Friday, January 9th

Outside the penthouse, Jack and Victor go at one another; hitting way below the belt (mostly over Summer being a Newman) Having had enough, Jack says he was invited over – was Victor?

At CL’s, Avery and Dylan are optimistic due to all the supporters outside. Now they know who their enemy is, they can retaliate (with a media assault) Paul arrives to suggest they walk away. Dylan’s stunned – give up? Why?

Bottle of vodka and glass on the coffee table in front of her, Nikki listens to Paul’s message. Don’t worry, I have everything under control, she says aloud.

Lauren meets Mike at the club. His pain? Not bad, but it’s there. He disagrees that it’s time to tell their friends. This will not be a ‘welcome to Mike’s cancer’ dinner.

Jokes aside, Chelsea’s not sure how she feels about Connor calling Billy Daddy. Please understand, for her son’s sake, she must keep Adam alive.

Juliet was one helluva girl. What!? Juliet was a sailboat – the Gabe Nick knew wouldn’t forget that. Adam covers well – to YOU she was a sailboat, but to me, she was my first love. So what was the fallout of you sinking her? Nick wants details.

Victor doesn’t need an invitation to visit his flesh and blood. But Adam wanted me to protect his son, Jack’s closer to Adam than his own father. He is who he is because of YOU. Why are you referring to him in the present tense? Victor wonders.

Gabe doesn’t really want to talk about Juliet – his Grandmother bailed him out. All chuckle as Nick then tells the story. You killed Juliet. There’s a lot of stories like that. Adam’s afraid that’s probably true.

Chelsea wants Connor to know how much his Dad adored him – but she also wants him to have a Father who’s a man of honour, strength and compassion. Connor couldn’t have picked a better person to call Daddy. You can count on me, Billy says. Hearing voices, they run to the door – as Victor’s blasting Jack for talking about Adam as if he’s still here.

Waiting for the Williams’, Lauren nags Mike – do you really think the DA and Chief of Police won’t know something’s wrong? How will they feel when they find out what you’ve gone through? Mike doesn’t want their dinner to be about cancer, but will tell them – for Lauren’s sake. Yes, Lauren really does love Mike. Chris arrives – hoping Paul gets there soon – we have news to share. So do we, Mike says.

Back at CL, Paul doesn’t want Dylan to give up – but let someone else take over the fight. You stand up for what you believe in, Dylan’s puzzled. Paul admits he’s worried about the position it puts Nikki in. Dylan understands – but can’t let Victor win.

In the penthouse, Jack says Adam’s been on his mind because of Kate’s Christening, that’s all. Victor’s there with a report on Connor’s NE-CI stock (but can’t visit him because he’s sleeping). Jack then tattles that Victor’s been busy decimating CL’s and the warehouse district. It will ensure my grandson’s legacy and make GC stronger, Victor will come back when it’s less crowded. After he leaves, Billy wants to ask Jack something important.

Shown the door, Nick tells Adam – remember, ‘Mut Verloren, alleas verloren’. ‘Yeah, Auf Wiedersehen’ Adam walks off. Did I say something wrong? Nick’s puzzled.

Nikki hides the bottle under the couch as Victor comes home. I’m fine, leave me alone, she topples over onto the couch. It’s not an MS episode – it’s you. I haven’t done a damn thing, Victor balks. What the hell’s the matter with you?

When Paul arrives, Mike insists they share their news first. We’re pregnant! Now let’s hear your news. The Baldwin’s force a smile.

Billy asks the best Father figure he knows to be Katie’s Godfather. Vikki’s OK with the choice (and Chelsea knows he’s a good Godfather to Connor) As Chelsea goes upstairs, Jack agrees ~hug~ You can always count on me – always. Billy then asks about Gabriel Bingham – what’s his new job at Jabot?

Nick was just telling Gabriel to be strong – a saying at their old school. He’s not feeling well, Sage explains (then shows Nick the door) Adam then comes out – that can’t happen again. And what do we do to Nick to stop it? Sage asks.

So? What’s your news? Paul pries. As Mike stammers, Lauren interrupts; Fen made the Dean’s list. The William’s raise a glass – let’s toast to blessings.

Jack tells Billy that Gabriel will be an asset to Jabot. Billy doesn’t like him – he wants to rent in the building and I don’t like the way he looks at Chelsea. Jack’s concerned that Billy and Chelsea are moving too fast. Billy doesn’t know where this is coming from. Chelsea does – it’s about Adam isn’t it?

