Tuesday, February 24th

At the ranch, Victor’s three kids flock to him – you’re alive! Nikki’s stunned, glass in mid air. Victor strolls over to take it – I need that more than you do.

Summer’s relieved – Austin’s coming back to me! Paul explains that he was trapped in a ravine. What’s he saying? Kevin asks. Mostly ‘help’. The kids insist Summer should go meet Austin (and they’ll go along for support) Noah and Courtney stay behind to fret – when Austin talks, our lives are over.

No, Chelsea doesn’t think Gabe crazy for pursuing love – if it’s real. Sage will reciprocate, she’s sure. Billy returns to update that Jack will be fine. As Chelsea Chelsea hugs Billy, Gabe sits – relieved Jack’s OK. How well do you know him? Billy wonders (as Sage listens outside)

I want nothing to do with that pathological liar! Jack rants from his bed. Kelly barges in – I’m the liar!? You ripped my clothes off in the storage room and made love to me!! Why would you deny it!? Jack’s furious – he was an idiot to believe Phyllis was the one causing trouble. You said he betrayed us both! Kelly reminds Phyllis.

You and me – we aren’t an ‘us’ – leave now, Phyllis growls. Kelly blasts them both, then in tears, insists ‘it happened’!. Jack can’t believe Kelly poisoned herself ( but he now does) Phyllis did it and will be found guilty! Kelly screams. She’s going to prison! After the doctor comes in to scold them (and Kelly runs out) Phyllis asks that a guard be posted at the door. Jack hopes she can forgive him.

Gabe blames his reaction on losing his Grandma. Plus, Jack gave him a chance when no one else would. Sage comes in to hugs Gabe – Hi honey. The building is shut down, we’re homeless. Not Billy and Chelsea; they’re off to the Abbott mansion. Chelsea asks Sage to give good guy Gabe a chance. And after she and Billy leave, Sage and Adam butt heads. Billy’s going home with my wife, my so (and he’s going to see Jack) He knows. Yeah, I tld him. Adam was shaken up when thinking he’d lost Jack tonight.

Victor sends Nick to pay the cab. No, he hasn’t been to the hospital. He’ll tell them his escape story after he showers. All are alarmed when Victor almost faints.

Jack’s sorry he ever believed a word Kelly said to him, and thathe sent Phyllis to Fairview; knowing what it did to Sharon, Ashley, Patty. Phyllis is relieved Jack belives her (and not Kelly) Agreeing to stay away from her, Phyllis immeidately goes looking for Kelly.

Adam drops by Jack’s room to remember when HE was in a hospital bed. Jack said; JR, the world was a more interesting place with you in it. You took a bullet saving Victor’s life Jack notes – he saved mine. Ever hear anything so crazy? Yeah, ask Billy how he got out of a burning building, Adam quips. Jack warns that his rambling may have Victor on full alert. No worries – he’s still under the rubble, Adam updates. OMG, Jack can’t imagine a world without Victor in it. Adam echoes Jack’s words back to him; The world is a much more interesting place with you in it – rest.

The rescue team brings someone out (covered with a blanket) Austin! Austin! Summer runs over; Kyle!?!?

It was supposed to be a surprise, Kyle wanted to show up at Abby’s party. Kevin and Mariah listen as Paul and Summer question Kyle. She’s so glad he’s safe. But where’s Austin? Kyle’s puzzled – he’s missing? Yes, and he could be anywhere, Summer leans on him.

At GCM, Victor’s wheeled over to his family, insisting he’s leaving. Not until tests are done, the nurse is firm. And since GCM is at full capacity; he must share a room. I paid for half this hospital!Victr balks. Bye bye – waving to his family, Victor’s wheeled back out.

Chelsea and Billy are at the mansion; Connor’s sleeping upstairs (the other kids are sleeping at Vikki’s) Billy’s curious about Gabe’s reaction to Jack’s near death experience; he’s hiding something. You’re right – he is, Chelsea agrees.

