Friday, June 16th, 2023

As Chance confirms that Cameron doesn’t have a pulse, Faith would really, really like to get this bomb-belt off her waist. Nick and Sharon are understandably nervous as Chance inspects the bomb strapped to Faith. The wires will need to be cut one by one, Chance calls upon his military training. Having experience holding a flashlight, Nick will do that.

Awakening to realize that she’s had a C-section, Sally demands to know what’s going on. Struggling with his own fresh grief, Adam explains that they had to induce labour. Sally assumes her tiny baby is alive.

In denial, Sally just wants to go see her baby. During the C-section, there was a complication, Adam tries to explain. Premature babies thrive all the time – she’s strong, Sally battles tears. Also in tears, Adam’s sorry to say that their little girl didn’t make it.

After some ‘work’, Nate and Vikki are both wearing fluffy white robes in the GCAC corporate suite. She hopes Nick doesn’t fly off the handle and make things worse (as he’s prone to do) It’s nerve wracking. Chance is trained for situations like this – they’ll bring this guy to justice, Nate sure – he’ll help Vikki get through this ~hug~

Chance needs Faith to stay still – we’re in this together. If the bomb goes off, we both die. As Nick holds the flashlight, Sharon goes into her therapist-mode. This won’t be like Spain – this time you’ll be able to diffuse the bomb. She takes Faith’s hand – I’m not going anywhere.

Nate wants Vikki to lean on him. She does (literally, in bed) You being here helps, she cozies up to worry about how Nick’s dealing with Cameron. There’s no telling what he’ll do. He managed to send Nick to jail and he didn’t even lay a hand on him. Nate agrees that Nick can be a loose canon but he’s working with the authorities – Cameron doesn’t stand a chance.

Chance needs to cut the wires one by one. He’s going to cut the first red wire – don’t move/breathe, he instructs Faith. Clip. Only five more to go. Faith loves her parents but doesn’t want them all to die. Chance is smart, skilled and brave – he’ll get us through this, Sharon reassures.

I never even met her, Sally refuses to believe it’s real. Adam needs her to rest. No! she sobs – I need to know what happened. I took my vitamins and medication! Why is our little girl gone?!

You don’t have to do this alone – I’m here for you. Vikki appreciates that. This situation will take a toll on Nick – he might need to take some time off. Nate thinks they should take it one step at a time. No, Vikki doesn’t want to go home but agrees to a nightcap downstairs.

Hearing that Nick’s not there, Sally assumes Adam didn’t call him. Adam did – he left messages and even called Victor – maybe Nick’s phone is dead. He’d be here if he could be – that’s what he does. He shows up when people need him. Nick will be here for you, Adam promises.