Thursday, August 16th

Pouring another glass of wine, Phyllis decides not to send a text asking Nick how it’s going with Summer.

Nick doesn’t like bribing one of his children; acting like his Father. But he also knows that Summer can be bought (her ex-boyfriend bribe her with a sports car not to tell his wife) Do we have a deal or not? Billy enters his office to wonder ‘what’s going on here’?????

Ashley comes home to chat with a bare-chested Kyle about how much he pampers his car. It’s a keeper, he agrees – unless I’m stupid enough to lose it in a bet.

Yes, you walked in on something private – but that doesn’t mean Billy shouldn’t hear all about it, Summer decides.

At CL’s, Arturo insists that he’s not bored by Abby’s enthusiasm over her new job with Dark Horse. When Sharon comes over to ask her to be a bridesmaid, Abby’s absolutely horrified. You’re Nick’s sister, Sharon points out the obvious. She wants to mend relations within the family but won’t beg. Forget it! she marches off.

This is why my Dad and I needed to talk, Summer shows Billy the check. My Dad’s helping me pay down my debts so I don’t come to you or Mom for money. Billy gets it – Phyllis busted him for giving Summer cash but that’s a lot of zeros. Money well spent, Nick says – let’s go (he and Summer exit) Nick ignores Phyllis’ call and seems eager to get Summer out of the building. Frustrated, Phyllis leaves a ‘call me now’ message as she storms out of her apartment.

Kyle’s vague but confident that he’ll win his bet (then heads off to wax his car) Ashley gets a call from Neil – he’s in the mood for jazz and good company.

Phyllis is surprised to bump into Billy outside the office. Yes, he saw Summer – she was here with Nick. Do you know he’s supporting her spending habits? Agreeing to dinner, Phyllis definitely will talk to Nick about it (but is obviously relieved Summer didn’t expose her secret)

On the rooftop, Nick learned a lot about himself and Summer today. Summer doesn’t it fair that she’s the one being blamed. Billy won’t hear about it from me. Not because you love me, because I paid you off, Nick’s disappointed – he hates that it’s come to this; disgusted that he pulled a Victor (disappointed that Summer doesn’t understand) It was just one night. You’ve been jumping from Mom to Sharon forever, Summer claims that she wants her parents together. As Nick gets a call from Sharon, Summer gives him a quick kiss and leaves.

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