Thursday, January 8th

Kevin arrives at Underground to see Marian kissing Austin. Huh – this a new birthday tradition? It was my idea – and I liked it, Mariah shrugs. Liked what? Summer comes out.

Sharon gets Mariah’s voicemail again. Noah consoles her – and reminds that she has a job interview. It’s as a model for a dress fitter. Sure it’s step down, but she must win this custody battle – Sharon’s life depends on it.

Billy talks to Chelsea’s ass (as she searches for Connor’s toy car) It can’t have rolled off on it’s own.

Is Adam gonna play with his car all night long? We need to go over the will. Sage disapproves of him going to see Chelsea – we have a funeral to plan. The Minister who’s coming over knows Gabriel. Think like HIM, not Adam, or this whole thing will fall apart.

At CL’s, Nick reads the online obit. of Constance and orders some flowers for delivery asap. Actually, he has a better idea.

Summer’s suspicious. Kevin covers – Mariah walked out on her party and had the nerve to say she enjoyed doing it. Mariah knows the party was for Cassie, not her. Summer fires a few shots then tells Mariah to go cry someplace else. When Austin agrees she should leave, Mariah protests that too. Kevin, however, thinks he’s being ‘pretty reasonable’ right now. Fine – I’m out of here! Kevin follows – to make sure Mariah doesn’t do something else she’ll regret. Summer’s left to wonder what he meant.

Unable to find the car, Chelsea sends Billy off to meet Jack. But before he can leave, Chelsea gets a call; her assistant’s sick, she needs to conduct interviews. No worries, Billy will stay to babysit (Jack can come to the penthouse)

Be yourself – they’ll love you, Noah gives Sharon a pep talk. You’re a good person. I love you – and so does Faith ~hug~ Over his shoulder, Sharon pouts at a framed photo of her and Nick.

Nick – Hi. Sage is shocked that he’s brought flowers. He just wanted to offer Gabe his condolences (assuming the night owl is up). As Sage is saying he’s not home, Adam appears – is that the Minster? Nope – just me.

‘Gabriel’ only just got home. Sage must have been in the attic. Nick expresses his condolences and explains how he found them (and has been there before) After Sage takes the flowers, Nick offers to write a check to charity in Constance’s name. Letting him in to use a pen, Adam and Sage glare at one another.

Austin tells Summer that Kevin only told half the story – Mariah kissed me. He grabs Summer as she heads for the door. You can’t leave until you hear the whole story.

Kevin catches up with Mariah at CL’s. He’s not leaving her alone – not after what she just pulled.

Ending a call to invite Jack over, Billy lets Jeffrey in. He’ll just make himself at home and wait for Chelsea. You don’t mind do you? He’s there for the other half of her ‘donation’. Pleased when Billy offers to pay, Jeff blabs that Chelsea paid him off to keep Vikki with Dr ‘Rayban’ (and away from you) She doesn’t feel secure in the relationship – why is that???

At her rarely seen fashion office, Chelsea’s surprised when Sharon arrives for her interview. Yes, the job’s still available but you’d be working with me. You must really need a job – but sorry, it’s not a good idea.

Jeff has excellent observation skills. Billy doubts that – he and Chelsea are both satisfied in the relationship. If Vikki was available, he’d stay with her. Jeff then asks if Billy plans to make an honest woman of Chelsea.

Sharon thinks they can get past their differences – she was a different person, can’t believe what she did when she was ill. Nick and Summer barely speak to her. She lost her job at Jabot. Despite Jack’s reference, no one will hire her. She must get a job before she goes to court. Please give me a chance to show them that people are willing to forgive me. I lost Nick, I can’t lose Faith too. Chelsea hands her a tissue – she’s been there. Adam threatened to take Connor. And now Sharon hands Chelsea a tissue. She’s OK now, thanks to Billy (though Adam wouldn’t like it) He’s want you to move on. Now please help me and Faith move on.

Writing the check is the least Nick can do. Sage is a hero, and he suspects Gabriel was in the woods too. Yes, it was, he then goes to answer the door. Sage explains that Gabe left the woods because he was called back to care for Constance. Nick then wonders why when he told Sage about the woman who turned him away, she didn’t tell him that Constance was her guardian.

Nick doesn’t want to upset Sage, but why wasn’t she honest with him? They’re building a friendship. The Bingham’s are very private. Nick knows she lives there, with Gabe. Why does she call him her friend? Gabe returns – I can answer that ….

