Wednesday, January 28th

Nick greets his beautiful Supergirl (Austin’s off shooting a commercial) Both pause to remember the last time they were in this church; Phyllis stopping Nick and Sharon’s wedding. But today’s about celebrating.

Chelsea arrives seconds after Ben. Yes, she’s OK with Vikki and Billy coming together, as a family. She’s not insecure. Neither is Ben – he and Vikki are solid too. And today’s about Katie.

At Vikki’s, Billy compliments her appearance. They list the no-shows; Jill’s sick, Reed and Traci can’t get a flight due to weather. Oh well, everyone that matters will be here. Not everyone, Vikki frowns.

Nikki’s in Victor’s office; listing all the reasons she’s pissed off. First, he’s not attending the Christening – he made Vikki lie to Ben – stole Jabot’s formula – hired Mariah to impersonate Cassie (no, Victor saved Nick from ‘the disaster that is Sharon’) Now mentioning Dylan, Nikki sniffs – It’s no wonder she’s driven to such extremes. What extremes? Victor’s curious.

Ashley’s rants as she leaves Jack’s. She’s got security working on surveillance footage – Victor will NOT win! Jabot will release it’s perfume before he does. After Ashley exits, Phyllis comes down to tell Jack that she’s not going. But he wants the woman he loves at his side today. But what if that woman’s not here? Can Jack honestly say he loves the woman Phyllis is today?

At CL’s, Avery all weak in the knees over Dylan in a suit. She can’t go with him to the Christening – this might be the only opportunity for her to nail down this testimony. As soon as Dylan leaves, Avery calls Joe. She can’t give him a night – but is on her way to his suite now.

Looking adorable, Johnny gives Billy a high five (which leads him to think about Delia) We’ll always be equal partners in parenting Katie, Vikki reassures. Even Victor would have to say I’m a good Dad, Billy states. Vikki then announces that she’s cut him out of Katie’s life.

What extremes is Nikki talking about? Being driven into sleep in the guest room. You’re going to drive everyone away, she warns. Show yourself out, Victor exits to make a call. You know what to do?

Nikki pours herself a tasty glass of vodka and talks to a framed photo of Kay. I tried to stop – I DID stop. Taking a gulp, Nikki tells Kay that it’s just to get her through the rest of the day. Tomorrow, she’ll stop (glug glug)

At the station, Avery thanks Mike, but doesn’t need any help with this case. After he leaves, and Paul away, Avery asks Kevin to wire her. She’d do anything to get this man out of her life. Who is this ‘creeper’? Avery’s ex husband.

Jack pledges his love to Phyllis – he won’t lose her again. We’ll find a treatment. Don’t worry – everything will be OK, he leaves her to send a text message – I need to see you right away.

No, Avery doesn’t want Kevin to listen in – she’ll come back for the recording. Knowing Joe as she does, she’s confident she can get him to confess.

Wheeling a cart in to Joe’s suite, the club’s waiter is tipped – see that my guest and I aren’t disturbed.

Arriving as summoned, Mike answers Phyllis’ questions about his treatment with humour. She didn’t invite him over as a friend, she needs a lawyer.

At the church, Nikki overhears everyone grumbling about Victor. Jack whines that Phyllis is suffering from side effects. Ashley, Abby and Ben are pissed about Victor’s theft. Nick blames Sharon for Faith not being there. Dylan tells Ben that he expects more threats. Slipping outside for a drink, Nikki’s almost busted by Vikki and Billy. All now inside, everyone’s stunned when Victor arrives. He’s there for his granddaughter’s Christening. Any objections?

Griping to Chelsea about Victor, Jack steps out to take a call. When Vikki asks Victor why he’s there, Nikki quietly asks him not to cause trouble. Ashley snarls about Victor shutting her lab down. Jack returns to update that the formula’s been cleared. I’ll be damned – all this animosity for nothing, Victor clucks. The Reverend now begins the Christening.

Phyllis is frustrated with Mike’s jokes. OK, he gets serious – if tried and convicted, the charge would be attempted homicide – Phyllis could go away for life.

Handing over her coat and ignoring the offer of champagne, Avery announces that she’s only there because she loves Dylan and wants to keep him safe. Joe denies inviting Avery over for sex (though it is on his mind)

Champagne in hand, Avery puts a stop to Joe’s walk down memory lane. What he’s doing to Dylan has to stop! As Kevin puts the headphones on, Joe continues to try woo Avery. He bought a necklace she admired on their honeymoon (purchased years ago) It will lay flat if we open a button of two on your blouse. Kevin and Avery both look worried that the wire will be exposed.

