Tuesday, January 16th

Enjoying a glass of wine overlooking ‘the city of lights’, Abby gushes over the photos of Lily on her tablet. They don’t even need to do another shoot tonight so can do some sightseeing before Lily leaves tomorrow. Lily fondly remembers watching a sunset with Cane in France.

‘The view is tremendous’, Cane’s on the balcony talking to Devon on his phone. Scolded for not getting hold of Lily yet, Cane explains that he wants to do it face to face; to tell Lily that he loves her and wants her to be his wife forever. He’s not really leaving a run in to chance though because the guy at the front desk told him that Lily’s room is right across the hall. Cane can’t wait to see Lily.

Mike drops by Jack’s office to say that the hearing’s been scheduled – he’s confident that he’s got enough evidence to have Graham and Dina’s marriage annulled. In 2 days, Dina should be back with her family. Jack worries what Graham will come up with in those 2 days.

Paul’s at Jabot to update Ashley that a bag of chemicals was found in the garbage bin at the park. He needs her to go through the bag and see if anything’s missing from the list of what was stolen from the lab.

In their suite, Graham hastily removes the 89$ price tag from the boxed ring he presents Dina with – now that we’re man and wife. Dina gives the ring back to Graham; don’t be absurd – I’m married to John. He’s not dead – that’s absurd too. Get used to it, I’m all you have, Graham informs Dina.

Cane orders champagne, flowers and caviar – I don’t care how expensive it is. Hearing a noise, he runs into the hallway and is surprised to see Abby. She thinks it so romantic that Cane came to surprise Lily; she’s been thinking about you a lot – so much that she caught the last flight out of Paris.

Noah and Tessa are chatting at CL’s when Sharon comes over. Noah walking off to make some calls, Sharon laughs about her party and expresses hope that Tessa and Mariah’s friendship gets back on track. Sharon then leaves when Devon shows up to ‘light a fire’ under Tessa – he needs her to start earning this ‘big break’ he’s given her.

Ashley’s missing one drug. Could it mimic something used on the street? Paul asks. It’s not corporate espionage or something a drug dealer would want, they determine.

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