Thursday, January 15th

Phyllis has never seen that wig. You think I went to the florist posing as Kelly!? DID you? Jack thought they were ‘done’ too – but now doesn’t know WHAT (or who) to believe.

Avery scolds and fusses over Dylan (who could have been killed) Let me take you home! Paul arrives with an update. Proof to nail Victor? Dylan’s hopeful.

At NE, Victor asks Joe why he sent two thugs to beat up McAvoy – I told you I’d handle it.

Still at the gym, Vikki’s sorry for asking about Chelsea – Billy must have questions about her and Ben too. Yes, he does – but doesn’t ask. As for Chelsea, Billy likes the idea of spending the rest of his life with her and Connor. That’s good, Vikki’s glad that Chelsea makes Billy happy. And he’ll be a better Dad to Connor than Adam would ever have been.

What’s Gabriel doing? Oh just chatting to Connor about soccer. Taking him, Chelsea’s surprised to see the toy car – where did you get this????

Gabe found the car shoved down in the stroller. That’s crazy, Chelsea admits it’s not easy juggling work and motherhood. No, Gabe has no kids at the moment, but hopes to soon.

Thankfully, Adam’s not around Connor or any other kids. Vikki wonders what Billy would have done to him (if he didn’t die in the accident) Whatever he’d have done, Billy would have been justified – he couldn’t let Adam get away with that. No, he’s not like Victor (who Dylan believes is behind his beating) Dad would never put me in danger (they’re now bickering about Victor) Billy still cares about Vikki – if you need me, I’m there.

Why does Victor care that McAvoy was beat up? Last Joe heard, it was a robbery (and nothing to prove otherwise) It better stay that way, Victor told everyone it was just business. Don’t make a liar of me. Yeah, well, separating business from personal has never been Joe’s strong suit.

Phyllis isn’t that stupid – she’s never seen the wig before. Jack wonders if it’s possible that she did it and forgot. Yes – possible if I was crazy. Is that what you think – that I’m crazy!?

Jack doesn’t think Phyllis crazy – but she did lure Kelly under false pretenses. Perhaps the coma and drug side effects are responsible? No – Phyllis just had neurological tests. She’s fine. Jack can’t believe Kelly did something this extreme. But what he’s accusing Phyllis of is just as extreme! Jack has a meeting to get too. Everything will be OK, he promises. Phyllis is left to make a call – I need to see you, now.

Gabe gushes over Chelsea’s sketches, then steers the conversation to Billy knowing that Connor’s father was responsible for what happened to his daughter? Tragic doesn’t begin to describe it, Chelsea agrees – but that one horrible mistake didn’t define Adam. It sounds like you’ve forgiven him, Adam concludes.

Vikki drops by Victor’s office. She doesn’t believe he had anything to do with Dylan’s beating – but how can he sell the CL’s building for redevelopment. This hurts Mom and Dylan. Mentioning his offer to relocate Dylan, Victor shows Vikki ‘why the urgency’. Bonaventure was a financial mess. Vikki has another idea to offset the losses – and stick it to their arch rival; a Brash n Sassy blast from the past.

Paul updates: Prints were ran, but no hit – they have a partial license plate and are still looking for witnesses. Avery takes Dylan onto the patio to insist he take Paul’s advice (and step back) Dylan won’t be bullied. Avery understands ~kiss~ And here’s Joe – stopping by to see if Dylan’s OK. Both men wonder if Avery believes he’s behind the beating.

Avery believes in innocent until proven guilty. Dylan not so much. Your Dad didn’t find anything on me, Joe gloats. Paul has to follow police protocol, Dylan doesn’t. Is that a threat? Good luck with that. Hope you catch em. Looks like you took a real beating. As Joe leaves, Paul returns to show Dylan a photo.

Avery marches inside to blast Joe about kissing her. She only kept it from Dylan so he won’t get upset and beat the hell out of Joe. Wow – Joe sees a glimpse of the passion they shared. Remember that weekend we spent in bed? He can tell that Avery IS thinking about it.

You want to revive Brash and Sassy? Yes, it was Vikki’s first big assignment. Remember the logo? (Vikki’s lips sold a lot of make up) She wants a modern campaign using social media. Any word on what Jabot’s working on? Some fragrance, Victor’s vague. Vikki can match it. Good – do it quickly – the vultures are circling. Speaking of which, Jack arrives – and wastes no time mentioning that he’s Kate’s Godfather. Wut!? Victor’s pissed.

Chelsea hasn’t forgiven Adam – but she doesn’t hate him either. It’s complicated. Gabe has to believe there’s more to it. If Chelsea loved him, Adam couldn’t be all bad. Chelsea confides that he made a video – swears he didn’t see Delia. Adam was tortured. Chelsea believes it was a terrible accident – but – covering it up was intentional (so he wouldn’t lose his wife and son) He lost us anyway. Chelsea still needs answers. What if you could confront him? Could you forgive him then? Gabe wonders.

S’OK. Chelsea likes being able to talk about her husband. Most people pretend he didn’t exist. Chelsea loved Chloe and Delia, but she loved Adam too. If only he’d eased everyone’s pain by coming forward. He didn’t trust me, or our love. Gabe’s sure that Adam’s tormented. If his soul’s wandering around out there, he has unfinished business, Chelsea agrees. What would you say to Adam? Gabe asks. Connor interrupts; pointing up, he babbles ‘Dada’. In the background, Billy’s not happy.

