Friday, August 4th

In a suite at the club, Vikki’s alarmed to wake up next to a sleeping/snoring Benjamin.

Cane joins Jack on the rooftop to claim there’s no hard feelings about not getting the job – even if his vast experience and inside knowledge of BnS WOULD benefit Jack greatly.

Vikki’s not answering her cell and the sitter informs Billy that she’s not home. She must have gotten a jump start on the day already, Billy assumes to Phyllis.

Ben awakens as Vikki’s gathering her belongings to escape. Declining breakfast, she must get to work. Of course she remembers last night, she lies (which he, of course, will keep to himself) Forcing a smile, Vikki runs out to look all ‘what the hell have I done?’ in the hallway.

Home from the musical festival, Devon runs into Hilary at the club – who grins upon hearing that Noah and Tessa tagged along. The more the merrier.

At CL’s, Mariah tells Sharon that she had more than fun at the festival – she always wondered about the people behind tinted limo windows – now, I’m one of those people. I told Devon I love him, she adds.

Downstairs, Vikki calls to check in with Hannah then reads a text she doesn’t remember sending asking if she could watch the kids for the night. Billy calls – you at the office already? How did things go with Benjamin Hawkman? I’ll be in shortly, Vikki hangs up. Billy all but shrugs – he has no worries that Vikki fell for Hawkman. He is handsome, Phyllis opines – then kisses Billy.

Mariah’s I love you just came out in the moment. When Sharon asks if Tessa’s serious about Noah, Mariah assures that Tessa isn’t fake – she only does what feels right.

On the rooftop, Tessa hopes to do well enough with her music to take care of her sister. Wherever this goes, she hopes Noah takes this ride with her. She’s never met anyone so authentic ~kiss~

Downstairs, in her passive aggressive manner, Hilary’s sure Mariah didn’t mind Devon turning their getaway into a business junket. Getting a text from the ad agency, she boasts about getting a commercial in New York. Oh, Lily didn’t mention it? No congratulations? Devon gives Hilary a hug – he’s constantly impressed by her ability to make things happen. Good luck with everything, he runs upstairs – leaving Hilary to approach Vikki at the bar with a heads up that Jesse’s in town. Watching Vikki escape Hawkman, Hilary wastes no time chatting him up.

Cane understands the dynamics and future of cosmetics. Why did Jack change his mind? What if I work for you directly? Under the radar – as a consultant or liaison. No one will know about it. Jack shakes his head – there’s nothing for you at Jabot. It’s too close to home.