Thursday, October 5th

In Victor’s office, Abby gives her Mom a congratulatory hug and is invited to a family dinner to celebrate Ashley’s Innovator of the Year award. Ashley’s vague on whether she’s bringing a date – but you can bring Zack. We’ll see, Abby’s left to mutter.

At the club, Zack’s on the phone whining about having to clean up everyone else’s mess.

Vikki arrives to join Phyllis at the club’s bar. The kid’s school is doing a haunted house fundraiser – can I count on you to buy some raffle tickets? Vikki’s also going to ask Billy to help with the construction of the haunted house. She wanted to clear it with Phyllis first since she already monopolizes enough of Billy’s time. I don’t want to cause any problems, Vikki lies.

Back at Jabot, Jack tells Billy that he’s on the wrong floor. Billy’s not here on business – this is personal.

Ever the gentleman, Devon seats Mariah at their table at the club. He wastes no time mentioning running into Kevin – he made me wonder if I have some competition for you.

At Sharon’s, Tessa’s on the phone with Crystal – trust Paul – these people are my friends – trust them. I love you too ~click~ When Noah comes in, Tessa runs into his arms for a weepy hug.

At CL’s, Scott’s so impressed with how Sharon rescued Crystal. Crediting Mariah and Tessa, Sharon thinks they were all running on adrenaline. She just hopes the police arrest everyone involved.

Paul arrives to update that the sex ring has scattered. Alice? She was hit by a car; possibly a targetted hit and run; she’s in serious condition and unconscious. It’s my fault, Sharon frets.

Back at the club, Zack (on his phone still) issues an order to ‘go dark’. We’ll make our next move after I deal with this complication.

Graham asks Ashley if he can join her at her table. I won’t take up much of your time. Ashley looks like she smells something bad.

Why do you think Billy and I are having problems? Phyllis asks. None? Really? Vikki doesn’t believe it. Phyllis then brings up Ben – I was just trying to help you out. You MUST know the real reason Billy’s spending time with you, Phyllis thinks it quite obvious – he feels sorry for you.

Billy hopes he and Jack can put their differences aside to honour Ashley (and her award) Jack can do that – he has no ill will towards Billy and has called a truce with Vikki. When Billy expresses skepticism, Jack scowls – are you calling me a liar?

Scott and Paul try to convince Sharon that she’s not responsible for Alice – you saved Crystal. Sharon believes that Alice thinks she was helping these girls. She’s not a bad person. No one ever cut her a break. Paul’s posting a cop outside Alice’s room and wants Sharon’s to think about any detail, however small, that might lead to these girls.