Monday, February 23rd

At CL’s, everyone waits for word (are Victor and Jack in this ‘air pocket’?) Phyllis is off to GCM (and away from Kelly) All decide that’s a good idea. No, Dylan thinks it best they wait here and sit tight.

Search and rescue need to do their job, but Nick won’t go – this is his place and Jack and Victor are his responsibility. He’ll stay to help. As debris is moved, Nick looks stricken – Oh God.

Connor sleeping, Billy and Chelsea chat over coffee in GCM’s lounge while they wait for his release. When Adam comes along – Chelsea thanks him, then leaves Billy to chide the ‘man of mystery’; when are you going to tell me who you really are?

At the station, Paul’s suspicious – it’s a bit extreme for Summer to assume Austin’s dead – don’tcha think? Kevin and Mariah offer elaborate lies. He’s onto us, Kevin hustles the kids aside to warn.

Kevin tells Mariah, Summer and Fen that they’re trying too hard. Paul sees through lies, Mike’s smart, and Summer keeps blurting stuff out.

In his office, Paul ends a call, then updates the Baldwin’s that another survivor’s been found at Underground. Reinforcements from Madison will stay until everyone missing’s accounted for. Paul wishes Summer was as optimistic as Lauren is (re: Jill). Mike suspects the kids aren’t giving them the whole story.

I’m Gabriel Bingham. Yes, now – but Billy guesses he’s former CIA or sumthin. How’d the bullet wound happen? You saved my life – I’m entitled to the truth. Who did it? Someone who hated me, with good reason, Adam admits.

Phyllis tries to badger Kelly out of CL’s. Jack and I made love last night, Ashley all but confirmed it, Kelly gloats. Phyllis won’t believe anyone but Jack. As Ashley referees, Abby blames her agitation on not knowing the status of Uncle Jack and her Dad. Nikki and Vikki cling together.

Nick’s sad to come across the body of Derek; a part time bartender who wanted to be a writer. He’s now even more determined to find his Dad and Jack. Hey – I hear something over here. Nick and the rescue guy clear debris.

Paul and Mike note tension between Summer and the other kids (which Lauren doesn’t find odd given the circumstances) Mike pulls Fen from the interrogation room; were Austin and Summer fighting at the cabin? He’s getting a strange vibe. You all seem protective of Summer. Fen returns to the room – my Dad’s asking questions. We have to tell the truth! Summer cracks.

On the patio, Ashley tells Phyllis what she saw – Kelly and Jack coming out of a storage room straightening their clothes. Jack didn’t admit it, but he didn’t deny or apologize either. Ash is sorry – but please try to put it aside. Nick calls Dylan – and on speaker, announces that Jack’s alive – they’re still looking for Victor. He’s alive, Nikki tries to convince herself.

Gabe claims he was shot by an inebriated woman at her Dad’s hunting lodge; a ONS who wanted more, especially after her fiance dumped her. Gabe had it coming. Yeah, Billy can understand how the woman felt. What’s going on? Chelsea appears to ask.

Gabe doesn’t like to dwell on the past – he’s a ‘new man’. Ashley arrives to update that Jack’s been admitted (and that Victor’s still trapped) As Ashley and Billy got to see Jack, Gabe decides to go help at Underground. Why would you do that? Chelsea’s puzzled.

Nick’s at CL’s to announce that Victor hasn’t been found. He’ll go back to help as soon as they let him. Nikki sits – deflated. Dylan takes Nick and Vikki onto the patio. And after he convinces them to take Nikki home, Noah tells Abby that he’s going to check on Summer on his way to the ranch.

Summer’s losin’ it – she can’t keep this up. Telling the truth might help them find Austin!! His body, Mariah reminds. Kevin agrees – we need to stick to the story. It’s not just about YOU anymore, you narcissist, Mariah is pissed.

Back at GCM, the DR updates Ashley and Phyllis – Jack’s MRI showed no head injuries. He’s a lucky man. Phyllis sends Ashley in to visit, then tells Kelly she can leave – Jack will be OK. Kelly’s not going anywhere – accept it; he chose me. You were in the other room when we made love; Jack didn’t give a damn.

In Jack’s room, Ashley updates, then scolds her brother for scaring her. Oh, and Phyllis isn’t too happy with you. Why? She knows you slept with Kelly at the VD party. Jack abruptly tries to sit up – I did what!?

Jack’s not suffering from memory loss. Ashley stands by her story; no, she didn’t see the act, thankfully, but it was obvious. You acted like it was no big deal – you don’t remember? It didn’t happen, Jack insists.

Phyllis tells Kelly that neither of us belong here – Jack betrayed us both; me by cheating, you by tossing you aside. Ashley appears – Jack wants to see Phyllis.

Noah tells the Baldwin’s that he’s off to the ranch. They’ll keep Victor in their prayers. And as Paul goes for updates, Lauren worries about everyone on the plane; what about the twins, Moses? Jill finally had everything she wanted. Mike’s supportive. Paul returns with good news; the only fatality was the pilot. They’re being treated for injuries in Illinois. The Baldwin’s hug.

Noah now with the kids, Mariah blasts Summer – If you tell Paul the truth, you’ll be throwing everyone who tried to protect you under the bus – you privileged little snot! We broke the law; Kevin and Courtney could lose their jobs – we could ALL go to jail. But Summer didn’t ask anyone to lie. Fen worries he’ll go back to prison. We need to stick together, Noah agrees. Kevin worries it’ll be too late. Noah knows what Victor would say; close ranks and protect ourselves.

