Thursday, February 19th

At the cabin, Kevin coaches everyone on their story. Mariah’s jokes don’t go over well. But all agree, Summer can’t take the blame for murder (except Summer – she can’t do this)

At the station, Mike jokes about the all kids’ gadgets not working. We know Fen’s safe – he’s with Kevin. As for Jill, the weather’s too bad to search for … … Survivors, Lauren frets.

It’s daytime now. The fire is out. Jill awakens beside Collin; it’s so cold. Lily and Cane are next to wake up – no, it’s no dream. Dad?? Dad?? Neil pokes his head out from the plane and watches as Devon starts to panic when he can’t wake Hilary up.

At CL’s, Sharon awakens Avery (who’s face is still dirty) You were having quite the dream, she remarks pointedly.

Nick and Dylan crawl through debris; Mom! Can anyone hear us?! Phyllis promises Jack she’ll get him through this. Like when you got me clean and sober, Jack weakly coughs.

Dylan slows Nick down. We have to get to them, but not cause more damage in the process.

Does Summer remember something? Yes, she nods (flashing back to hiding the bronze bookend) Noah knows Summer couldn’t do it, especially alone – someone else was involved. Who would want Austin dead? The bickering begins – no one knew Austin well. Summer insists she and Austin were in love. Mariah watches Abby pale. Who had it in for Austin? We’re helping that person get away with murder. Mariah thinks she knows the motive; YOU (Abby)

Victor tells Phyllis and Jack to conserve energy and air. Jack explains that he came back to Underground. To see Kelly? No, he came back for Phyllis (whom he’s hurt again with his stupid plan) I was wrong. So, you believe I’m not crazy??

Nick MUST find his parents. Yes, but we’re risking our own lives. Think of your kids, DSylan says – Let’s got out of here and let rescue do their job (more debris falls)

She’s alive, Devon reports. I need help. Lily’s asked to put pressure on Hilary’s wound. No matter what you think, I can’t lose her. Cane apologizes for not telling Neil (who tells him to confess to a Priest) They didn’t want to hurt you, Cane knows they love each other – and you. Hilary doesn’t deserve to die. Devon volunteers to go search for help.

Lauren fusses over the exhausted Mike. Call your Dr. Lauren’s alarmed to hear he missed an appointment and a radiation treatment – then apologizes; I’m scared ~hug~ Mike heard from Paul – they might be able to send a search helicopter soon.

Jill insists Devon can’t go marching off in his desinger loafers. He lists why it should be him. It’s suicide! No matter how she feels about him and Hilary, he shouldn’t go. Collin appears – with a smile and a map.

Sharon downplays her injury – it’s not as bad as it looks. What did you mean about me having a dream? Avery asks – then runs into Dylan’s arms. When Nick asks about Faith, and Sharon’s head, Dylan’s about to lie when Sharon admits she lost control of her car (he then defends her against Nick’s tirade)

Mariah saw Abby and Austin kissing last night. Abby scoffs – she’s not responsible for her actions after being drugged last night. You kissed him too. That was different. Mariah guesses that’s why Abby invited them up there – to be with Austin. Let’s go see if anyone else saw you kissing him last night. Abby grabs her arm.

So, it’s true – you and Austin – making out. Abby admits it – yes. You put the ho in home-wrecker, Mariah reminds that Abby’s been comforting his wife. It’s called compassion. Summer would have another word for it, Mariah guesses. Abby doesn’t care about herself – but you’re giving Summer motive. Or maybe it’s motive for YOU – Austin wouldn’t leave Summer.

Kevin and Fen get into a heated argument. Noah referees – we need to keep our heads. Courtney updates that the roads are being cleared – they’ll be here for us soon. We all have to be on the same page. Are we???

Lauren again apologizes – yes, ‘for being mean to a cancer victim’. She’s worried about Jill. Kay used to call her a tough broad, Mike reassures – she’s with a capable group – hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Victor wants to know what Jack wanted to tell him about Adam. You rambled. What about Adam’s death aren’t you telling me? Jack starts to shake.

