Wednesday, February 18th

Ashley leaves Jack another message – she’s waiting out the storm at CL’s. The Baldwin’s arrive to say they had to walk the last three blocks. And now the lights have gone out at the coffee house. Paul arrives with a few cops; turn the generator on and set up for triage. What’s going on? Vikki and Ben arrive to hear the roof collapsed at Underground. Nick and Jack are there! Get them out!

Stuck with Sage, Nick worries about his parents – but still manages to find the humour in the situation.

Avery and Joe are also trapped, but hear sirens. This is just like the day they got divorced (Joe felt like his whole world came crashing down on him) And here we are – tell me that’s not a sign.

As Faith sleeps on the sofa, Sharon refuses to go to the hospital for stitches. Nick will blame her for the accident. Don’t make me lose my child! she tells Dylan.

Connor crying in her arms, Chelsea tells a firefighter that someone went up to the penthouse for Billy.

In the smoky hallway, Adam pauses – dammit – I oughtta leave you to die like you did me.

Victor can’t tell if Jack’s breathing. I have to get to him! a panicked Phyllis is told to stay put (or else the debris could shift and come down on them) His heart’s not beating, Victor turns Jack over.

As Sharon and Dylan debate whether she should go to the hospital, he has an idea; Stitch can meet them at CL’s (there’s a generator there for heat) Faith wakes up and goes to fetch her coat. It’ll be OK, Dylan reassures Sharon.

Avery doesn’t believe in signs, destiny or fate – and since when was Joe sentimental? He didn’t come back into Avery’s life just to lose her again. Why DID you come back? she wonders.

Hello? Anyone out there? Nick calls out. No one’s answering, he worries. Sage suggests they went for help. How does she stay so positive? She’s living up to Constance’s example. Nick, the billionaire, thinks it much more important to be happy than rich.

Come on Jack! LIVE!! Victor pumps on his chest (as Phyllis and Nikki watch on helplessly)

Lights now on, Paul tells an officer to run the license plates of cars at Underground (to find out who’s inside) We’re doing the best we can, he tells Ashley – then asks Ben to help out. When Dylan and Sharon (with Faith) enter through the patio, Sharon’s nervous at the sight of cops. As Vikki takes Faith for hot chocolate, Paul updates Dylan and Sharon. Dylan has some search and rescue experience – perhaps he should go to Underground. Paul doesn’t have the manpower to go door to door telling people to stay home. Dylan to the rescue – pointing out four major intersections, Paul dispatches a unit to each. On the phone, Lauren reports the fire at Lakeview Towers. Billy and Chelsea live there! My children are there! Vikki frets.

The man lead out under a blanket isn’t Billy (much to Chelsea’s distress) In the penthouse, Adam struggles – you bastard (he lists all he has to live for) Billy coughs and staggers out on Adam’s arm.

28. 29. 30. Victor counts as Jack finally coughs. Nikki’s oh so amazed by her amazing man. I need you, Phyllis bleats. You hear that? Phyllis needs you, Victor repeats. You can thank me later. What is Jack trying to say? Adam…….

When Vikki arrives, Chelsea assures her that the kids are fine. Billy? He’s still inside? Gabriel went in for him. He’ll be fine, Vikki assures Chelsea.

I’ve repaid my debt to you. What debt? You loaned me your girlfriend to pick out furniture – I save your life. Both cough their way to the hallway.

Adam. What about Adam? Phyllis will not bang on the damn pipes – she needs to get to Jack. Let Victor take care of Jack, Nikki orders. All three call out for help.

Nick and Sage hear the cries for help – someone’s alive out there. Dylan arrives to shout – we’re coming through – stand back. Armed with a flashlight, Dylan’s updated that Avery and Nikki etc were in the main room. It’s completely buried, Dylan informs.

Joe has a question for Avery – his gift of leaving town… be honest – when we get out of this, do you want me to walk away forever? Joe… Avery replies – then is excited when Dylan climbs through to them (with Nick and Sage) All now together, Nick knows his parents were the ones banging the pipes. When a firefighter shines a flashlight in, the rest follow him out (despite Sage protesting) Let’s go find Mom, Nick and Dylan head the other way.

Back at CL’s, the Baldwin’s are grateful that they (and Fen) are safe (and not trapped under a collapsed roof) Mike hopes there’s no casualties (and feels bad for thinking ‘why me’) Sure cancer sucks, but he knows to appreciate every moment ~kiss~

Her head bandaged, Faith on her knee, Sharon tells Stitch she’s a little shaky. Thanks for not asking any questions. Ashley and Paul burst onto the patio to say more survivors are coming from Underground. That’s a good sign, Sharon says. Faith asks where Daddy is. He’ll be here soon, Sharon says. Inside, Ashley asks Ben and Paul about Billy. Vikki’s not answering Ben’s calls – hopefully no news is good news.

Waiting, Chelsea begins to panic. Billy’s cheated death many times – he’s got too much to live for, Vikki reassures. On cue , Adam and Billy come out. After Vikki leaves, Billy asks Adam what he said upstairs – I didn’t come back to die like this. Come back from where?

Over here! Paul barks at Ben when Avery and Joe arrive. She’s OK but Joe’s leg’s hurt badly. Ignoring him, Ben looks at the bump on Sage’s head first. As Avery updates Ashley that she didn’t see Jack, she starts to cry – it’s not good in there. Sharon comes in to hear that Dylan and Nick are searching for Nikki.

