Friday, June 7th, 2024

Traci’s happy to hear that Ashley slept and hasn’t heard a peep from her alters. Both feel bad for Alan – who will likely focus on checking Ashley into the facility. She has one more thing to take care of.

Tucker’s disappointed that his assistant has no messages from Ashley or Traci – only about Audra. Oh good – he can’t wait to hear what she’s been up to now.

On an outdoor patio in Paris, Audra leaves a message for Felipe – she has so much more to tell him about that the world needs to know.

Cole thanks Mike for meeting him at Society – he feels terrible that he lost his job. Victor plans to keep him away from Vikki and Claire. It won’t work though. Enter Victor – why is he not surprised to find the two traitors together?

Nobody’s conspiring against you, Cole and Mike are Victor’s biggest supporters – your hands are clean now. Jordan’s where she belongs. Victor won’t tolerate their breach of trust. Cole and Mike want to go back to the ranch to discuss it.

Ms Charles has managed to run into Glacade’s board members – she’s reminding them of your cover-up scandal and saying he’s emotionally unstable, the assistant updates. Tucker taught her all she knows but not everything he knows.

Traci discourages Ashley from contacting Tucker – though she is grateful for his timely arrival. Ashley can’t check herself in without thanking Tucker – alone. Traci can’t deny she worries she’s speaking to one of the alters.

Traci’s sorry for doubting Ashley but worries seeing Tucker would trigger one of her alters. Trust me, Ashley promises to be careful. She wants to close this chapter to focus on her recovery. See you soon ~hug~

Mike and Cole meet Victor at the ranch. He’s sure they would have bungled transferring Jordan. Cole tries to cover for Mike – the goal was to protect you. Firing me and driving Cole away from his family isn’t a long term solution. The hell it isn’t, Victor growls.

Tucker will make Audra an offer she can’t refuse. She’s doing what I’d do; hurt her for hurting me. Hoping they can meet today, he’s pleasantly surprised when Ashley drops by his suite.