Tuesday, January 6th

Save Crimson Lights’ is in full gear. This is a peaceful demonstration, Dylan reminds his ‘foot troops’ as they exit. When Avery arrives, he grumbles about Joe wooing the ‘high rollers’. Noting that Dylan didn’t say good bye before he left, Avery wants to get married – right away!

In nothing but a towel, Joe gets a call – things are going so well she’ll need a permanent place to live in GC.

The protesters outside are growing, Lily’s worried, Cane’s not (and when Jill and Collin arrive to chime in) he goes to check with the security team. Jill wastes no time approaching Victor – who’s on the wrong side of history. Oh, he’s just there for information. Jill doesn’t think Nikki would appreciate Victor siding against her son.

Keep it legal, Paul has Kevin on police hacking business when Nikki bursts in asking a favour. She’s meeting Victor at the club (so she can tell Dylan about Joe’s presentation) Worried that he might leave GC if he loses CL’s, Nikki wonders if Paul can do anything to help their son.

At Underground, Mariah’s not happy with this ‘crappy’ job (or that Austin’s fine with it) He doesn’t know what her problem is (but don’t take it out on me).

Jack leaves a message for ‘Red’ (who’s supposed to meet him for dinner) Summer could use some advice. Jack’s more than happy to help; what’s the problem?

Jack!? I got your message – you wanted to see me?? Kelly all but sprints into Jack’s office. Phyllis spins around in the chair. No – I did.

Kelly knows it’s no accident that Phyllis sent a message from Jack’s phone. YOU’RE the pathetic, desperate one, she doesn’t back down. Phyllis puts her on notice. You have no idea who you’re messing with. Neither do YOU, Kelly replies. Back off Jack or you’ll be very sorry, Phyllis warns. Kelly sneers.

If not tonight, tomorrow, Avery tries to persuade Dylan (who guesses Joe got to her) You want to send him a message. Are you ready to make me Mrs McAvoy? Avery persists (and receives a firm ‘no’)

Lily tells Joe that there’s a lot of protesters outside. He’s not worried – his business savvy and charm will convince the regular folk that this is for the greater good. Lily huffs off to serve coffee to the regular folk.

Why is Jill siding with Nikki? They both loved Katherine (who loved this town) Victor being here disrespects Kay’s memory (as is running Chancellor into the ground) If only Kay could see what you’ve done to her legacy. Victor promises that CI will be restored to it’s former glory. Jill should go run her little Fenmore’s company. Have a nice day. Jill then tells Collin that she’ll always fight for one thing: Katherine.

Blathering about righteousness vs evil forces, Kevin agrees with Nikki. We can’t let sketchy Joe shut down CL’s. All are suspicious as to how Joe’s managing it. Paul checked him out – he’s clean. Kevin wishes the owner of Giralamo would come forward. Nikki’s then left to thank Paul for not ratting her out (she’s sober) Yes, but Paul worries about the next time life throws her a curveball.

Austin guesses Mariah’s thrown off by what a good Christmas she had (as is he) OK – it WAS good to be with Noah, Faith and Sharon. Austin’s holiday’s sucked after his Mom died. Then Summer came along. It just takes the right person.

Summer’s been thinking about her future – a career. Jack will always have a job for her. So will Grandpa, but Summer wants to EARN her job. She decides school is a good idea (and can’t wait to tell her Mom) Yes, she’s been preoccupied, Jack confides.

Back at Jabot, Kelly admits she cares about Jack but isn’t trying to win him back. Lauren’s my BFF – I can prove I bought the dress first, Phyllis says. Jack won’t choose you over me. You were a port in a storm. If that makes you feel better, Kelly knows it was real. This is real, Phyllis shoves the ring in her face. Then why are you worried about little ole me? Kelly wonders.

Mariah won’t comment on Austin being all goo goo eyed over the obnoxious airhead. No, she couldn’t use someone like Summer in her life – like Kevin. And here she is, Mariah takes a few jabs at Summer, then leaves her to tell Austin that she’s made a decision.

Look who decided to show, Joe teases Jill (who’s sure GC’s elite will reject his plan) He’s so confident that the plan will go through that he’s looking for a home in GC. Arrogant SOB, Jill’s left to mutter to Lily (who wonders why Jill’s really here) She doesn’t trust Mr Tall Dark and Oily. She then rants about Kay giving CI to Victor. Cane misses CI too, Lily thinks they should talk.

Nikki assures Paul that she won’t drink again – she’s going to meetings – looking for a new sponsor. Paul’s there for Nikki. You always have been, she smiles.

Dylan wants to marry Avery – but Joe won’t dictate when. But Avery’s dreamt of it for so long. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. She’ll wait until Dylan’s ready. He’s ready now ~kiss~

Getting a call from Cane, Paul needs to go check on the protesters (and make sure things don’t get out of hand) He and Nikki leave Kevin working away – on finding out who’s behind Gerolamo.

Collin chats with a still confident Joe. Can he be included in the consortium? Yes – and as they shake hands, Victor moseys over; another investor? Yes – and Joe promises many more by the end of the evening. It’ll be a rewarding evening, Victor concludes (looking all shady)

Does Kelly really think Phyllis feels threatened? Well, I did sleep with your man, in your bed. That was amateur hour, Phyllis won’t doubt Jack’s love. But Kelly’s not the one who plays games, and Jack won’t want to spend the rest of his life with a spiteful monster like you. Shut. Up! Jack arrives to hear a slap – and an ‘ow’. What’s going on here? Phyllis hit me! Kelly plays victim.

