Friday, April 19th, 2024

At Society, Billy asks if he can join Lily – he hates to eat alone. Yes, if he promises not to mention her firing Daniel.

Abby’s happy to find Devon and Nate working together like a finely oiled machine. Nate has to go make a call but agrees to come back in a half hour. That leaves Abby to point out that the board meeting starts in a half hour – what is Devon up to?

Nikki insists on using herself as bait – it’s her fault that Harrison’s been kidnapped, and Claire too, probably. Probably? Vikki disappointed that her Mom seems to have doubts about Claire’s innocence.

As Victor gives Summer a hug and reassurance, Kyle thanks Chance for coming. Jack wonders if he has an update from his friends on the force. We’ll bring Harrison home, Victor again reassures Summer.

Lily and Billy update one another on their kids and Connor. Though they’re on friendly terms personally, Lily doesn’t trust Billy professionally.

Chance reports that the police have found and questioned the driver of the flower truck (which was stolen when he went into a store) Security cameras captured the person in black but can’t tell if it was a man or woman. After Victor steps out to take a call, Summer goes on another rant about Claire (and again blames Kyle for their son being GONE)

Believing that her daughter’s been kidnapped and is in danger, Vikki asks her Mom to keep her doubts to herself. When Nikki asks for Claire’s number to send Jordan a message, Vikki will, on one condition.

As Vikki runs to answer a call from Cole, Nikki sneaks a sip from her flask and pops a breath mint. Vikki will only give her Claire’s number if she and Cole are in on Nikki’s plan.

Kyle’s OK if Summer lashes out at him but he doesn’t believe Claire’s involved. She’s a victim too. When Summer calls him a fool, Jack finally speaks up (as Chance remains silent and Victor watches from the doorway) We have to focus on getting Harrison back.

That’s harsh, Billy thought they were having a friendly conversation. Lily’s thought about his suggestion that they run CW together but won’t betray her family and doesn’t trust Billy not to push her out too in his bid for power.

Lily’s caution in protecting her personal and professional life outweighs hurting anyone’s feelings. At this afternoon’s board meeting, she hopes to remove Billy’s power and position at the company.

Nikki begs Vikki not to involve Nick – let me do this my way. When Cole returns to hear the plan, he also thinks it too dangerous. He also worries about Jack and Victor’s plan. All these plans and no one’s consulting with the police, he worries Jordan might be triggered into doing something terrible.