Thursday, January 29th

No time for spellcheck etc. today.

Nikki’s in tears over almost dropping Katie. All are concerned; Nick just asked and she said she was fine. I have a problem, Nikki admits.

Jill didn’t attend the Christening – but has brought her germs and a purchase contract to the ranch. If she doesn’t pay the rest in 30 days, Victor gets to keep CI and the down payment It’s win-win. Victor’s hearty laugh cuts off abruptly; no.

At the club, Sage introduces Gabriel to Constance’s estate manager (who’s all bent out of shape that he’s selling the house without approval) Hearing that Adam (and his wife of course) are moving to a condo, he warns that they’ll lose everything if this marriage is proven fraudulent.

Jack comes out with a sandwich – as Paul and Chris arrive with a cop and a search warrant for Phyllis. As they search upstairs, Jack reads her note; forgive me. He leaves her an urgent ‘come home’ message. At the park, Phyllis thanks Kelly for coming.

Chris and Paul come down, eager to speak to Phyllis. She’s not here, and Jack’s not impressed. Of course the Chief and DA have found anti freeze – the poison that could have killed Kelly.

Kelly’s curious – but she has 911 ready to send on her phone. Relax – Phyllis just wants to talk. She’s sorry. So you’re admitting you tried to poising me with anti-freeze???

When Mike finally meets Lauren at the club, he’s scolded for working so much. Sure there’s other things Mike would like to do – jump out of a plan – go to Paris – build houses for the poor. Lauren tears up – this sounds like a bucket list.

All eyes on Nikki, she blames dizzy spells due to MS. Dr Costner is taking good care of her. She’ll only hold the baby when she’s sitting down – and will bump up her doctor’s appointment. So sorry ~hug~ After Nick drives Nikki home, Chelsea and Billy leave too. That leaves Ben to say he wants to be a bigger part of Vikki’s life. She agrees – move in with me.

Back at the club, Sage assures Mr Tipton that she and Gabe married for love. Warning that he’ll be checking on in on them – unannounced, he leaves Sage to scold Adam for buying the condo. Unconcerned, Adam has things to go take care of.

At the bar, Mike suggests they live for today – who knows what tomorrow will bring. Lauren will settle for simple things; holding one another, watching old movies and eating ice cream. Jill joins them to whine about Victor – she’ll find a way to take CI from him.

As Nikki goes up to change, Victor thanks Nick (who updates why he’s worried; Mom almost dropped Katie because her MS is flaring up)

There’s a lot to consider, Ben wonders if Vikki’s asking him to move in as a knee-jerk reaction to Billy moving in with Chelsea.

Bumping into Gabriel, Billy and Chelsea are surprised to hear he’s not at the condo to visit either of them – he lives across the hall.

Jack’s not surprised that he had anti freeze in his garage. But this in an oil can. The rust flakes inside made it less lethal. It’ll be analyzed. That ends Jack’s cooperation. On their way out, Chris gets a call. We may have just found ‘real’ evidence, she tells Paul.

In the park, Phyllis admits she rubbed her reunion with Jack in Kelly’s face. Instead of focusing on what she had, she focused on revenge. Phyllis says she’s sorry – again. You can’t go back home again – so I won’t. Take care of Jack, she leaves with her bags (but pauses to watch Kelly leave)

As Billy declines a celebratory drink, Chelsea accepts – then marvels at the space. Perhaps you could help me.

Victor wonders if stress is effecting Nikki (who returns to tell Nick that she’s fine) After he leaves, Nikki doesn’t want to rehash what happened. Victor repeats that she’s under stress – he’s wondering how she’s been coping.

Billy and Chelsea seem so … Happy? No, Vikki was going to say ‘settled’; which she’s happy about. She doesn’t need a man, but she asked Ben to move in because she loves him. Say that again? I love you Ben.

Help with what? Decorating? Where should Gabe put the couch? As they chat animatedly, Billy interrupts – wouldn’t Sage want a say in all this?

