Tuesday, May 15th

At the house, Kyle and Ashley have both struck out in their search for Jack – hopefully, he’s just holed up somewhere. Dina comes in fretting about John’s whereabouts – she waited up until midnight and it’s now afternoon! Kyle and Ashley claim that John’s on a trip and will be home soon.

Entering the Abbott cabin, an already drunken-looking Jack heads straight to the liquor cabinet – but pauses as if to wonder what the hell he’s doing.

Vikki’s about to leave the club with her gym bag when she gets a call from Paul. She’s busy but will get to the station as soon as she can. This is important, Paul’s annoyed with her vagueness and disinterest.

Why are Ashley and Vikki late? Victor asks Abby when she marches into his office. Mom’s not coming in today, Abby informs snottily that she’s out looking for Jack. If anything bad happens to him, it’s on YOU.

Victor denies having anything to do with doctoring Dina’s film – Jack disappearing has nothing to do with him. He’ll return once he’s done licking his wounds, Victor’s sure. When Vikki arrives to hear that Ashley’s not coming, she offers to take over as ‘point’ person. Pissed off, Abby will go look for her Uncle – family comes first. Happy to run into Paul (as he steps off the elevator) Abby tells him that Jack’s missing. Paul can’t do much except have his officers keep an eye out. Hearing that Vikki’s in her Dad’s office, Paul asks if Abby stopped by Vikki’s the night JT disappeared. No, Abby didn’t – why? Paul’s just putting puzzle pieces together.

Dina wonders if John went to a breakfast meeting at The Embers. Ashley and Kyle send her up to rest; don’t worry, they reassure. Dina will stop worrying when John comes home.

A fire now roaring in the fireplace, Jack drinks and decides to embrace the truth by using his phone to make his own movie; a sequel. The Life and Times of Jack …. last name to be determined. I wonder if my Mother brought her lovers here. Even my own wife cheated here. This place has a lot of dark secrets. He pulls out a photo album and tossing it in the fire declares the Abbott family a ‘myth’.

Abby’s now at the Abbott mansion with Ashley and Kyle to update that Paul can’t do much because Jack hasn’t been missing 24 hours. Ashley suggests they check motels, hotels, the club and the Abbott cabin (which is where Abby will go – she has nothing to do since Vikki’s taking over at NE) Abby shuts down Kyle’s offer to help out at Jabot (because he can’t be trusted) Ashley sends Kyle back out to look for Jack – but be discreet – we don’t want any of this getting out. Jack can’t find out from the media that Billy’s CEO.