Friday, August 17th

Good morning! Back from a business trip, Jack meets with Nick at the club to update that investors in Europe are excited about an Abbott and a Newman teaming up and are eager to invest in Dark Horse. Nick did indeed look into buying the leasing company Jack recommended and knowing they own the properties Billy’s opening Jabotiques in, suspects Jack’s motive is blocking his brother.

Summer comes downstairs scantily clad and demanding Billy answer her question – do you have the same feelings for me that I have for you? Without answering, Billy leaves for work.

Ashley comes downstairs to join Neil. Sipping his coffee, she’s having a good morning so far. Neil too – but now what?

Impressed with Jack’s success, Nick wonders if he loves working for him or sticking it to Billy. Both – and Jack worries that Ashley’s right; Billy will take Jabot down. We need to keep him in check. Nick doesn’t want to base business decisions on personal grudges (like his Father) Capital Leasing is a great opportunity, Jack encourages Nick not to be short-sighted.

Ashley and Neil chat about jazz; a great release from the stress they’ve both been under. Is that all it was about for you? Neil asks. When Nate comes down, Ashley leaves in a hurry. What’s up with you two? Nate asks Neil. He’s not sure.

At CL’s, Billy’s horrified to hear that Lily faces the possibility of 20 years in prison. Cane assumes he’s about to be lectured for trying to protect his wife. Nope, Billy understands why Cane did what he did.

On the patio, Mariah sends another text to Tessa (whose lack of response is worrisome)

Neil has to focus on his family, not Ashley. Yes, but Nate advises him not to feel guilty for having a social life. More advice follows – if you like Ashley more than a friend, let her know.