Monday, January 19th

Kelly stops Phyllis at the revolving door – she won’t fight about what Phyllis did to her and Jack. Oh? What I did? Phyllis pulls out the wig. Look what I found – right where you left it!

Jack thanks Dr Cutler for coming – he needs to know about Phyllis’ treatment and side effects. No, this couldn’t have been done by email or phone. Does Dr Cutler have other patients who’s awoken to lose their grip on reality?

In their suite (for their spa weekend) Hilary’s not as enthused as Lily, but says this is nice – and it makes Neil happy. And it makes Lily happy that Hilary always puts him first. Let’s be friends. Hilary hurries out to schedule massages etc – and immediately bumps into Devon (lips first)

At the club, Neil tells Cane how excited he is about his new treatment. But no, he can’t get Hilary’s hopes up. Cane confides that he and Jill are going after Chancellor. Howdy partner, Collin appears to take a seat on cue.

Jill’s at Victor’s office. No small talk – she wants to buy CI back (it’s hurting badly) The warehouse fiasco is backfiring. Jill may be Victor’s last hope (to make a bundle) He chuckles – you? – my last hope?

In the lab, Abby asks Ben if the formula could be used in other products; lotion etc? Ashley storms in with the newspaper; NE is reviving Brash N Sassy – to beat us to market. Ben makes it clear that he and Vikki don’t talk business. Ashley’s not convinced (and worries Victor knows about the project)

Jill doesn’t see a line of people offering to help Victor out. She’s a kind and generous soul. Victor’s sure the sale will go through. Jill’s no neophyte – she’s seen all sides of Victor. Yes, we’ve been in many positions, Victor’s amused – and touched by her concern for Nikki’s health. Jill wants CI back. Ain’t gonna happen, Victor’s still smiling. Jill chuckles now – one day CI will be hers – let’s do it as friends, not enemies.

Jack found this wig in his house? OUR house. As if Phyllis would wear a blond wig and give the florist her real name. Admit what you did or we go to war like you can’t imagine, Phyllis threatens. Kelly agrees – let’s do this, once and for all.

Separated by a table, Kelly’s tired of Phyllis bullying and humiliating her. You did all this, and Phyllis will make Kelly admit it. You want a cat-fight in a public place – come on honey, slap me around – then explain it to Jack. Don’t say his name, Phyllis orders. Aren’t you forgetting something? Kelly gives Phyllis the bag/wig.

As Abby reads, Ashly points out ‘our buzz words’. ‘Organic essences’ is pretty generic Ben claims. That article is a message to US, Ashley insists. Ben insists he didn’t blab to Vikki. Fire me. On cue, Toby walks into the ‘firing’ line. There’s another mole – name him and you won’t be arrested! Ashley barks.

Back at the club, Cane tells Collin that his skills aren’t needed for this project. And Victor doesn’t want to sell CI anyway. Jill appears with a figure Victor wrote down on paper. Cane and Jill huff – we don’t have it. But Collin’s busy looking at Neil (and is most interested when Gwen tells him that Devon was called away on business)

Jack describes Phyllis to Dr Cutler – but she’s changed. Is this a common side effect? Phyllis comes back to meet the DR with the ‘magic coma juice’. Why is he here? Jack invited him. He’s wondering if I woke up loopy – but there’s a woman named Kelly who’s making Jack question my sanity, Phyllis blathers on. Jack called Dr Cutler because you loves Phyllis – you wanna figure this out or what?

Unable to name the mole, Tobias is escorted out by Ben (leaving Abby impressed with her Mom) As Abby’s purse falls to the ground, her ‘borrowed’ sample falls out. She was going to use it on Vikki/Billy. Could Victor have had that!? Ashley freaks – she must find out exactly what he knows.

At the club’s bar, Cane and Jill have no idea where to get investors for the amount Victor wants. Maybe I can help, Collin says.

