Tuesday, October 3rd

Vikki thanks Jack for holding the elevator for her. He guesses she has a busy day ahead – coming up with a strategy to combat Jabot’s ‘next big thing’. We’re flush with cash and have some amazing plans, Jack boasts. Vikki’s confident that BnS will soon be taken to new heights – and mentions the spike in sales at Fenmore’s. She looks forward to ‘the fight’ – may the best company win. I’m counting on it, a smug Jack quips as Vikki exits the elevator.

In the gym, Billy tells Phyllis that he booked her a massage. You’re the best, Phyllis kisses him. Vikki’s call interrupts – Jack claims that Jabot JR’s ready to launch, she whines. But do NOT access Phyllis computer again, she warns (as Billy hangs up)

At the penthouse, Chelsea ends a business call when Nick returns all sweaty from his run. She’ll hug him AFTER he showers. No, the boys weren’t any trouble this morning. As for Nick’s disappearing money – that was Victor’s doing, he’s sure.

Ashley pauses outside Dina’s suite to flashback to her warnings about Graham. Now inside, Ashley asks Dina why she’d sabotage Jack (sending photos to Victor) Dina sticks with her story that she doesn’t want Jack to get hurt. Not buyin’ it, Ashley refuses to leave until she says what she came to say.

Ashley’s not here to fight, she’s here to apologize and return Dina’s laptop. Dina thinks Graham deserves an apology too. No, Dina didn’t ask him whether his Mother’s alive. ‘Perfect timing’, Dina’s relieved when Graham arrives. She then prods Ashley into admitting that no confidential files were stolen from Jabot. Graham told her so and forgives Ashley. We may be more alike than you realize, he opines. No – I’m honest and trustworthy, Ashley claims. It’s time for you to leave, Dina kicks her out.

Jack brings Ravi into his office to confirm there have been no more unauthorized downloads. Keep watching – he’s sure Billy will go back for more.

Back in the gym, Phyllis is proud of Billy for setting boundaries with Vikki (who he just ended a call with) Billy offers to take Phyllis’ laptop – you don’t have time to put it in your locker. Now alone, Billy calls Vikki back – he has Phyllis’ computer and plans to find out what else is on it. Jack has no idea we have the Jabot JR file. Vikki’s worried – think about the price you’ll pay if you get caught.

Are you sure it was Victor? Chelsea’s skeptical – maybe it’s a banking error. Nick thinks Kevin might be behind it. Yes, he’s in town – and holds a grudge over us tracking Chloe down. Victor’s calling the shots, Nick’s sure. My Dad wanted me to know he did it and enjoyed rubbing it in my face. Chelsea’s so sorry ~hug~

Dina’s eyes glaze over as Graham prattles on about the evil Ashley trying to poison her mind. Dina’s always defended Graham – but now must ask a question: Is your Mother still alive? Why on earth would you think that? Graham stammers and stalls. Dina repeats her question – is your Mother still alive?

In Jack’s office, he and Ashley are both frustrated with Dina but don’t see eye to eye on Jack planting false information. He reads a memo aloud – production of the men’s line is being reduced to increase production on Jabot JR. Jack can’t wait for Billy and Vikki to believe they’ve doubled their budget on Jabot JR. Ashley wishes Jack had just blocked that password – maybe Billy will realize it’s wrong and not access Jabot’s servers again (she sounds hopeful)

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