Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

Confirming that Cole’s asking her out on a date, Vikki would love to have dinner with him. He’ll pick her up at 7. After she leaves, Cole’s smile fades as he flashes back to Victor’s demand.

Sneaking in to watch Harrison and Claire do a jigsaw puzzle for a minute, Kyle agrees with his son. Both are happy Claire ‘gets to come over every day’.

Adam hopes Sally will tell him when enough is enough (of his whining) She knows it’s hard for him to share his feelings. He loves everything about her ~kiss~ Don’t answer the door – it might be trouble, he warns.

Ignoring Nick, Nikki blasts Victor for punishing her. After listing reasons why he’s doing so, she exits the room in a huff. Well, that went great, Nick quips to his Dad.

Answering the door, Adam’s surprised when Summer expresses sincere support. After he leaves them to talk frocks, Sally thanks her new boss for being so kind to Adam. Summer also surprises her with praise for her good work – I’m really impressed.

Delighted to hear all about Harrison and Claire’s fun trip to the park, Kyle agrees that his son can have ice cream.

Looking magnificent in mauve, Nikki drops by the tackhouse to chat with Vikki. She’s surprised to hear that despite turning Victor down, she (Vikki) is tempted to go back to work.

Summer amends her praise to ‘really good work’; specifically, the sleeves and colour choices. Sally credits the foundation Chelsea left her and also Chloe’s input. Summer correctly guesses this is leading to something.

Now at the park, Harrison, Kyle and Claire are discussing ice cream flavours when a distracted Cole strolls by. Dad, is everything OK??

Victor’s sure Nikki will embrace his plan. Nick’s sure he hasn’t asked her. Victor tasks him with convincing Vikki to return to work – but where HE wants her, not where Nikki wants her (as Newman Media’s interim CEO)