Monday, January 5th

In Joe’s suite, Avery wonders why he locked the door. Privacy? The seller’s not coming is he???

Meanwhile, at CL’s, Dylan wraps up his meeting with the reporter from the Chronicle as Sharon arrives – to tear up over how important the coffee house is. I can’t lose one more thing in my live *sniffle*

Nick arrive at Victor’s office as summoned. He doesn’t want him involved in the custody case. Too late – Victor’s already been asked give a deposition; not by Avery, but by Sharon’s attorney.

Outside a suite, Devon sends Hilary at ‘thinking only of you text’, then knocks on the door – he heard there was a problem. He’s surprised to find Gwen – in need of the manager (there goes her dress)

Never mind Chelsea’s ring, why hasn’t Billy had his wedding ring tattoo removed? Neil interrupts – at the club to meet with a rep for the Small Business Association (in a suite upstairs) Now alone, Chelsea and Billy go back to bickering about the rings.

Call your wife, Sage challenges. Adam pauses – but won’t be held hostage in this marriage – or kept from the woman he loves.

Adam knows Sage has no friends of family – if she went missing, who’d notice? You don’t think I’m that desperate to get my life back? Don’t ever forget who you’re dealing with. Sage has nothing – Adam’s the one who should be careful.

Sherman is hoping Victor’s harassment of Sharon will prove to be the cause of her breakdown. He did it to protect his family – and will say nothing to damage Nick’s case. But, he may come after your Mother. You saying I should drop the suit? Nick concludes.

Back at CL’s, Sharon tells Dylan that she and Nick were about to compromise before things went badly. She can’t believe Nick doesn’t love her – but must focus on Faith. Having troubles of his own, Dylan’s off to meet Avery. Hilary arrives, smiling at Devon’s text. I bet I can guess who that’s from, Sharon chirps.

Gwen wanted to surprise Devon, but is disappointed by his lackluster reaction. It’s a bad time, he claims (as Gwen dresses – assuming he’s still into the married woman) Neil arrives – Gwen huffs out. Well son, it sounds like we have a lot to talk about, Neil says.

Kevin drops by Mike’s office – to badger him about starting treatment. Dylan interrupts to update that Giraloma owns, but they can’t find a name. Kevin hints that he can help.

Joe just wants to talk. Just give me a minute – you owe me that much. Avery isn’t pleased, but listens to Joe talk about his feelings for her. He blames himself not Dylan – but he only wanted to make Avery happy. Joe knows he ruined it. It DOES matter now. He wants a second chance to make things right.

If you’re not ready to let go of Vikki, just say so. The tattoo doesn’t mean anything to Billy – but it IS time he had it removed. Chelsea leaves, pissed.

Adam tells Sage that Gabriel tricked her into marriage for the inheritance. You sound like you’re in love with him. Oh wait – you DID love this guy. Sage strikes back – your wife moved on. They can divorce and share the inheritance in 2 years (but no sham marriage will keep Adam from Chelsea)

Of course Victor doesn’t want Nick to drop the custody suit – Sharon’s an unfit Mother (he lists why) She’s sick and depraved and Victor will do whatever he can to make sure Nick wins. Just tell the truth, Nick says. Fight dirty or you’ll lose, Victor warns.

Arriving at the penthouse, Chelsea finds Gabriel (there to meet a realtor, who’s a no show) Since the penthouses are all the same, he’d like to look inside if he can. Chelsea first declines, then lets him in.

In the dining room, Neil’s supportive – and if Devon needs a woman’s perspective, he can always ask Hilary. She threw away her birth control pills, Neil confides. Devon’s happy – but doesn’t sound it (and Neil thinks he knows why)

Still assuming Neil sent the text message, Sharon thinks him sweet. Hilary takes a seat to say she’s sorry Sharon lost her job. Uncomfortable (and not willing to confide her problems) Hilary rushes out. Nick then joins Sharon – he didn’t want things to get ugly – but she’s left him no choice.

Mike warns Kevin – no hacking. He just ‘navigates cyberspace’. Dylan tells him about Giralomo, and Avery’s meeting. Have her call me when she gets back. Mike’s sorry he took Joe as a client. Dylan hopes Joe will also change his mind.

Avery loves Dylan – she’s marrying him. It’s a real relationship – give and take. Joe argues; you don’t have to give up the rest of your life to prove a point. Avery insists she’s marrying Dylan because she love him. Call the seller and tell him to stop the warehouse sale! she marches out (pausing in the hallway to regroup)

Neil assures Devon that his blindness won’t effect his ability to care for a baby (and he still hopes to regain his sight) Devon prays for that too – but is the timing right? Neil insists it it – it’s what Hilary wants too. We don’t hide anything from each other. When Hilary joins them, Devon makes a beeline to Gwen at the bar. He wants to make it up to her – upstairs ~kiss~ Hilary watches – simmering.

