Friday, April 1st

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Sharon doesn’t think the nurse worked at Fairview – different coloured scrubs and a GCM logo. Dylan believes this nurse might be the key to uncovering what Dr Anderson was up to.

Sage gasps as she remembers the same nurse taking Christain off for tests. You can see your soon afterwards. No I can’t – I’ll never see him after the adoption, Shawn snaps.

At the club’s bar, Jack insists the launch is over until Billy straightens things out with Vikki. She just told the world we’re thieves. Phyllis won’t let Vikki’s tantrum stop Passkey. Find Vikki – apologize, Jack demands – for the future of your company and family.

In Victor’s office, Mike will give her 5 minutes to blast him about his character and that’s it. Instead she offers him 500K to come back to NE.

Victor wondered how long it’d take Ian Ward to show his face. Bet you wish you’d killed me when you had the chance, Ian smirks.

With a tearful I love you David, Shawn allows the nurses to wheel him out for testing. She then sobs in Nick’s arms – you’re his family. I’ll be nothing to him. Sage reassures Shawn that it doesn’t have to be that way. How about a new agreement? You can be part of his life – an open adoption. Whaddaya say?

What if I was a target too? Sharon frets. Dylan will track down the nurse – and some answers ~hug~ We’ll end those nightmares for good.

Back at the club, Billy and knows there’s no way to work things out with Vikki (business or personal) After Jack sends a reporter away (again) he warns Billy (now having a drink) not to bring Jabot down with another bender. You’ve done enough damage already.

Ian’s sorry he couldn’t procure a batch of muffins – and how’s Nikki? Ian has some pull in here – he’s a paragon of respectability and power. You’ll need protection.