Monday, June 13th

At the penthouse, Mike informs that the lab tech wasn’t paid off by Victor. He bought a boat! Adam sputters. He fudged results for Dr Neville’s drug trial, Mike adds that his experts weren’t able to prove Sage’s journal was faked. Ian’s testimony is all we have.

In his solitary cell, Victor Victor loudly shadow boxes.

At the bar, Travis gets a call and is surprised to hear that he’s paid in full. This will be the last time I’m behind in payments, he promises (then flashes back to Vikki offering to help him)

Looking troubled, Vikki’s going over a folder in the dark (at the office) when Hannah calls. See you soon, she hangs up and exits in a hurry.

Bethany knew Billy had feelings for Phyllis, but if you love her, why aren’t you fighting for her? She’s married to my brother Billy reminds – Phyllis is trying to fix this.

On the rooftop, Jack wonders what Phyllis is worried about – work? Summer? No, it’s about Billy, she stammers.

Things get heated at the penthouse. Mike can’t connect Allan James to Victor. And it’s a very bad idea for Adam to testify. Chelsea insists they can’t rely on Ian; he’s a sociopath who’s conning us!

Ian’s ear is pressed to the infirmary door as Dr Gates tells a guard that she needs to deliver drugs to a prisoner. When the guard can’t allow her into solitary, Dr Gates calls the warden. Refused again, Meredith will have to settle for writing down instructions for the meds that the guard must deliver to Victor.

Has Billy done something to you? Talk to me Red. No, Phyllis is concerned about this Bethany chick. Is she trying to trap Billy into marrying her? Jack’s not worried – a sexy goddess told him not to worry. No, Phyllis has no need to be jealous. She’s sorry for going back and forth. No need, Jack also wants Billy to find a woman who really loves him.

Bethany’s pretty good at sizing people up – Billy’s scared and letting other people make decisions for him (IE Phyllis) Was it Vikki’s decision to end the marriage? Billy makes a decision – get out. At the door, Bethany comes face to face with Vikki. You must be thinking ‘that didn’t last long’, she smirks. How could it when Billy’s in love with someone else? (and off Bethany marches)

Billy apologizes – Bethany has a flair for the dramatic. Given Johnny’s forgotten bear, Vikki offers to go after Bethany to tell her they’re over. No need, it’s not important and Billy’s not going down this road. Give the kids a kiss for me. Vikki has one question – why don’t people just tell the truth?

No more talk about Billy – Phyllis has to go see someone about a donation to the Foundation. Told it’s best he not come along, Jack wishes her good luck. Thanks, I might need it, Phyllis gives him a kiss and leaves.

Meredith writes Victor a letter. Ian says you’re setting your son up I can’t believe that. We need to talk. Say you’re sick and they’ll bring you to the infirmary. I’ll be here for another hour. This needs to happen tonight. The guard is given the meds and attached note.

Adam’s not naive when it comes to Ian, but we’ve given him all he’s asked for. As a former con artist, Chelsea suspects that Ian has an end game. Mike thinks Adam should listen carefully to his wife.

Mike suggests they keep their eyes open. Ian’s goals don’t have to conflict with our own. Adam agrees – who cares what Ian’s goal is as long as he testifies? Adam then heads off to find out what Ian’s hidden agenda is. Maybe we can use it.

The letter slipped into Victor’s solitary cell is from Ian (taunting him and asking how the family is)

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