Friday, March 17th, 2023

Traci’s surprised that Jack’s at the house (and back so soon) Hearing that he and Diane are engaged, she’s delighted. You deserve happiness. Jack appreciates her support (knowing he won’t get it elsewhere)

Phyllis is alarmed when Jeremy shouts out her name across TGP lobby. I just made a big show of washing my hands of you, she scolds. Let’s go up to your room! Too late – Diane catches her enemies together. Everything out of your mouth was a big, fat lie!

Daniel asks Lily to sit and chat with him at CL’s before going to battle with Devon. Are you second guessing yourself?

At the penthouse, Devon’s confident that Chris will present a good case on his behalf. Abby knows it will be hard for him to see Amanda. She doesn’t look happy when her offer to accompany him to the courthouse is declined.

Daniel gives Lily a pep talk. She wishes she and Devon could come up with an amicable solution. I tried everything I could think of. There were too many variables – do what it takes to win, he encourages.

Abby wants to be there for Devon. It will be complicated, emotionally. Devon’s not concerned about coming face to face with Amanda; he’s thinking of Abby. Support me by staying home and having a good day with our son so I can come home to you both ~kiss~

Diane mocks Phyllis – Oooohhh I wouldn’t have anything to do with Jeremy, he’s dangerous. Jeremy insists he came back for his lucky socks. Remember them? The surprise is YOU being back in town. I’m not afraid of you now, Diane claims – you have no power over me. Phyllis isn’t buying it.

Abby coaches Devon – don’t let your anger get in the way today. Let Christine guide you. Don’t let Lily provoke you. Devon will leave his personal feelings at the door.

Traci and Nikki are seated at one of Society’s two tables. Tonight’s the night – GC’s bicentennial gala. It’s finally going to happen. There’s going to be a lot of press, VIP’s, former residents and a special presentation. It’ll be an unforgettable experience; a magical evening.

Diane can’t believe Phyllis went running to Kyle and Summer; again putting them in danger. You used your daughter as a pawn in your scheme. Phyllis mocks her fake outrage. Taylor Jensen was more fun, Jeremy figures that some people will be glad when someone makes her pay. Diane can’t think of two people who deserve each other more. She and Jack have only grown closer. Soon you’re gonna hear some news, she leaves.

Traci and Nikki continue to chat about tonight’s historic event. 200 years! They then manage to segue into Jeremy Stark being back in town. Luring him to GC was Phyllis’ idea, Nikki throws her co-conspirator under the bus.