Victor glares. Why would you choose Jack to be Katie’s Godfather? Billy asked him – but Vikki has no objections. Jack’s honoured – he takes the role seriously and will be a positive role model. Why the hell choose him to have influence over Katie’s life? Victor grumbles. Vikki wants Katie to have both her families. After she leaves, Jack says he’s there to discuss what Victor did to HIS family.

Yes, Avery clearly remembers what happened after that (Joe taking business calls in bed) That’s what she remembers about their marriage. Dylan didn’t destroy our marriage. It’s too late – move on. Joe’s tried to . Then try harder – leave me and Dylan alone! If you change your mind, you know where to find me, Joe saunters out. Phyllis sizes him up as she arrives – THAT’S who you dumped? She’s there for Avery’s help – to lock someone up.

On the patio, Paul reports that he’s got Kevin and a friend at the FBI on the job. He won’t let anyone get away with hurting his son. Dylan has a good idea who it is. Vikki arrives on cue to see how Dylan’s doing, and assure that her Dad’s innocent (not of trying to sell CL’s – but he’d never hire someone to beat you up)

Inside, Avery’s not sure Kelly would obey a restraining order (or that she doesn’t have equal reason to file one against Phyllis) There’s no proof that she sabotaged Phyllis’ car, bought the flowers, or planted the wig. On the other hand, Phyllis admits to using Jack’s phone to lure Kelly (whom she verbally attacked in front of witnesses) Kelly can sue you for defamation of character, Avery warns. Phyllis is more worried that she’s getting to Jack.

Jack wants to know what drugs were pumped into Phyllis – what side effects. She’s alive and well, Victor says that’s all Jack should be concerned about. She’s not the same woman I lost last year! Jack blurts out.

Connor’s not ‘confused’ at all, Billy saunters in to explain that Connor saw him arrive. L’il dude knows who his Daddy is, don’t ya? Billy smiles at Connor. Adam’s sure he’s right – Connor knows exactly who his Dad is.

Phyllis gone, Dylan joins Avery inside. Vikki says it wasn’t Victor. And you think it’s Joe (so went to see him) Anything else happen between the two of you? Dylan asks. Avery flashes back to the kiss – but is saved when Dylan’s phone rings; hello? hello? ‘Next time, you won’t be so lucky’ ~click~ This is far from over, he tells Avery.

Shouldn’t Bingham be working on a report for Jack? He’s done that – and checking out Chelsea’s designs to start a marketing campaign. Billy doesn’t recall asking Gabe to do that. No – but he wants to be ahead of the game (and do a good job for Billy and Jack) Billy takes Chelsea aside – he can’t put his finger on it…. No, he’s not jealous. Then ease up, give him a break, Chelsea says. Aside, Adam bends down to tell Connor he’s a smart boy – knows who his Daddy is, and soon everyone else will too.

Jack won’t detail how Phyllis is different, but knowing the treatment isn’t approved in the States, he wants to know more about the drugs. Do it for the granddaughter you claim to love so much. OK – for Summer – Victor hands over Dr Culter’s info. You’re welcome, he say to Jack’s retreating back.

At home, Phyllis puts the wig on and primps in front of the mirror, finally smiling eerily by what she sees.

Next: If you think I gave information to Victor, just go ahead and fire me right now, Ben tells a sulky Ashley … This was supposed to be our alone time away from everybody, Devon reminds Hilary (who’s in a panic – Lily could show up at any second … Wig in hand, Phyllis confronts Kelly at the club – admit what you did, or we go to war like you can’t even imagine.

My Thoughts: Nice try writers. No fan of Man U would call football ‘soccer’ …. Avery really outdid herself today – literally helping Dylan walk into CL’s. It’s a bit odd that whomever’s working behind the counter didn’t make any effort to see how her boss was (though I guess it’d be hard to wedge yourself in between Dylan’s wet-nurse and overbearing Daddy. All that was missing was Nikki wringing her hands (though I guess she’s sleeping off a hangover) Yes, the man who hates Dylan makes a special trip to come and check on him? … If Billy doesn’t know what ‘direction’ things are going with Chelsea, why is he encouraging Connor to see him as ‘Daddy’? Why hasn’t it been mentioned whether Gabe’s moving into the building the realtor stood him up at last week? …. Ha ha. Look at Mr Bicep working out in the background as Vikki and Billy chat. ‘First I look at the right bicep – then the left – then the right – then the left. Boy, this gym could really use some mirrors so I can check my form’ … Vikki sure isn’t having any separation anxiety over her miracle baby going from NE’s nursery, to whomever’s babysitting while she ‘works out’ … It’s ‘not easy’ for Chelsea to juggle her career and Connor. I guess having a full time nanny and flexible work hours helps …. How can Vikki possibly defend her Father? To Billy of all people? … Joe didn’t work too hard denying being behind Dylan’s beating… If Dr Cutler has any sense at all, he’d be long gone. I guess Avery’s too busy babysitting Dylan and fighting Nick’s custody battle to look into her sister’s mysterious recovery and escape from the clinic … If Brash n Sassy had been such a big success it wouldn’t have to be brought ‘back’. Vikki’s confident she can give Jabot’s new product some ‘stiff’ competition? Obviously, she has no idea that Jabot’s new rapey perfume is all about ‘stiff’. Wow – how clever, she’s going to use all platforms of social media to announce that Brash n Sassy is back. So, Faceplace, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest etc etc. And she has the nerve to say Jabot’s new fragrance doesn’t sound ‘innovative’.