Friday, August 3rd

Knowing Lily’s avoiding him (which is obvious when she finds him at CL’s waiting for her) Cane all but pleads with her to talk to him.

Coming down, Mariah startles Sharon as she picks up toys. Mom? she’s alarmed.

Summer strolls over to the fridge in a towel taunting Billy and outright asking him to look at her. Are you back here because you want to be with my Mom? Or because it’s easy? You think being with Phyllis is easy? Billy scoffs – he appreciates being with someone so unpredictable. Not convinced, Summer’s told ‘no more parading around in towels’ (when Phyllis comes down in a robe to chirp ‘look who’s back’ As she gives Billy a peck. Summer utters a ‘yay’ and drinks her OJ.

Mariah asks her Mom what’s wrong. Sharon’s emotions are all over the place. She hasn’t stopped taking her meds or anything – she’s overwhelmed by Nick’s new energy. It’s scary – both the wedding and the new company. Oh, and he’s determined to move to a new house.

Phyllis has a meeting before she joins Billy at Jabot (where she hopes to learn about his secret project) ‘Soon’ – Billy needs to get this up and running before Ashley gets back from Berlin and messes it up.

On the CL’s patio, Cane tells Lily not to go to the police. Neil will change Devon’s mind – it was an accident. Lily wants to do the right thing but promises Cane that she won’t do anything until they discuss it. Left alone, she looks conflicted.

Sharon shows Mariah her tablet – these are the homes Nick’s looking at. Fancy – but Mariah understands why Nick would want to move from Victor’s compound. Yes, Sharon’s looked at the houses, they’re beautiful (but not home like this house) Sharon whines that she misses the old Nick then realizes she’s not making sense. You are, but Mariah reminds Sharon that she and the old Nick had some problems – perhaps new will be better and happier (as they deserve to be)

Devon and Mattie run into each other at the club. He asks her to take a seat and she asks if he’s coming upstairs to the office. No, Devon’s working from home today. Asked to take a flashdrive upstairs, Mattie guesses he doesn’t want to run into her Mom. Devon’s just doing what he feels is best for everyone. Everyone? Or yourself? Mattie exits.

When Phyllis drops by Vikki’s office, Nikki informs that she’s visiting Reed (and is now working at NE herself) Phyllis just wanted to apologize for her joke yesterday; letting Victor take the fall for JT. We’re in this together, she reassures. Nikki finds that hilarious considering that weeks ago Phyllis told Sharon that they should let her and Vikki go down for it by themselves.

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