Nice you want to help – but you don’t even know Victor, Chelsea suggests Gabe go let his wife know he’s OK – Sage is lucky she didn’t lose you. Gabe stops her from leaving; I haven’t been honest with you.

Gabe’s been wanting to say this for a while – I don’t want to lie to you anymore. His marriage is a sham. He and Sage married for an inheritance. He did fall in love with Sage, but she didn’t love him. Chelsea’s not sure she knows Gabe now.

Ashley suggests Kelly leave so Jack can rest. With that whack job in there!? she protests. Jack would WANT her to stay. Fine, Kelly clips clops out, leaving Ashley to update Billy that Jack may not be OK – he just lied to my face.

Jack coaxes Phyllis to come into the room. How could you have sex with her? Phyllis whimpers – if that’s part of the plan to push me over the edge, it’s working. I did not sleep with Kelly, Jack insists she’s lying. Do you believe her, or me??

As Vikki leads her Mom in, Abby assures Nick that the ranch IS where he should be – your mom needs you. The three kids are horrified when Nikki makes a beeline for the vodka, pours and guzzles.

The Baldwin’s burst in to get Fen. C’mon, let’s go! Reluctant to leave, Fen gives Summer a hug and exits. Just as Summer agrees to stick to the story, Paul arrives to say Austin’s been found – and he’s fine. Thank God, Summer weeps – as Noah, Kev, and Mariah wonder how that could possibly be.

Gabe isn’t the same man who made that deal. He likes talking to her, likes her insight -Chelsea’s the only one he can confide in. Chelsea’s glad he’s developed real feelings for Sage, never stop fighting for the woman you love. Gabe won’t.

As Ashley tells Billy what she saw, Jack pleads with Phyllis; Kelly’s a disturbed woman. God as my witness, I didn’t sleep with Kelly. Life is precious, fragile – I love YOU. I’m done with Kelly; that glad liar is not part of my life anymore. Listening, Kelly is gobsmacked.

Vikki and Nick are horrified but helpless; Mom! What are you doing!? Nikki’s killing the pain; having a well deserved drink. Pour one for me while you’re at it, Victor strolls in. Stunned, and drink in hand, Nikki’s eyes meet his.

Next: Jack knows, Adam tells Sage. Yeah, I told him who I am. Why would you do that?! ….. Sharing a room at GCM, Victor’s on the phone. Kindly see to it that I’m transferred to another room. Another hospital! Jack bellows …. When you almost dropped Katie and blamed it on MS, you were drunk weren’t you?! Vikki confronts her Mom.

My Thoughts: Kudos to Vikki for not flinching when the grubby Mom leaned all over her. Still, no one’s washed their faces (though considering he’s been in the debris as much as anyone, Dylan’s not as filthy) …. I get why those trapped haven’t changed their clothes since Valentine’s Day – but why is Abby still wearing her tiny sweater with the big heart on it? No extra clothes at the cabn? No time to go home to change? Dylan has no extra shirt at CL’s (even Avery’s smart enough to have an extra blouse at the office) …. So all these tragedies and poor Derek the bartender is the only one who’s dead? Good that Nick’s admitted he’s responsible – now the lawsuit filed by Derek’s family won’t come as such a surprise. What was the purpose of having the building inspector and renos done? Perhaps they rushed too much to get the club open for Valentine’s Day (which might shift responsibility from Nick – or let him settle out of court) The pilot’s death matters even less (based on the Baldwin’s jubilant celebration when told everyone else had lived)….. Why does Mike (who’s done nothing more than hang around) look like hell, while Paul (who’s been calling and running around town to update everyone) looks so fresh (as does Lauren)? Cancer treatment usually makes you hair fall out, not give you bed-head, untuck your shirt and make your face all shiny…. Billy and Gabe have washed up – but why are they sitting on a fabric sofa at GCM wreaking of smoke? … What else is going on? Vikki asks Abby (like her Uncle and Father being missing and presumed dead isn’t enough to account for her stress) … Of course Nikki’s worked up a thirst and must be parched, but every good alcoholic has liquor hidden. She can’t sneak up to her room for a drink? But since she’s drinking in front of her kids, Nikki must want help. Before chug-a-lugging in front of the kids, had Victor died, Nikki’s secret would have remained safe. Vikki and Nick weren’t exactly helpless when seeing Nikki drink – they could have gotten to her before her lips touched the glass (as could Lily before Neil drank) They don’t know that they’ve already fallen off the wagon…. So because Gabe saved Billy’s life, he now owes Billy the truth? Doesn’t Billy owe it to Gabe to mind his own business? …. Hard to feel sorry for Kelly; who in their right mind would consider that quickie in a closet ‘making love’? If it’s her word against Jack’s, how will Jack be exposed (so to speak)? Let’s hope it’s not a bouncing bundle of undeniable proof in 9 months (which, given that Kelly tragically lost a child might elicit some sympathy – fuel the rivalry with Phyllis) .. There you have it – Gabe confessed to Billy and Chelsea – ‘I’m a NewMan’ … I’m surprised Anita and Jeff haven’t come running in to see that Chelsea’s OK (if only excited that they might inherit if she died in the fire) … Knowing everyone must be worried about him, why didn’t Victor call as soon as he was rescued? … Nick sure got a lot of rips in his clothes while playing rescue hero – he looks very Flashdance… Um – aren’t the interrogation rooms bugged? Not that it matters, since Summer’s shouting at the top of her lungs.. Of course Dylan wants everyone to sit tight (and buy his coffee and muffins) The only time he as customers is when the power goes out.