Thursday, February 29th, 2024

Meeting at Society, Nina and Chris briefly discuss Chance and his new job. Chris could use a friend. What happened between you and Danny? Nina asks. Phyllis happened.

At the club, Phyllis is alarmed to overhear Danny making arrangements on his phone. You’re going on tour? When we’re so close to getting back together??

In her office, Nikki’s surprised to find a big bouquet of flowers from Seth. She sends Larry the security guard out and calls Seth to thank him for the flowers. The least I could do, Seth has news and would like to meet for coffee at CL’s. She agrees.

At the ranch with her parents and Victor, Claire continues to gush about her new home. She’s so grateful. Once this thing is over with Jordan you can decide where to stay, Victor adds that she’s a Newman now – that will never change.

Claire wants to bring Jordan to justice as much as Victor does. No, she feels no connection to the woman who raised her – she’s a threat to be dealt with. News of your release is out – Jordan will soon know.

Chris rants to Nina about Phyllis. Danny was rattled to see me acting insecure and has backed away from both of us. Phyllis should be behind bars for killing Stark.

We’re NOT getting back together, Danny insists – we’re friends and co-parents. Phyllis disagrees – there’s no spark between you and Christine. Lucky you to have two women fighting over you. It’s exhausting – Danny’s going back on tour. No, there’s nothing Phyllis can do to change his mind.

Phyllis wants one last dinner – tonight.

Nina tells Chris not to give up. Chris doesn’t like the way Danny’s handling it – she has so many doubts. Nina tells her to keep busy – Danny will soon realize he might lose you.

At CL’s, Nikki tells Ester that man the man hovering is indeed her bodyguard. On the patio, Seth also asks about the guard. Nikki feels safer with Larry around. The woman tormenting her is insane and obsessed.