On the patio, Sharon asks Nick if he expected her to hand Faith over on a silver platter. Nick expected her to fight fair – not go after his family. She screwed up Summer’s life and he won’t let her do the same to Faith. Sharon’s sick of Nick’s Saint act (and lists all his mistakes) Do you really think I’m unfit to raise my daughter? Nick sees Sage arrive – we’ll talk later. Inside, he asks a visibly upset Sage ‘what’s wrong’?

After giving Gabriel a tour, Chelsea’s sorry she didn’t turn the light on in the nursery (Connor was sleeping) Billy arrives – what are you doing here???

Chelsea explains that the agent didn’t show up. Billy’s eager to get rid of Gabriel and continue their discussion. Thanking Chelsea, Adam discreetly swipes a toy car of Connor’s – then pisses Billy off even more by announcing he’ll be working at Jabot. Now alone, Billy shows Chelsea bandaged ring finger.

Sharon watches Nick console Sage inside. If you need anything, you know where to find me. After Sage leaves, Sharon marches over to blast Nick. You have time to talk to some stranger but not about our daughter? The Judge will find that very interesting.

Mike can’t work with Kevin hovering. That’s the idea. He’s NOT impressed to hear Mike’s ‘stalling’ by seeing a 4th doctor. Stop and face the truth!

Avery pauses on the CL’s patio – deep in thought when Dylan arrives to ask where she was. With Joe – at his suite. It was a trick… to talk to me. ‘Son of a…’ Dylan’s ready to storm out. Avery stops him – Joe wants you to come after him. OK – what did he want to talk about? (or does Dylan need to ask?)

What’s up with Devon? Hilary noticed he looks upset. He’s concerned because we’re trying to get pregnant, Neil explain. Hilary pouts as Devon heads upstairs with Gwen.

Joe’s at Victor’s office – to reassure that the deal will go through without anyone knowing of his involvement. Victor has no doubts.

Back at CL’s, Avery reminds Dylan that she loves and is marrying him. Dylan knows she’s a hard woman to forget. Don’t let Joe come between us, she gives him a hug.

Sage is just a friend who lost someone close to her – don’t use that in court. Sharon’s near tears – how ugly do you want this to get? How far are you willing to go? Nick will go as far as he needs to to protect his daughter. Sharon’s left looking worried.

You saw Chelsea, Sage guesses (as Adam plays with the car) Jealous? he teases Mrs Bingham. This marriage is a minor inconvenience. Obstacles are falling – Billy’s going to screw up all on his own, Adam’s confident.

You got the ring tattoo removed? Yes – and the ‘Victoria’ off Billy’s back (that’ll take a few more sessions) Chelsea’s touched – you did it. She too removes her ring and puts it in a drawer. They exchange I love you’s – and a kiss.

Next: I want to get married, right away, Avery’s rush surprises Dylan … Jill confronts Victor – do you really want to end up on the wrong side of Nikki? Because I don’t think she’d appreciate you siding against her son …Kelly hurries into Jack’s office. I got your message. You wanted to see me? Phyllis turns the chair around. No – I do.

My Thoughts: If CL’s meant so much to Sharon, why did she and Nick sell it? Or why didn’t she buy it when Kevin sold it? Also, why wasn’t she more upset when Kevin replaced Cassie’s Corner with a big poster? It’s become obvious that Nick’s fighting for custody because he’s angry at Sharon, not because she’s unfit to raise Faith. She was no more fit (or unfit) when he was willing to compromise the other day … Oh great – Victor’s going to help Nick get custody – because that worked so well when Vikki was fighting for Reed. If Nick really wants to win, he can just have Sage show up in court and watch Sharon spin out of control … Maybe Hilary should change Devon’s name in her contacts – to Devine… What a gentleman Devon is – sleeping with Gwen because Neil thinks Hilary threw out her birth control. That shouldn’t really matter. She’s sleeping with your Father dude! … Billy sure managed to have his tattoo removed quickly. The clinic must have a drive-thru. Odd that he mentioned having ‘Victoria’ on his back – because I’m pretty sure it was on his ass (and was likely removed years ago because it said ‘Victor’ – unless he added the ‘ia’ at some point) … Kevin really needs to get off Mike’s back and let Lauren handle it … Adam’s not a smart as he thinks he is if it took him this long to figure out that Sage was in love with Gabriel.