Wednesday, February 3rd

Thanks to Meghan for stepping in to cover me the past 2 days while I worked on my sunburn. I’m back but just need a day to settle in (and do laundry) I think we all know what that means. Typos, typos for all!!!!

In a suite at the club, Cane and Lily continue to er ‘reconnect’.

At CL’s, Mariah gives Kevin a pep talk – hacker babe says we’re back in. Natalie arrives looking like something the cat dragged in. Victor’s away – mini Victor (Vikki) is in charge, she reports. Kevin smells a rat – something big’s going down for him to take off like this.

Adam and Luca square off in Victor’s office. Adam will turn the Santori dossier over to the REAL FBI’s – his Father goes to prison. And Luca will turn Victor’s precious grandson in for hit and run. Chelsea listens as Luca blabs that Noah ran Billy over. Oh the irony. Looks like Victor isn’t sharing everything. Adam doesn’t believe it. What don’t you believe? Chelsea appears.

At Top of the Tower, Noah tells Marisa that he didn’t confess to Billy – but he’s having flashbacks – it’ll come out. At a nearby table, Vikki questions Billy on his flashes. Billy wants to remember – he needs to know who ran him over.

Adam asks ‘babe’ to give him a second. No more secrets, Chelsea reminds – she can be discreet. Luca tells Adam to go verify what he’s said – it’s all true – then you can tell your wife all about it. Your big plan just blew up, didn’t it? Chelsea’s left to suspect.

Back at Top of the Tower, Billy assures Vikki that he’s not out for revenge (against whoever ran him over) It’s not the same as with Delia. OK, but Vikki wants him to go home and rest – play with the kids – focus on the new job at Jabot. And Vikki will focus on her new project – this Natalie could be running an expensive scheme. With a kiss, Billy tells Vikki not to worry about him. Noah lurks.

Kevin feels like Victor’s taunting them – stealing the project then saying ‘I don’t want it’. When Kevin wants details of how Natalie’s bringing them back in, she bolts. She just stole that mug, Mariah notes.

Now what? Cane asks Lily (still in bed)

Lily thanks Cane for the best makeup sex ever – or was it ex sex? It was amazing, both agree. Being in bed feels right – but what about at home, or in the real world. This was a huge step. Lily wants Cane to forgive and trust her again – can you do that? Cane doesn’t know. Then we can’t get the kids hopes up, Lily decides they shouldn’t complicate things.

Noah tells Marisa that he apologized to Billy – not for causing the accident but for not visiting. He’s SO sorry. That’s what Marisa loves about Noah – don’t let this ruin your life. Steer clear of Billy – be careful – for me. Luca appears to say his meeting with Noah’s Uncle Adam was productive. You WERE in the plan to take down Victor – remind me to thank you when it’s all over. Noah’s left to think.

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