Monday, January 15th

Driving through Paris, Cane tells his cab driver that he needs to find his wife (‘ma femme’) and save his marriage.

At the estate, JT’s already given Billy an update on today’s schedule – check your email Mr Temporary CEO. As Billy checks his phone to ‘refresh himself’, JT’s busy on his phone.

Devon’s been summoned by his favourite – and yes, most lucrative client. But Vikki’s distracted by a text from JT (who needs to see her)

Seated at the club, Nikki’s showing Victor the decrepit place Kathy used to live in before the landlord raised the rent and threw her out. This guy’s a despicable monster. He’s a businessman, Victor reminds that they too once had nothing. You can’t save the world single-handedly.

At CL’s, Nick confides to Mariah that he’s been thinking about the family Sharon moved in. Assuming he still disapproves, Mariah defends Sharon’s decision and asks him not to be ‘judgy’. Nick’s not – he’s been wishing he could do something to help.

Cane wheels his suitcase up a posh hotel hallway and enters his suite. No sooner is the door closed behind him, Lily leaves her suite; directly across the hall.

As Cane’s looking out of his window, Lily’s getting ready for a shoot. Don’t you just love France!? Abby’s elated. Yes, I do, Lily replies (but her smile is tinged with sadness)

Devon’s lined up some ‘talks’ (not speeches) for the accessible and aspiring Vikki. They then touch on a few no-work related topics; Abby, Nikki and Victor’s alliance – and Reed living with them for some tough love. Devon agrees it’s a smart move. You and JT are together? Excuse me!? she snaps. Together on letting Nikki and Victor have a shot with Reed. Yes, Vikki thanks Devon and sees him out.

Getting a ‘my place. Now’ text from Vikki, JT jumps off the sofa and tells Billy he’s off to work. Yup, he’s fired up alright. I can’t get enough, he leaves Billy mildly puzzled.

At the revolving door, Victor’s pleased to see Nikki fighting for something she wants. No, she doesn’t need his help right now – she needs to do some research first. After Victor leaves, Nikki makes a call – I really need your help.

Abby praises Lily on her look – and then her French (when she chats fluently with the photographer) Aside, Lily expresses her confusion over Cane but when she realizes she forgot her phone, Abby tells her to relax and not worry about it.