Thursday, May 17th

Snuggling with Nick in bed, Sharon feels like she’s 22 again – but more fun; not so serious (and more skill beneath the sheets) Nick wants to keep it simple – we’re friends with benefits. Sharon’s enjoying ‘giant’ benefits and having the house to themselves.

At Jabot, Phyllis calls Nikki to say that Vikki confessed to Paul (then quickly hangs up on a sputtering Nikki to ask Billy if he’s heard anything on Jack’s whereabouts)

In the cabin, Jack looks at the bottle of booze and pills on the table in front of him.

At HWG, Hilary tells Devon that she knows about his plans for a nursery at the penthouse – but won’t pry anymore.

Billy’s busy at Jack’s desk as Phyllis goes on about his brother; we need to remind Jack that the Abbott family can withstand anything. Billy knows Jack’s feeling like a nobody right now. Phyllis worries where his dark thoughts and impulses will take him.

Jack pours a drink and shakes a pill out. Before taking either he walks away to make a call – I need help.

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Devon didn’t make a big deal about the nursery in case …. In case I’m not pregnant, Hilary knows. Both are excited about being parents. When Devon asks Hilary to join him at a New Hope dinner meeting downstairs, she agrees and will meet him downstairs in a half hour.

Out of breath after round two, Sharon blurts out ‘I love….. spending time like this’. At the mention of food, she and Nick suddenly remember the New Hope dinner at the club and must hurry (but try to be casual so Nikki doesn’t notice anything)

Phyllis saw Jack through his addiction (and recovery) It just about killed both of us. There’s physical and emotional turmoil. Jack’s dealing with a lot of demons. Billy laments that Jack needs his family right now but has pushed everyone away.

At the cabin, Jack’s reaching for the pills when Neil knocks on the door. I got here as soon as I could.