Tuesday, September 5th

Before his first day back to school, Reed’s at BnS having a nice chat with his Mom – until he brings up not being able to see Mattie. Vikki just doesn’t want her son in the middle of an awkward situation. Reed points out that Vikki works with her ex (who’s girlfriend works upstairs) Uncomfortable is the norm around here. She flashes back to kissing Billy.

Both he and Phyllis in robes, Billy forces Vikki’s kiss out of his mind. At the kitchen table, Phyllis is puzzled that she needs to log back into Jabot’s server. Is that odd? Billy asks. Yes – because Phyllis never logged out.

When Alice comes to Underground looking for her credit card, Nick makes a quick call to Sharon. Don’t let her leave, Sharon’s on her way (from the club)

Also at the GCAC, Juliet tells Hilary that waiting for the test results on the baby are excruciating. Hilary asks if she’s going alone today. No, Cane will be there, of course. Of course? Cane may be worried about the baby but he doesn’t care about you, Hilary’s snide. Screw you, Juliet replies.

Cane’s brought all the fixins for Aussie waffles to the house; a tradition for the first day of school. He appreciates Lily inviting him – you didn’t have to. Yes, I did, she replies quietly.

Billy’s suggestion that Jack might have increased online security makes sense to Phyllis. Now, would m’lady like something to eat? What’s gotten into you? Phyllis giggles then kisses her attentive man.

Busy in the kitchen, Lily and Cane reminisce about the twins first starting school – it was like yesterday but also a lifetime ago. Mattie and Charlie are surprised to find Dad making waffles. Both he and Lily insist on maintaining this family tradition so the twins reluctantly take a seat.

I’m worried about my baby’s health and you feel the need to remind me that Cane doesn’t give a damn about me?! Hilary only meant that Juliet needs to protect her heart – Cane’s only concern is getting back with Lily (which is honestly best for the family) Juliet knows better – you’re worried about Jordan and Lily. Hilary’s left with the wind taken out of her sails.

Seated on yoga mats in the gym, Noah asks Tessa to tell him about Crystal. What do you love about her? There’s so much he doesn’t know about Crystal, or Tessa (who Zack comes in to give an intimidating glare)

At Underground, Alice tells Nick that she sells medical supplies. Sharon then rushes in to say – you don’t know how glad I am to see you.

The tension is thick at the Ashby breakfast table as Cane and Lily struggle to engage the twins in conversation. Giving up, Lily goes to help Charlie find his charger while Mattie lets Cane have it; you cheated on Mom and Juliet’s pregnant. The twins give their Mom ‘I love you’s’ and hugs – and leave ignoring Cane.

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