Phyllis thinks she should have stayed in the coma. Imagine having a second chance only to have it snatched away. Chris will ‘wipe the floor with me’ – she’s waited 20 years to make me pay. What will I do now? she asks Mike.

Godfather Jack offers a rose; red = bloodline. Katie’s family. We will set an example for her life. Abby offers a white rose = purity and innocence. The Reverend offers a pink bud – waiting to open. Vikki and Billy vow to work together; to honour and protect her. All applaud to welcome Katherine Rose Abbott Newman.

After the ceremony, Billy and Chelsea praise one another ~kiss~ Ben fusses over Katie and her awesome Mom (then takes her so Vikki can thank her Father for putting family before business. I always do, Victor claims. Nikki chats briefly with Nick about the custody case. Victor then gloats to Jack and Ashley; I don’t lose to anyone. Dylan then takes Ashley aside to warn her off Joe Clark; he’s dangerous.

Avery takes the necklace off – complains that she’s there under false pretenses. No – Joe only wanted them to be the people they were. When was the last time Avery laughed. This accomplished nothing, Avery marches out. You’re wrong, Joe’s left to mutter to himself.

Phyllis welcomes Summer and sees Mike off. Phyllis cuts off an update of the Christening (tearing up and saying that Summer would be OK if she weren’t around) Why wouldn’t you be????

Ashley and Abby are back at the lab (their stuff returned) Ash is sure Victor’s behind it and not done yet.

In his office, Victor’s on the phone – he’s kept enough of the formula to have it analyzed in no time.

On the patio, Avery’s frustrated to hear that Kevin was listening in. If she has any more ideas, don’t go it alone. Left holding the ‘audio file’, Avery flashes back to Joe asking when she last laughed. Dylan arrives – meeting didn’t go well? Avery will have to interview the person again.

Phyllis reassures Summer; she’s just feeling nostalgic. When Jack returns, she’s sent to meet Austin. Jack’s happy to see Phyllis is feeling better. Promise you’ll always love me, no matter what happens? Jack will always love Phyllis ~kiss~ Left alone for a second, Phyllis jots down a note and exits with her suitcases.

At Vikki’s, Chelsea appreciates being included. Vikki reassures Ben how important he is to her. And Nikki’s sloshed. As they all pose for a photo, Nikki almost drops Katie as she blacks out on her feet. Mom! What happened!? Vikki’s alarmed.

Next: Why don’t you move in with me? Vikki stuns Ben … I’m not a visitor – I’m your new neighbour, Adam’s living right across the hall (both Billy and Chelsea look surprised) … At the park, Kelly talks to Phyllis – are you admitting now that you tried to poison me with anti-freeze?

My Thoughts: Since the show films weeks in advance, it’s ironic that they came pretty close to predicting New York’s snow storm… Exterior shot of Vikki’s shows that Billy didn’t bring his car, and that she does not own a shovel or snowblower … How selfish is Phyllis? Whining to Mike of all people. He has his own problems … Odd that the gown Chelsea designed and hand sewed for Katie was completely covered up for the actual Christening. And did she not make a matching bonnet? Katie’s wearing the same little pink hat GCM sent her home in. And why wouldn’t Vikki and/or Billy bring the carseat or stroller into the church so that someone doesn’t have to hold her all the time. And no diaper bag? .. Camesra in hand, Chelsea announces she’s now taking ‘a long one’; AKA landscape mode … MTS rocked her scenes today. If no one noticed that she’s drinking now, she could drink straight from the bottle and get away with it … Great job of cutting Victor out of Katie’s life; it lasted about 5 minutes, and she obviously didn’t drop the name Newman (even thinking he’d comply with her wishes and not attend the Christening) … How did Avery know that Paul wouldn’t be at the station? And that Kevin would ‘have a minute’ (to wire her up) She didn’t even know that Joe was going to be available until she called him. You’d think he’d be monitoring this commerical Austin’s shooting … Testing 1,2,3! Avery bellows – as she marches about 10 feet away from Kevin. Yes, I guess he CAN hear you … Phyllis should know the penalty for attemtped murder. It’s not like it’d be her first time.