Tuesday, February 2nd

Much thanks again to Meghan for recapping the show for us! I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂

Chelsea told Adam she had a bad feeling about what he was planning for the Santories and asked him to call it off. Adam told her everythng would be fine. Marisa asked Chelsea if Adam and Luca were planning to take down their fathers. She said it felt like a set up. Chelsea told her if Luca went down it would be her opportunity to be free of him and be with Noah. Marisa said it was her choice to stay with Luca. Adam gave an FBI agent information as did Luca. After he left told Luca that the guy was someone who had worked in security for Newmans for many years. He told Luca if he leaves the premises he won’t give the information he has to a real FBI agent. Luca said that if he or his father is sent to jail then Noah will go to jail for the hit and run on Billy.

Nick broke away from Dr. Anderson’s kiss and told her he loved his wife. Dr. Anderson said she kissed Nick because she wanted to take his pain away. She apologized for the kiss and said it won’t happen again. Nick received a call from Sharon. When he arrives at Sharon’s place she tells him Faith asked to live with her. Nick blamed Sharon for telling Faith Sage was sick. Sharon said Faith had a right to know. When Nick brought up Dr. Anderson Sharon defended the doctor. Nick told Faith he wanted her to be happy. If she wanted to live with her mother he was okay with it.


Sage called Nick and told him she found something but she does not know what it means. She is caught by an orderly who takes the book about living with paralysis away from her. Sage is locked in her room. Nick arrived and Dr. Anderson told him visiting hours are over. Nick refused to leave and went to see Sage. Sage told him about the book she found. Dr. Anderson told the orderly Sage was dangerous.

Victoria and Billy are having lunch when Noah approaches them. He told Billy he was sorry about what happened to him. Billy says he remembers Noah was there outside the hospital room. Billy gets a call and leaves the table. Victoria asked Noah why he was so tense. He said he can’t forget that Victor had Marisa kidnapped. Victoria said he should not let it consume him. She said he shouldn’t blame Victor for all the problems in his life. Noah said he is sick and tired of Victor’s behavior being excuses on the grounds he did it for family. Victoria defends her father. She tells him to find a way to forgive Victor. Billy had a flashback to the accident.

Lily told Cane he will have to forgive her if things are to work out between them
Kevin wants to know why Natalie wants to hop on a jet and leave
Chelsea asked Adam if he his plan just blew up