Wednesday, May 16th

Abby pulls away as Arturo’s about to kiss her – my Uncle could come home any minute. It’ll be easier for him to get to the cabin now that the storm has subsided.

Unconscious, Jack’s face is planted in the airbag of his car.

Looking at the portrait of her Father, Vikki knows he’ll be disappointed when he hears her confession. She doesn’t need a lawyer but won’t let Paul record what she has to say. Paul squirms; he’s in an awkward position here. Take it or leave it, Vikki’s terms are firm.

Abby hasn’t heard anything from Jack but expects to soon. Arturo suggests they head back to town but won’t go without Abby.

Vikki tells Paul that she did indeed see and speak to JT the night he disappeared.

Looking for distraction that doesn’t involve kissing, Abby’s relieved to see that the bottle in the liquor cabinet is full; Jack’s not drinking. She’s then annoyed that Arturo seems to know all about her Naked Heiress phase (which guys always ‘glom’ onto instead of the businesswoman she is now) Being rebellious worked for Kim Kardashian, Arturo agrees that Abby has nothing to be embarrassed about (re: her photos online)

Vikki tells Paul that JT told her about the night he attacked Victor. They were arguing because Victor discovered that Paul and Chris had hired JT to dig up dirt on him. Victor’s fall was an accident but JT didn’t call for help. JT also confessed to turning off Victor’s ventilator. He asked Vikki to run away with him (and the kids) What happened next? Paul prods. In tears, Vikki claims that JT asked for her help – so she gave him money. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. JT never being able to see his kids again is punishment enough.

Recalling that Abby was recently in the news for being locked in a storage locker with a guy, Arturo says – and now we’re stuck here. No, it’s not the same thing, Abby was terrified when Zack locked her and Scott up. Arturo only got half the story from his sister.

Jack’s probably in town – we came all this way for nothing. No, Arturo enjoyed getting to know Abby but maybe we should leave before the storm hits again. Abby agrees to head back to town IF Arturo lets her drive his truck. No way – but she can choose the music.

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