Wednesday, August 2nd

In Victor’s office, Abby gives her Dad a welcome back hug and an update – she signed another start up to the incubator project. Surprised to hear that Victor gave Hilary permission to air the garage footage, Abby wonders why he’d do that.

Chelsea’s tracked Vikki down at the club to say that she’s worried about Nick.

On the rooftop, Nikki and Nick both feel free without Victor. She’s enjoying staying at a luxury hotel and plans to spend the day with Jack at the cabin. Nick doesn’t look enthused.

In a San Francisco hotel, Mariah closes the door to block out Tessa’s laughter. Devon appears to wonders why she didn’t join him in the shower. Mariah was busy checking their schedule for today. Both are enjoying their trip so far ~kiss~

Gloria leaves Jack with Benjamin Hawkman – he’s had his eye on Jabot since seeing Ashley at the trade show. On cue, Ashley walks into the office to say that they aren’t buying whatever Mr Hawkman’s selling.

Phyllis accosts Ravi as he gets off the elevator to ask if any of his genius friends would be interested in a marketing/financing job at Brash n Sassy. It might be the only thing that’ll save her relationship.

Victor explains that he wanted to air Nick admitting to trying to sabotage the benefit Abby worked so hard on. He didn’t want to ruin the evening by telling her. Of course Abby’s considered a Newman, a more loyal one than ‘the other two’ in fact. Abby then relays her odd chat with Vikki last night. It sounds like BnS is in trouble. Victor appreciates the info – perhaps Vikki needs his support.

Chelsea reports that no, Nick isn’t furious with Victor (or mad that the footage was aired) He seems to revel in being free of Victor and Chelsea worries Nick will regret it. Vikki sighs – Nick and Victor have been here many times and always reconcile. He just needs some time.

Back in the rooftop, Nick tells his Mom to ‘go for it’. If she’s happy with Jack, he’s happy for her. Sending his Mom off with hugs and I love you’s, Nick’s left to look concerned.

Vikki’s monopolizing all of Billy’s time. He talks about her and work so much, Phyllis’ ears are starting to bleed. I need a solution right now – warm bodies to defuse the tension at BnS. Unfortunately, Ravi can’t think of anyone.

Hawkman’s sorry for the way he treated Ashley and her ‘tech guy’ in New York. His name is Ravi, Ashley corrects. Ben thinks Jabot will soon need an injection of funds – his funds. It’s a family company, we can raise money without giving away parts of our Father’s legacy, Jack thanks Ben for stopping by. After he leaves, Gloria sashays in with a fishing rod with a bow on it. It’s from Nikki. Enjoy your day, she sneers and leaves Jack to tell Ashley that she’s already moved on – with Graham. You asked Gloria to spy on him and Dina, she guesses.