At the club, Nick bumps into Sage (who again apologizes) No worries – the Judge will see that Sharon/Faith misunderstood. He’s concerned about her arrangement with Gabe. She appreciates that – you’re a good friend.

Yes, Mike’s allowed the occasional drink. And he’s started exercising As Mike goes to take a call, Jill wishes she could help the Baldwin’s. Lauren appreciates the moral support.

Jack asks Mike to call if he hears from Phyllis. Kelly then drops by – you must be upset about Phyllis, but it’s for the best. Jack’s surprised to hear that Phyllis confessed – then left town (probably for good)

Chelsea has a flair for this type of thing, Gabe says. Sage arrives – perfect timing. Billy and Chelsea can’t stay for champagne. She’ll drop decorating magazines off. Is this a good idea? Sage is left to fret that Tipton will bust them. So, where’s our bedroom?

Victor knows Nikki’s not fine – she’s stressed (and he’s partly responsible) He’s backing out of the warehouse sale; Dylan can keep CL’s. Nikki’s weeps – thank you so much ~hug~

Gasping for air, Jack joins Phyllis at the park. He got her note – forgive me? Really? No, Jack wouldn’t forgive Phyllis leaving, neither will Summer. He won’t let her go to prison. Phyllis is just trying to spare them pain (and can’t be locked up) Jack insists Phyllis trust him – come back home.

At the station, Paul shows Chris footage that was taken in the club’s office (just before the dining room’s feed went down. A woman goes straight to the control panel, keeping her head down. That red hair is unmistakable. Chris is sure it’s Phyllis.

So happy that Victor’s choosing her over business, Nikki goes to bed. Victor calls Jill; buy CI for full price tonight – or tomorrow it goes to the highest bidder.

Ben’s waited to hear those words for a long time – e loves Vikki too. You’ve got yourself a new roommate. He’s off to get his stuff.

In bed, Chelsea wonders about the tension between Sage and Gabe. Billy easily distracts her ~kiss~

Yes, Sage is suggesting they share a bed. No worries – it’s for Tipton’s sake. The marriage must look legit. Gabe goes upstairs to his master suite; Sage can take one of the smaller bedrooms. She’s left to look at a text she sent Nick (wishing him good luck at the hearing tomorrow) Nick smiles as he reads it.

Jack and Phyllis are surprised to find Mike waiting for them.. Paul and Chris arrive. Phyllis is read her rights as a cop cuffs her. Lead out, she’s livid that Jack and Mike set her up – I’ll never forgive you!

Next: Avery’s with Mike as he raises his voice at Phyllis – You want to face Christine? Knowing she’ll do anything she can to put you away this time? …. Chancellor goes in sale in just a few hours. That’s not enough time. That’s all the time you’ve got …. Neil!! Hilary shouts as he punches Devon on the face.

My Thoughts: I assumed Jack would give Mrs Martinez a talking to after she let Kelly in the other day. Is she too lazy to come and ask Jack before letting anyone who comes knocking in … Why hasn’t Ben seen Max yet? … Sage and Gabe look forward to starting their lives together? Whether he was injured or not, they’ve been married a year and a half. What the hell does Mr Tipton care? He’s earning his fee regardless. Sage and Gabe DID marry for love – love of money … Jack panting as he collapsed onto the park bench was a bit much. But I guess the last time he ran was years ago at the Lake (in a failed bid to save Colleen I THINK) I do remember that he was wearing jeans (for once) and ran like a girl …. How nice that Victor’s putting Nikki before business. And how convenient that Nikki has a disease to blame her drunken blunders on. But why if she’s having this many MS ‘episodes’ her condition would be quite advances and the next step would be a cane of walker… Nikki will only hold the baby when she’s seated? She could still drop her a few feet too many. She shouldn’t hold Katie unless the baby’s strapped to her (or Nikki’s sober) … Phyllis will never forgive Jack? Oh well. He’s got a Plan B (or a Plan K I guess) Of course Paul and Chris arresting Phyllis is a good indication that she’s innocent … Why does Paul need to read the Miranda Rights off a card? He’s been a cop for 30 years. Anyone who’s watched Law and Order can recite them.