Thursday, August 2nd

On the CL’s patio, the four ladies discuss Nick posing as JT; the man they buried – gaslighting them without even knowing it. All are surprised when Billy appears.

Told that they’re planning another charity event, Billy leaves the three ladies to comment to Phyllis. Vikki’s catty about the tension between her and Billy. And after Sharon expresses hope that they reconcile like she and Nick, Nikki wonders what Phyllis has done now that Billy can’t forgive her for.

Mariah joins Neil at HWG to ask why he looks so busted. He hid a photo of Hilary found on Devon’s desk; thinking it was him arriving. Neil must make the decisions Devon can’t right now.

At the penthouse, Devon sits on the stairs looking utterly devastated.

Ending a call, Neil needs a favour from Mariah (since Tessa quit) She’s coming back after she takes care of some family stuff, Mariah informs. Neil can’t just hold the job open indefinitely. Understanding, Mariah will go run Neil’s errand. When Lily arrives, Neil suggests she take the day off so as not to upset Devon.

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Shawna comes down with her bag packed, assuming Devon wants her to leave. He intends to stand by his promise to Hilary. But SHE took me in – SHE made me feel special. ‘I’ want you to stay, Devon insists.

Wondering if Nikki blamed Vikki when she and Billy had troubles, Phyllis informs that he’s out of control and not in a good, fun way – Vikki knows exactly what I mean. Yes, she does and is sorry to hear it. Nikki still doesn’t believe Phyllis is innocent. Surprised to hear that Phyllis was at the club when Nick and Billy exchanged punches, Sharon leads the conversation back to JT. He’s dead, Phyllis tells Nikki she better learn to live with it. Paul saunters over – what a coincidence. Mind if I join you? Were you discussing something important? he wedges himself in uninvited and unwelcome.

Devon sits Shawna down to chat about his love for Hilary and Hilary’s for Shawna – before she died she said she was leaving me with a child after all – you. Hilary didn’t love just anybody – just you and me. We need each other now. He called Shawna’s parents – they’re OK with it. Both feel like Hilary will walk through the door any minute. Devon appreciates Shawna telling the truth and hopes she doesn’t leave.