As Sharon explains to Nick, Dylan chimes in – maybe he should have put snow tires on Sharon’s car instead of trying to take Faith away. Avery objects. Dylan saw Sharon’s car abandoned – because she was worried about this reaction, Dylan was prepared to lie for Sharon (which Avery doesn’t like one bit)

Not sure they’ll survive, Nikki tells Jack that Victor has a right to know. Adam… Adam – Jack’s about to blab when a firefighter appears – we’re gonna get you out.

Courtney loses her connection with Paul as she tells him there was an accident. A squad car will be coming. She and Kevin know their story must be consistent. Volunteer nothing. Noah will say he was the only one with Austin when he fell (Summer doesn’t know what happened)

Everyone pores over the map – there’s a road a few miles away. Jill gives Devon a hug – be careful. Collin tells him to keep the hill to his left. Good luck. Lily gives Devon a hug – don’t die. Take care of Hilary, he pauses to share a look with Neil.

The story is clean and simple. Nobody knows exactly what happened. We were partying. The details are fuzzy. Fen looks odd – but denies he remembers anything (and goes to bury the bagged bookend) All look puzzled

Nick’s indignant – you really think I’d use this to keep Faith from you? Sharon’s at Nick’s mercy – she must walk on egg shells. Nick’s sorry, he’s exhausted (and worried about his parents) On cue, Nikki is in Nick’s arms. Sharon asks Avery to thank Dylan for defending her. Sure, Avery sniffs – then chats with Phyllis (who reports that Jack’s alive thanks to Victor) He saved his life, Nikki confirms.

Still beneath the debris, Jack and Victor argue over who’s going to leave first – and then the rest of the roof comes down on them.

Devon tells Neil he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to make this up to him. I love you, he reassures Hilary that he’ll come back (and get her to a hospital) But as Devon goes to fetch the map, they realize it’s gone – and so’s Neil.

Summer gets a pep talk – you can do this. Courtney says they’ll be asked when was the last time they saw Austin alive. Abby flashes back to chatting with him on the CL’s patio – do got a brother? she laughs. No – but you deserve someone to treat you well, Austin replied. Fen returns – Austin’s gone. What!?!?!?

Avery wants to talk to Dylan about what happened with Sharon. Yes – once everyone’s safe and sound, she shrugs her off. Paul calls – how bad? Dylan then updates the gang – the rest of Underground gave way. Nick hopes they got everyone out – right??? Phyllis and Nikki are in tears; Victor and Jack were still inside.

Next: Does anybody want to tell us what’s going on? Entering the cabin, the cops are met with awkward stares … Lily snarls at Cane; This family is broken because of Devon, Hilary, Collin and YOU … Kelly gloats s- Jack made love to me, on Valentine’s Day. Phyllis slaps her across the face.

My Thoughts: Nikki and Phyllis got all the way to CL’s. Its not around the corner. Surely the rescue team had time to get Victor and Jack out … Huh!? Now we’re supposed to believe that Abby was having an affair with her niece’s husband? (a guy she didn’t even like) I hope Harding shows up at the cabin – they have more chemistry than most of the other couples … Oh great – so now Austin’s not dead after all? .. Of course Neil went off to find help. He’s the only one who doesn’t have a partner there. Not only does he get to watch the other couples snuggling together for warmth, he gets to watch his son fuss over his wife. He probably wishes he’d stayed blind! … Avery has some nerve being jeaous of Dylan and Sharon (considering her behavior wuth Joe recently) … I liked the way Dylan stood up for Sharon (she really brings the hero out in all men) Dylan’s used to Avery treating him like a naughty boy (which, to be fair, he acts like) … Why isn’t Vikki at CL’s? Her parents are missing too (and it’s not like she won’t dump the kids on a sitter at the drop of a hat) .. Oh yes Baldwin’s; Fen’s safe – he’s with Uncle Chipmunk.