Chelsea knows that Adam cared for Sharon – he’d want her to give Sharon the job. Take care of yourself and your daughter. An excited Sharon promises she will.

Billy won’t discuss possible future plans with Jeff. OK – but he better not break Chelsea’s heart.

Mariah didn’t need Kevin to cover for her. Just admit you’re mad I kissed Austin and go! Kevin’s not the one ‘playing games’. Admit why the real reason you kissed Austin.

Austin didn’t want to make things worse – for everybody. Mariah was just upset and acting out. Oh, so if someone’s having a bad day, it’s OK for them to kiss me?! Summer’s pissed. Austin sees her point. But it meant nothing to me. You believe me don’t you?

Mariah’s won’t be analyzed by Kevin – you don’t know what or who I am! Kevin’s not trying to run her life – he cares. Having had a crappy childhood himself, he knows it’s hard to trust – but people DO care about you (he lists them all, including himself) It’s just too much – Mariah doesn’t want it. Please just go. Instead Kevin takes a seat, it’s easier to put walls up than run (to go after a married man) You’re not worthless. Go after something that’s real. You deserve to be loved but you must admit what you really want.

Summer trusts/believes Austin (who thinks Mariah’s just acting out) As he goes to clean up a tray of glasses Abby knocks over arriving, Summer blabs that Mariah kissed him.

Jeff leaves as soon as Chelsea comes home (and is alarmed to hear that Billy paid him off) Relaying Jeff’s theory, Billy assures Chelsea that he’s exactly where he wants to be. Chelsea then tells Billy that she hired Sharon; it was the right thing to do. If Adam could forgive her for lying about Connor, she can forgive too.

Yes, we live together – but only as friends. Gabe explains that he just came back to take care of his Grandmother. It’s not my business, Nick shrugs it off. But he’s dying to know if Constance is the one who bailed him out on the ‘Juliet’ incident.

Abby’s completely on Summer’s side. Mariah causes trouble. She then rants at Austin, warns Summer to be on guard (then leaves Summer to say she can’t just accept the kiss) Don’t let Mariah ruin our perfect night. I love you. I love you too (but Summer’s not smiling)

Mariah admits she might be scared of something real. It’s worth the risk and yes Kevin might meet someone like that. And you might too, he leaves her to think.

Sharon comes home to be congratulated by Noah. She can’t wait to tell her lawyer. If Nick won’t back down, Sharon will fight too.

Chelsea checks on Connor then tells Billy that he called him Daddy. How do you feel about that? Billy wonders.

That was really something, Adam chuckles. Juliet was one helluva girl. Huh? She was a sailboat. The Gabe Bingham Nick knew would never forget that.

Next: Are we going to tell our friends? Lauren asks. No, Mike won’t have a welcome to Mike’s cancer dinner …Billy tells Jack – I’m getting my tattoo one removed. Connor’s even calling me Daddy. Don’t get too attached, Jack warns him … Dylan rants at Victor – Is this really about money or your wife having a son with Paul Williams?

My Thoughts: Sharon really thinks working a couple of hours a week as a human mannequin will impress a family court Judge? And while Sharon has a fantastic figure, she doesn’t have the statuesque, willowy build of a model, so she’s not ‘qualified for the job’ (unless Chelsea plans to use 5.5″ models who’d be considered to be on the verge of plus size in today’s modeling world) And let’s hope Chelsea doesn’t accidentally pop an implant while pinning Sharon into something! …. Sharon says that Nick and Summer are barely talking to her? Um – Summer’s not talking at ALL to her (with good reason). … Love you both, Abby tells Summer and Austin as she leaves. Huh? Now she LOVES Austin? She really doesn’t know what the word means, poor thing. So all that time Underground’s front door was open for customers and no one walked in before Abby’s arrival? Place is deader than CL’s, and it’s not like Austin not to make a crack about Summer paying everyone’s tab. And who was Abby at Underground to meet? Our favourite grumpy Detective … I like that Kevin and Mariah’s relationship is slowly building – but not the relationship itself … I wonder if Summer will tattle on Mariah’s loose lips to her Dad (Nick’s pretty protective of his l’il girl) … How would Jeff know that Billy’s living ‘on his daughter’s dime’? Billy’s obviously got money (if he didn’t blink about writing Jeff a cheque) And, even if he was, Jeff’s living on Chelsea’s dime too. ‘I know my daughter’ he has the nerve to say … What qualifies Kevin to comment on Mariah’s relationship with Tyler? He didn’t know them when they were engaged.