Monday, October 2nd

Dina slams her way into Jack’s office demanding the return of her laptop (which she’s told Ravi still has and he’s gone for the night) If this is about those photos of you and Nikki, there’s no need to worry about Victor – he said he’s not plotting revenge, Dina reports. If you believe that, you’re a fool, Jack replies.

Nick walks into the club leaving a message with his bank. My account has been hacked or there’s a mistake. Call me back. He then stops at Nikki’s table. What’s wrong??? she asks.

Still at the office, Victor’s so impressed with Abby’s work that he’s putting her in charge of the Bancroft deal. Design Date is a success too – I’m very proud of you. Telling her Dad things are going well with Zack, Abby pauses at the door and steps back in to blurt out that everything she just said is a lie.

Driving Alice, Sharon thanks her for doing the right thing and thinks explaining to her boss should be the last thing on her mind. Why? Are you turning me in to the cops after all? Alice looks scared.

Brought to Sharon’s by Tessa and Mariah, a terrified Crystal declines food – we need to get out of town NOW, she frets.

Abby clarifies what she lied about. Zack’s only a terrific boyfriend sometimes – other times, he seems to be distracted – and seems to be keeping something from me. Victor warns that it’s not always good to mix professional and personal lives. You’re beautiful, smart and wealthy – there are dozens of Zack’s waiting in the wings. Believing her Dad lonely, Abby thinks maybe it’s time he moves on; find someone else.

In the waiting area outside Jack’s office, Gloria talks to Kevin about her fun day with Bella – and suspects he’s in a new romance. Changing the subject, Kevin’s sorry to hear that Jack dumped Gloria for Nikki. Briefly mentioning Graham, Gloria decides she may learn to knit or get a cat. Kevin’s sure she’ll find someone worthy of her. He and Bella will be back soon to visit ~hug~

It’s your Father, isn’t it? Nikki can relate to Nick’s irritation about Victor ‘insinuating himself’. He and Dina are both interfering in her and Jack’s relationship.

Nikki’s just trying to make Victor jealous, Dina’s sure. Jack scoffs at the idea that Victor can sweep Nikki off her feet again – she sees through him now. Jack’s also skeptical of his Mother’s concern about his heart being broken. Perhaps I’ve changed too, Dina tears up. Jack might have believed that – until you hired a private investigator to spy on us.

When Jack assumes that Graham was the one to actually hire the PI, Dina’s indignant – he doesn’t tell me what to do. So you made this tacky move all on your own? Having fallen into Jack’s trap, Dina is speechless.

Marvelling that Dina and Victor are now best friends, Nikki appreciates Nick supporting her relationship with Jack. Nick then gets a call – you have no idea how this happened? Keep working on it and call me ~click~ Horrified to hear that Nick’s bank account has been emptied, Nikki offers to cancel her date with Jack. No need, Nick will go punch the bag in the gym.

You’re safe, Tessa tries to convince Crystal (who clearly does not feel safe – these people are evil)

Leon’s at Alice’s house, on the phone with Zack. Alice played us both. Luckily, Zack has a contingency plan which they’ll now put in motion. I’ll meet you ‘there’.