Wednesday, January 17th

Jack and Ashley find the door to Dina’s suite ajar. Barging in, they find Graham on the floor – Dina’s missing. Ashley tries to revive Graham while Jack calls 911 to summon help. There’s a man down, no pulse, needle sticking out of his arm.

Ester reluctantly lets Hilary in to inform that Cane’s in Paris (not that it’s any of your business) We’re friends, close friends, Hilary claims. Yet he didn’t tell you he was going to Paris, Ester tells Hilary to show herself then runs up to tend to a crying Sam. Hilary strolls into the livingroom instead.

Lily and Cane are in bed in the Paris hotel room.

This feels so familiar. Yet like we’re starting all over again. In bed, hand in hand Cane and Lily flashback to their first kiss – and another kiss with Lily speaking French and recreating Paris. Of course, Cane remembers – I remember everything.

Mariah comes in to the counter to ask Sharon if she’s seen her journal – I wrote a lot of stuff I wouldn’t want anyone to read. Sharon understands and will keep an eye out for it.

At HWG headquarters, Tessa has headphones on as she scans Mariah’s journal and composes a song. When Devon arrives, she doesn’t want to sing it until it’s done. She’s not struggling anymore – the lyrics are coming to her, from the heart.

Ashley tells the medics working on Graham that he might have been injected with Alhyde; a chemical stolen from her lab. He may have intended to harm the person we came to find. Will Graham me OK? We need to find out what happened. After Graham’s wheeled out, Ashley frets to Jack – what if we just played into Graham’s hand?

Tessa needs to find the right ‘hook’ to make people want to sing along. She needs the lyrics first, then the tune. Devon rationalizes having to pressure her; ideally, she’d have a song fading out, a rising hit and another ready to release. Honestly, he’s been hearing pitches from other songwriters but he wants Tessa to have the chance. Play me what you have so far. Tessa just wants to finish first and gives her word that the song will be done by the end of the day.

Oh, I thought you left, Ester withholds Sam from Hilary (so the baby doesn’t end up on her silly show) Hilary reminds that she’s been there for Cane and Sam. Lily donated blood – she and Cane are getting back together and then SHE will take care of this sweet little baby, Ester claims. When Ester sneezes, Hilary worries she’s sick and sends her off to her doctor’s appointment, insisting she babysits Sam.

Now in robes, Cane and Lily decide to order champagne and strawberries. Flashing back to Cane proposing then carrying her into their new home, Lily wonders how it all went so wrong.