour. I needed to hear that, Lily thanks him with a hug.

At the front door, Devon again reassures Abby. He’ll be home soon to her and Dom – then off to the gala tonight. Good luck, Abby closes the door then flashes back to a conversation they had years ago when she’d ‘never been in love’. The look on her face indicates she is now.

Jeremy joins Nikki at Society – lovely to see you. She can’t say the same. He mocks her lofty perch in GC. Of the three in your little group, he finds her the most intriguing. You’re from the wrong side of the tracks – you fight for what we want. As for the necklace, I was framed – you’re smart enough to know that. Don’t give my husband reason to ruin your pathetic life, Nikki plays the Victor card. Jeremy hints that Diane will get what’s coming to her.

Phyllis arrives at the house as Traci’s about to leave. Letting her in to wait for Summer (apparently on her way) Traci jokes – don’t steal anything. With Jack and Diane upstairs with Harrison, stealing is exactly what Phyllis has in mind. Zeroing in on Diane’s purse, she quickly comes across the box with the engagement ring inside. What the hell are you doing?! Diane appears to yelp.

The topic is changed to tonight’s gala. Jeremy’s making a modest donation to the historical society. Your name will NOT be on the guest list, Nikki purses her lips. Vowing to do his part to make sure it’s a night to remember, Jeremy’s left to smirk to himself.

What are you doing lurking around? How did you get in here?! Diane demands to know. The box/ring behind her back, Phyllis explains that Traci let her in. She’s meeting Summer. Diane doesn’t believe it; you’re using your daughter again – and working with Jeremy. Slipping the ring back into Diane’s purse (from behind her back) Phyllis claims to get a text from Summer. She’s not coming, Phyllis quickly leaves Diane to look mighty suspicious.

Lily meets Devon outside the courtroom. This is our last chance, she implores – once we start this there’s no going back. Please, can we find common ground? Amanda strides over to silence Lily – don’t say another word.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!