Monday, August 6th

Ashley surprises Neil by dropping in to sympathize – she can’t imagine what his family’s going through losing Hilary so unexpectedly. It’s gotten worse, Neil reports.

Lily awakens to find Cane watching her. She slept well – confession’s good for the soul; she must tell the police today that she caused the accident (before Devon does) No, she doesn’t remember it but knows Charlie and Shawna aren’t lying. Cane’s terrified. Lily’s relieved and eager to do the right thing. Putting our family at risk is the right thing? Cane insists she think about keeping her mouth shut.

At home, Neil continues to unburden himself to a supportive Ashley – she doesn’t know how he does it.

A stressed Lauren is at Jabot, chatting with Mike When Jack arrives to hear that his brother Billy has her ‘exasperated’. Behind her back, he ordered a feasibility study and will want to close underperforming Fenmore’s stores, she’s sure. You’re the majority shareholder, tell him to ‘pound sand’, Jack thinks that Billy’s sticking his nose in things that are none of his business.

At home, Phylis wants to ditch the coffee in favour of Mimosa’s to celebrate them getting back together. Billy can think of better ways that that ~kiss~

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Added to the ‘handful of people’ who know about the accident, Ashley thinks Lily’s doing the right thing by going to the police. If she doesn’t, Devon will, Neil wishes his son would give it a few days. They agree that there will be enormous ramifications for HWG too. If the public turns against us Lily will have confessed for nothing, Neil thanks Ashley for listening.

This a no-win situation. The longer Lily waits, the worse it’ll be – stay or come; either way, Lily’s talking to the police (and gets out of bed to prove it)

Seated outside the CEO’s office, Lauren rants about the irresponsible Billy. Where is he? It’s 9 am! And why is Jack here? To check on Phyllis. She took the morning off, Lauren then surprises Mike and Jack with the news that Phyllis is back with Billy – again.

This is the life. Over Mimosa’s and still in their robes, Phyllis entices Billy to play hooky. What do you have in mind? Billy’s interest is piqued.

Meeting on the rooftop, Kyle wastes little time again commenting on Summer wanting a fling with her Mother’s boyfriend. Summer likes her men taken; something Billy won’t be once she blabs that Phyllis cheated while they were on a ‘break’. And now she’ll go search through her Mom’s phone to find out who she cheated with. He’ll then dump Phyllis and be open to meaningless sex with Summer.