Tuesday, June 14th

We need to talk, Jack shouts at Billy’s front door (seeing his car and knowing he’s home) Billy opens the door buttoning his shirt. Maybe I’m interrupting, Jack frowns.

At the risk of sounding cynical, Ian wonders when Adam’s ever helped him. Adam vows he’ll help Ian escape – after he testifies on his behalf.

Chelsea frets about her family being at risk. If Chris catches Ian lying, it won’t go well for Adam. Can Mike guarantee that Adam will walk free from these charges?

Victor? Dr Gates hears footsteps. But no, it’s the warden – and he thinks that Victor’s ‘responding to his medication’ just fine. He’s responding to that and much-needed discipline. We haven’t heard a peep from him all night.

In his solitary confinement cell, Victor shouts at the door – you have the wrong man! Ian Ward deserves to be in here!

Ian laughs at the thought that he’s running a scam – I’m an amateur compared to you. And once Ian testifies, Adam has no reason to help him. Well, if Ian doesn’t testify, he can say goodbye to being moved to minimum security. Ian still has an ace up his sleeve – without his help, Victor’s plan to send Adam to prison will work. Trust being the issue, both Ian and Adam give their word that they’ll follow through.

At the club, Paul’s distracted and checking his email – the lab tech’s money lead to Hilary, not Victor. Paul would love to find proof that Adam was set up by Victor – his gut tells him that Adam’s innocent. Victor did a great job – because Chris has a solid case. Paul doubts Adam would take a deal. Then sell it to Chelsea, Chris suggests.

Back at the penthouse, Mike promises to defend Adam to the best of his ability – and create doubt in the jurors. Maybe Ian will come through – Mike asks Chelsea to have confidence in him.

Switching meds isn’t enough – Dr Gates must test and monitor Victor in the infirmary. You need to go home, the warden will call if there’s any reason to reassess the prisoner’s confinement. He then mentions rumours of her interest in Victor. Don’t forget he’s locked in here for a reason. Good night.

Relaying his run in with Bethany, Jack assumes it’s Vikki she couldn’t compete with. Vikki and I are over, Billy says for the umpteenth time. I want someone who gets me, not tries to change me – someone who loves me for my flaws, not in spite of them. You want what I have with Phyllis, Jack understands. In hiding, Phyllis listens as Billy admits that’s exactly what he wants.

Jack wishes everyone could experience what he has with Phyllis – it takes commitment and perseverance, but we feel it’s worth it. You deserve it, Jack wants a fresh start with Billy. I have your back, so does Phyllis. Billy appreciates that – but I’m good. The right woman’s out there, closer than you think, Jack says in parting. Phyllis comes out near tears – where’s my shoe?

The warden hisses in at Victor – no need to shout. Let your grudge against Ian go. He’s working to get out of here, Victor warns. Do you have proof? the warden wants to know. I’m Victor Newman – I want to do good in this world. You already have, the warden says – with Dr Gates.

Dr Gates catches the Williams’ as they’re about to leave the club. She has vital information they need to hear. Paul was right in thinking she had more on Victor than she was willing to say. She knows Adam killed Constance. How? His Father has proof.

Adam’s home to update Chelsea and Mike that Ian realizes that testifying is in his best interest. But is it in yours? Chelsea suggests Ian might be lying – or tank your case on the stand. No, he wants out of there, Adam thinks Ian would be a fool not to testify on his behalf. After Mike leaves, Chelsea demands the truth from Adam – what happened with Ian?