Monday, April 4th

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A guard posted outside is his door, Victor awakens to Nikki explaining that he’s safe in hospital – someone stabbed you (and nearly killed you) Nikki’s stunned when Victor tells her to get out.

At the GCAC, Phyllis is raving about the reviews of Passkey online. Jack’s relieved the headlines are about sales figures – not the fight between Vikki and Billy.

At the office, Vikki’s also reading glowing reviews – Jabot’s back on top. Not for long if I have anything to say about it, she mutters. As a large bouquet of flowers is walked in, Vikki thinks it a sick joke and orders them out. It’s Billy – he comes in peace.

At GCM, Sage is optimistic that Shawn will accept their idea of an open adoption. You think I’m deluding myself don’t you? she asks Nick.

My baby, Sharon murmurs in her sleep – as she remembers the nurse taking Sully to be fed (Sharon can’t breastfeed due to the meds she’s on) A nightmare, Dylan assumes. No, it seemed real, Sharon leans on him.

Nikki knows Victor’s angry but won’t let him push her away – who did this to you? It IS my business – you’re my husband. I’m not the enemy. Just get out, Victor repeats. Not happy about it, Nikki complies.

Vikki plans to donate the flowers to the hospital. Not what Billy had in mind – he was out of line last night and embarrassed. I was wrong. Hearing that Vikki plans to sue for Passkey, Billy thinks whoever’s advising her should be disbarred. You’re right, Mike arrives.

Jack understands why Vikki’s pissed – she’s just defending her company’s interests. She’s under a lot of stress AND still in love with Billy. We should get them back together. Phyllis thinks that a terrible idea.

Feeding Sully, Sharon remembers not being allowed to breastfeed him – then that horrible Nurse Stevens took him away. Her reason for being at Fairview that night seems legit – but why does it feel as if Sharon’s supposed to remember something??

Nick praises Sage’s huge heart – David’s lucky to have her for a Mom. On their way to see David, they find Nikki moping – someone tried to kill your Father last night.

Announcing that Mike’s now a consultant for NE, Vikki suggests Jabot hire the best lawyer they can find. Mike interrupts the bickering – you two don’t need to get a lawyer – you need to get a room.

Sure Phyllis would love to see Billy and Vikki back together – but can’t see it happening. Sometimes love isn’t enough. They should come to an agreement on Passkey. Jack just wants his brother to be as happy as they are ~kiss~

Nikki whines to Nick and Sage – Victor looks small and weak in that hospital bed. We must keep him safe. He doesn’t want our help, Nikki pouts. That’s anger and pride talking. Sage leaves Nick to update his Mom that David was born last night. The adoption’s up in the air. Nick needs to do something to help Dad – and knows who to go to.

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