Devon’s not answering his phone? Must be an important meeting, Neil says. That’s what Gwen loves about Devon – he’s a mover/shaker (Collin listens)

Hilary sends Lily off for the first massage. Knock knock – here’s Devon. Here to talk? No – he’s there to ~kiss~

Phyllis would love to ‘forget about Kelly’. Victor played God, Jack whines – there may be residual effects. Dr Cutler would like to examine Phyllis at his facility. He’s not ‘owned’ by Victor. Dr C will be in town until tomorrow (in case Phyllis changes her mind) If you’re staying at the club, watch out for a crazy eyed blond, Phyllis warns (then is left to conclude that Jack thinks her crazy)

Ben joins Kelly at the club to hear that she’s being blamed for something she didn’t do (which Ben understands) How do I make Jack ….? Kelly flops back into her chair – ‘something’s wrong’…. Kelly!? Kelly!?

In Victor’s office for drinks, Ashley reports firing his inept spy. ‘Organic essences’ are buzz words to needle me. It’s a rare root extract, but that’s all you know, Ashley teases. So the formula doesn’t produce tequila? Ashley laughs – you ARE spying. Victor wants to end this as a draw. Ashley’s so happy they understand each other.

Good Lord, Dr Barton Shelby tends to Kelly. Reminding Ben that he’s not on staff anymore, he’s sent outside to worry.

This isn’t about Kelly, Jack reminds Phyllis that she left the clinic without being checked out. Phyllis HAS been checked out – can Kelly say the same? Her ‘stunts’ are in the past. I won – you’re mine. Phyllis is more than happy to rub Kelly’s face in that, but wouldn’t waste her time plotting against her. Have I really changed that much?

Collin has the same information Jill does (he just uses it better) After Gwen leaves, Neil heads to the bar. So, is Collin ready to take over an empire? Collin is – and one of his investments is about to pay off big.

As Devon and Hilary make out on the sofa, Lily’s at the door, pulling the room key from her robe pocket.

Back at the lab, Ashley tells Abby that Victor doesn’t have a clue. While he’s tracking down rare root extracts in Central America, we’ll be making a fortune for Jabot. Abby pours her sample down the sink (but as they chat, neither are aware that Victor’s listening in on headphones; he’s planted a bug)

Yes, Jack loves Phyllis – but Victor didn’t give a damn about any of them. We need to make sure there’s no side effects. It worked! Phyllis points out – thanks to Victor. It’s more than you did!

Dr Shelby comes out to update Ben; Kelly’s problem isn’t stress – it was poison. Ben looks in as Kelly sleeps.

In Loving Memory of Beau Kazer 1951-2014 (Brock)

Next: Sounds like someone’s having a good time – what’s all the fun about? Sharon smiles at Nick – then steps into the tackhouse to see Sage … You’ve come a long way from the girl who used to sit in the hotel Latina lobby pretending to be a guest… How did you know that?! Chelsea glares at ‘Gabriel’ … Is there some reason you’re rewriting your will now? Is there something you’re not telling us? Kevin asks Mike.

My Thoughts: Of course Dr Cutler would cancel whatever he’s got going on to in Switzerland to fly out to Jack’s house on the spur of the moment. But why wouldn’t Jack have summoned Dr Burnett too? Surely he’s been updated on this miraculous new treatment (and is using it on other patients) Phyllis did come off as obsessed and insecure. As if Dr Cutler’s interested in this sick little mid-life triangle ….. ‘Come on over here honey – slap me around and pull my hair ‘just like Jack did’ (Oh, if only Kelly had added those 4 little words. Phyllis’ head would have spun off her shoulders) … Why are there so many women with mental disorders in GC? … Is that Dr Barton Shelby? He’s been working all this time? He didn’t disappear with Leslie and Tyler? … Sadly, Lily’s not on tomorrow’s preview (walking in on her brother and stepbrother) Odd that the ‘spa’ only has one masseuse working at a time? … Did Ashley really think she could pull the wool over Victor’s eyes? Aren’t we supposed to avoid pouring chemicals down the sink Abby? … Euuww. Do we really need a reminder that Victor and Jill have been in many ‘positions’ before? (though a flashback of them would be cool to see) … Abby was going to put the new formula on Vikki? Oh? Is she breastfeeding? Has it been tested on lactating women? No – in fact, it hasn’t really been tested at all.