Thursday, August 3rd

Lauren drops by the condo to wonder why Phyllis left work early. Off site meeting with Hawkman?! What did he want from you? No, it’s what Phyllis wanted (and got) from HIM.

At the office, Billy reports that he’s done damage control with antsy suppliers. Vikki’s glad he’s all gung ho about getting to work but ‘I have plans tonight’ Plans?! Billy’s shocked.

Pleased with the connections they’ve both made, Noah thanks Devon for inviting him and Tessa along to the festival. They then decide to go pick up the girls to see a band.

Mariah and Tessa pull apart to look deeply into one another’s eyes – as if both are afraid to speak.

On the rooftop, Nick invites Sharon to join him but changes his mind when hearing that Scott will be along soon.

Scott finds Abby eavesdropping outside her Dad’s office. It seems both were summoned to update him on their projects. Why does Victor schedule our meetings together? Scott wonders. Maybe he’s hoping my great numbers will motivate you, Abby taunts.

At his desk, Victor ends a call by saying ‘you know what to do’.

Unaware that a photographer is in the bushes, Nikki gazes out the window then teases Jack about the small fish he caught. We’ll both feast on my bounty, Jack declares – watch and learn.

Abby segues talk of remodelling the executive suites into tattling about how messy Scott’s office is. Victor then hears Abby’s update; she’s signed three tech start-ups to the incubator project. The dating app is in beta testing. Yes, she believes in Zack. When Scott asks if she dates all her business partners, Abby thinks it beats dating one of the boss’ ex-wives. Impressed with Abby’s report, Victor now wants to hear Scott’s progress.

Still on the rooftop, Sharon chides Nick for always taking shots at Scott (and thinks it because he works with Victor) Nick assures that he’d never bad-mouth Scott (or Victor) to Faith.

Mariah’s so sorry – I don’t know where that came from. Please don’t be upset. I’m so sorry. I’ve never done this before. Tessa takes her hands – stop apologizing. Mariah gazes into her eyes adoringly.

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