Nick and Dylan slowly climb through debris. We’ve got to find any survivors and get them out before it collapses again.

Phyllis stacks bricks, determined to get to Jack (though Nikki worries about oxygen) You saved my life, Jack’s weak. Wouldn’t be the first time, Victor reminds. I have to tell you … Jack murmurs. Is this about Adam? Nikki and Phyllis interrupt as they climb through. Nikki’s apologies will have to wait. Phyllis grabs Jack’s hand – we’re gonna get you out of here.

‘Gabe’ only meant that he didn’t come back into the building to die a hero trying to save Billy. He means ‘thank you’, Chelsea adds. Vikki returns; Katie just wanted to make sure her Daddy was OK. Billy’s glad to have both his kids in his life; especially today. Almost looks like they belong together doesn’t it? Adam says in Chelsea’s ear.

Ben’s ordering Joe to GCM for an xray, and a CT scan for Sage (despite her insistence that she doesn’t have a concussion) Avery’d go with Joe, but wants to wait for Dylan. Tell Nick where I am, Sage tells Avery. I will, Sharon appears – she’s waiting. Faith’s worried about her Dad, we both are. Of course, Sage forces a smile and heads out.

Hanging up, Lauren updates Paul; the fire is out – search and rescue is at Underground. She answers a call; emergency services. It’s for the Chief. Uh oh – Paul tells Ashley and the Baldwin’s that a private jet headed for Chicago went down – Jill was on it. No, Lauren tears up.

Chelsea doesn’t know if Gabe’s insane or a hero. He laughs it off and allows a medic to check him out. Vikki updates Billy on the dire situation at Underground. She’s taking the kids to CL’s. Yes, Ben’s helping out. She’s glad he’s OK. That makes two of us, Chelsea’s still puzzled why Gabe risked his life to save Billy (who thinks there’s more to it) Billy looks over as the medic comments on Adam’s bullet wound.

Nick, Dylan and a firefighter hear sounds – we need to get them out – NOW. Air’s running out, Dylan informs.

Phyllis and Nikki are back in their spots, as Victor questions an almost unconscious Jack; what did you want to tell me about Adam?

Next: Devon fusses over Hilary – I can’t tell if she’s breathing. Come on baby, come on…. Abby tells Mariah – It’s the perfect motive. Summer killed Austin because he was cheating on her …Do you know something about Adam? Nikki asks. Adam is … Jack says (as Victor scowls at him)

My Thoughts: What an amazing man you are, Nikki gazes lovingly at Victor (she’s obviously still drunk. it’d be more realistic if she puked at least) … So, there’s barely a snow bank outside CL’s, yet the Baldwin’s had to park and walk three blocks?! Oddly though, Lauren doesn’t have a hair out of place. In fact, it doesn’t seem that anyone in GC owns a hat (except Sharon, and that’s only to hide the ding in her head) … Why does Paul send a young lady to ‘crank up’ the generator – and not knowing how long it’ll be needed, shouldn’t he check the gas level? And find out if there’s any spare jugs of fuel? Have someone siphon gas from the cars if not? And perhaps they should be conserving power? Unplug the jukebox and anything else that’s not a necessity … If it’s THAT cold out, why isn’t Adam being checked out INSIDE the ambulance. Why isn’t Avery shivering in her sleeveless blouse? Why hasn’t Joe thought to offer her his jacket? … Sage really needs to tone down her clingyness (on second thoughts – it’s Nick. He lives to be adored)… Find a volunteer to call the families of the victims? And tell them what exactly Paul? And if the power’s out, why would the phones be operating? … I love how Joe’s ordered to go to GCM because his leg’s hurt ‘pretty bad’ yet he’s walking around completely unassisted (in fact the medic walks behind him) Is there no stretcher/gurney in the ambulance? .. If search and rescue are on scene at Underground, why haven’t they called out to survivors with a megaphone? (especially before sending guys in to look) Why aren’t there any canines? … Sharon’s being completely ridiculous. She’s terrified that Nick will find out she crashed her car – even though Dylan’s offered to lie for her. And … Hey Mr Fireman, if Chelsea shouldn’t be in that area (because there may be another explosion), maybe you should cordon it off. I guess they have no megaphones either … Don’t you worry about rushing to your kids Vikki – you just stare up at the fire, with Chelsea (never mind that your kids are likely scared and with a neighbour they don’t know) … As stated before, the Baldwin’s had to park 3 blocks from CL’s – yet Vikki’s able to go back and forth? The Towers can’t be that close to CL’s – or they’d be able to see for themselves that it’s on fire (instead of hearing the news by phone or via Paul) … That’s a great idea Sharon – get a untrained man to stitch up a visible spot on your head/face – without anesthetic using what? Your sewing kit? If the cut’s that bad, why hasn’t it been bandaged up at least? … Are people in GC really that stupid that they need cops to go door to door – or posted at major intersections (to tell them to stay off the roads) Wouldn’t they figure that out for themselves? I guess not – since EVERYONE is out … Odd that Billy’s unconscious – having inhaled less smoke that Adam (who’s sitting beside him making jokes) .. ‘Emergency services’, Lauren’s now a 911 operator for some reason (she can accessorise all day long, but she doesn’t know police codes or even the alpha, bravo, charlie, delta ….) … Nice of Sharon to thank Ben for not asking questions, but given all that’s going on, it’s more likely that he doesn’t give a rats ass about your little dent.