As Avery and Dylan are leaving, Kevin rushes in – Clark never planned to set up the meeting between you and the seller. He’s looked into Gerolamo. – it’s owned by Victor.

Paul and Cane chat with Victor (who sure hopes they manage to keep everything under control)

Yes, Kevin’s sure. Dylan’s floored; Victor’s been lying to Nikki all along. And so has Joe, Avery chimes in. No, no one else knows. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do, Kevin leaves Dylan to vent his fury – that son of a bitch!

Kevin shows up at Underground – he’s also having a crappy day. No, tequila won’t help. He gave someone bad news. Yeah, once you tell someone something, you can’t unknow it. Kevin wonders who Mariah’s talking about.

At the bar, Austin thinks it’s great that Summer’s going back to school. We’ll still wake up next to each other every morning. Mom? Summer hasn’t told her yet. She wasn’t home. As long as she has Jack she’ll be OK.

Phyllis will tell Jack what’s NOT going on here. I didn’t slap her. Kelly heard your voice and faked it. Kelly protests – this woman is pathological! She texted me from YOUR phone! As Kelly runs out, Jack scolds Phyllis – how can I trust you? Phyllis lied to Kelly, but isn’t to Jack. Tell me you believe me.

Behind the podium, Joe thanks everyone for coming, and lists how his plan will breath new life into GC. Avery on his heels, Dylan marches over to confront Victor – you’re the one selling us out! Needless to say, Nikki’s stunned.

Kevin asks Austin what’s taking Mariah so long in the back? She’s not back there. She was acting weird earlier. When isn’t she? Summer quips. But Kevin worries about Mariah running off.

Mariah’s at Cassie’s gravesite. Happy birthday to us Sis.

The Kelly Jack knows wouldn’t lie about this. And I would? Phyllis is sure Kelly will continue to lie etc – because she hasn’t accepted that it’s over with Jack. Kelly needs therapy (and to be away from YOU) And if she doesn’t …. Jack reminds Phyllis that he loves her. The only person who can ruin things, is you – don’t do it ~hug~ I love you, but I have to fight for what’s mine, Phyllis calmly says. Jack looks worried.

You own all that property and are selling it to Joe Clark! Dylan won’t be shushed up. VICTOR owns the land and has been lying to Nikki, me, EVERYBODY! Victor doesn’t like his accusations. Nikki’s horrified. Is this true? Are you responsible for pulling Dylan’s business out from under him? This is a business transaction and no one will stand in the way of it, Victor assures.

Next: Mike gets yet another opinion; You are in Stage 3, which means the cancer is spreading … You never once thought to tell me you were involved in the deal? You’ve betrayed me Victor! I do NOT want to discuss this right now, he says … You’re the one who slept with my wife while we were still married. Not my fault you couldn’t keep your wife satisfied pal. Joe lunges. Dylan! Avery yelps as the men tussle.

My Thoughts: Is Dylan the only one rallying protesters? Wouldn’t the ‘grassroots’ movement be stronger if all the businesses banded together? It seems that Dylan’s only interested in HIS business. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the history of the warehouse district. And why isn’t he front and center outside the club? Doesn’t the think the press will show up? .. If Jill’s so opposed to the development why is she attending an open bar cocktail party, instead of standing outside holding a ‘Save CL’s sign’ with the rest of the demonstrators. Nikki too for that matter. If Joe’s offering Dylan new space in the revamped area (which sounds impressive) isn’t there a good chance CL’s will finally turn a profit? … Collin just got 2 million from Devon and is working for Fenmore’s now – what motivation would he have to join Joe’s ‘consortium’? And now that he’s just witnessed Nikki’s reaction to Victor, why would he risk pissing Jill off exactly the same way … Loved the way the protesters signs are bobbing up and down on the background as Jill and Victor talk (they must be on pogo sticks) Jill’s turn to be hypocrite – she has no idea what side Kay would be on. She rarely went to CL’s, and she didn’t know Dylan. If anyone’s being disrespectful to Kay’s memory, it’s her (by having Collin, a man she disliked immensely, move into the mausoleum) …. So what if Phyllis bought her dress first? That proves nothing. And why wouldn’t she just use her receipt as proof instead of involving her BFF Lauren? (she has bigger problems and likely wasn’t at the boutique when Phyllis bought her ugly frock) .. Hard to say, but if I had to guess, Kelly faked Phyllis slapping her. It worked wonders – and Phyllis should now know that she has a worthy adversary. Still in the middle, Jack seems too weak for either woman (so I’m not convinced the prize is worth the fight) How can it possibly be a ‘misunderstanding? Either Phyllis slapped Kelly or she didn’t … Summer doesn’t want to be handed a job, but it’s perfectly OK for Nick to hand Austin his? … Love how Dylan did a whole lap of the restaurant before finally getting to Victor … Kelly actually looked better today than she did New Year’s Eve – but why is she leaving the cocktail party she’s in charge of? How ridiculous of Phyllis to comment on Kelly breaking the law by speeding (when she got away with running over the DA and Chief of Police decades ago)