No, he won’t let it go – my brother has a white knight complex. You’re the dark knight and I’m the damsel in distress? Sage laughs. He likes you, Adam realizes – you need to keep an eye on him. It’s the wifey thing to do.

At CL’s, Avery rants about Victor, but notices Nick’s distracted – what’s going on with you?

Back at the ranch, Nikki feels ill because of Victor’s lies and behavior. You deliberately hurt my son. Dylan walks in on the fight (much to Victor’s annoyance) Not everyone jumps at your commands – Dylan will fight for what he believes in and that includes his Mother. He wonders if Victor’s real problem is Nikki having a son with Paul Williams.

Victor won’t be spoken to like this in his own home. He doesn’t hide behind anything or anyone – you got that? If I have a problem, I come to your face! Nikki asks them to stop. Dylan won’t ‘LEAVE’ until Nikki tells him it’s OK. Get out now! That leaves Victor to rant about young punks. We’ll discuss it when you calm down. Fine – but Nikki’s not sharing a bed with Victor.

Nick’s trying to get a grip on his own life – questioning his history with Sharon. Why think about this now? Avery wonders. Because Nick ran into an old friend.

Chelsea knows Jack still feels some loyalty towards Adam. Billy lists all Chelsea’s good qualities – he doesn’t want to hurt her. Chelsea admits she was a wreck after losing Adam – but has now moved on with someone she loves. Billy believes this can work – can’t Jack believe it too??

Dylan returns to rant at Avery – he hates that Nikki’s married to that egomaniac. He calls to update Paul that Nikki’s OK but not great. Chris pulls a face as she hears Paul promise to keep a close eye on Nikki.

Nikki’s staying in the guest room. You intentionally hurt my son, she reminds Victor that she tried to accept Adam. She’s not making sense to Victor (we’ll discuss it when she’s more reasonable) After he heads upstairs, Nikki has a tasty vodka.

Jack just wants what’s best for both Billy and Chelsea (who then leaves Billy to wonder what Jack’s worried about. It’s not like Adam’s gonna rise from the dead the way Phyllis did) Connor’s even calling me Daddy. Don’t get too attached, Jack warns – you can’t anticipate the future.

OK – getting information out of Nick protects Sage’s interests too. Good – pound him for all the information you can. Nick needs to think I’m his old pal Gabe.

‘Freshman expelled after boating incident’s, Nick reads online at CL’s. How can Gabe not remember that?

Next: As Gwen and Devon kiss at the bar, Hilary deliberately drops a glass (surprising Lily and Neil) … Vikki’s so devoted to you now that she’s not going to do her father’s bidding? Really? Ashley shares her suspicions with Ben … In a suite, Jack’s blindfolded; smiling, he’s unaware that it’s Kelly tracing a rose down his chest.

My Thoughts: This building needs better security, Jack says of the penthouse. How about ANY security. Victor was so unpleasant, but had a point – Jack should have done a paternity test on Summer … ‘Righteous’ Jack is right about Victor tricking Summer into signing paperwork (re Phyllis) but it’s no worse than Jack tricking his sick Dad into cutting Gloria out of his will .. .. What a stupid story. Nick says Gabriel got Juliet ‘up to full speed’? It’s a sailboat, not a speedboat. And what debris did he hit? An iceberg?? … Oh great – Nick’s about to have another affair-going-nowhere. Why wouldn’t Gabe just tell Nick that he has a really crappy memory (early onset Alzheimer’s) …. Nikki handles Victor better when she’s drunk (too bad he didn’t go for a shot of vodka and wonder where the bottle went) … Who cares what the William’s think about the Baldwin’s not telling them about Mike’s cancer. If he’s in pain, the cancer’s probably too advanced to be treated (though I don’t think CLB is going anywhere) Obviously the DA and Chief of Police are easy to fool … Dylan’s ‘foot troops’ are still outside?? Too bad they aren’t inside, showing theri support by buying coffee and baked goods .. Nick must have a degree in Googling. It took him no time to find an archived story – that was printed in a newspaper that wasn’t even online at the time.. Why can’t Chelsea ask Victor (and Jack for that matter) to call before coming over? … I’m surprised Vikki didn’t insist on Nick being Katie’s Godfather (and I’d hardly call Jack a good role model) .. The online headlines are already reporting it’s Nikki’s husband vs her son? Odd that there’s no press at CL’s for comment (in fact there’s no one in CL’s at all) … Jack takes the position of Godfather seriously? Is he serious? I’d completely forgotten he’s Connor’s Godfather.