Back at GCM, Sage is happy to hear that Nick’s Father made it. Their usual comical banter continues. Nick wants to get to know her – and won’t give up. Sage doesn’t want him to. Adam watches them hug.

Victor and Jack are both aghast when a nurse wheels Victor into Jack’s room.

Phyllis chases Kelly into the club – Jack made it clear that you’re done. Quit the woman scorned act. Kelly stands by her story; maybe Jack got hit on the head and believes what he said. You’re done in GC; Victor and Jack, the two toughest bastards are behind me, Phyllis warns.

After the nurse scolds both Victor and Jack, they go back and forth; Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Your sense of self worth is greatly exaggerated. Victor picks up the phone – kindly move me to another room. Another hospital! Jack shouts across the room. Abby now appears to referee; no more fighting (if only for the people dumb enough to love you both) We’ve lost too much already. Victor wonders who she’s lost.

Chelsea updates Billy that Gabe is in love with someone who doesn’t love him back. Billy’s skeptical; does Sage seem like a cold stone digger? They bicker over Gabe. Connor’s alive because of him – and so are you, Chelsea huffs off.

Bingo – well this is awkward, Nick quips. Gabe asks them to be careful, we don’t want to lose our inheritance. He then hears thay they’re celebrating; Victor’s OK and here at GCM. Guess it’s true what they say; the man’s immortal, Gabe says.Nick joins his sister and Mom in the lounge. It’s not the time (Nikki tries to avoid confrontation) Vikki continues – you poured vodka like it was easy. How long have you been drinking? You were drunk when you almost dropped Katie weren’t you??

Kyle apologizes to Paul and Summer (that he wasn’t who she expected) Mariah and Kevin offer to drive Kyle’s car back (so no tow truck’s needed) While Summer still hopes Austin will be found, Mariah notes the way Kyle was looking at Summer- it was intense and creepy. Maybe he moved the body to protect you – or worse. You have a complicated history – maybe he eliminated the competition, Kevin tends to agree.

In an interrogation room, Noah updates that his Grandpa’s OK. Courtney got an update too; the guy rescued from the ravine isn’t Austin, it’s Kyle. Noah flashes back to seeing someone watching them from outside the cabin. He’s no fan of Kyle, but he didn’t break in and kill Austin without us knowing. If he moved the body, he did it for Summer’s sake. But why – what did he see that we didn’t??

Why wouldn’t Kyle call 911? Austin was supposed to be saved, Summer whines. He had no pulse, Kevin gently reminds – he’s not coming back. Summer doesn’t care how or why Kyle’s here, she just wants her husband back. Look – something’s sticking out of Kyle’s trunk – begging us to open it.

You almost dropped my baby! Vikki’s pissed. Stop, she gets it, Nick defends his Mom (but Vikki continues) Was it a one time incident? Am I wrong about the Christening? No, Nikki confesses through her tears. I almost hurt your sweet baby. As Vikki lectures, Nick blames Dad; all the stuff he pulled. No, Nikki did this to herself. I’m so sorry, she weeps in Nick’s arms (as Vikki still looks pissed)

Abby tells Victor and Jack to be grateful for being alive. The nurses are busy helping sick people. Love you both. After she leaves, Jack struggles to reach his water. Instead of pouring Jack a drink, Victor hands him the button. I saved your life; I’m not your waiter. Jack frantically thumbs his button to summon the nurse.

Still at GCM, Adam IS relieved Victor’s alive – only so he can get revenge. Nick was draping himself all over you – but he’ll never cut ties with Sharon, Sage is warned.

After a nurse pours Jack water, Phyllis interrupts the bickering; OMG – the two of you in the same room. I hear they’re doing a remake of the Odd Couple. Eager to take on Kelly, Phyllis updates Victor on what she’s claiming. When Jack wants t leave it alone, Victor claim’s he’s protecting Kelly again (and wonders what Phyllis has planned)

At the club, Kelly flashes back to sex in the storage closet. It happened! It did! she’s shaking in anger.

Nick and Vikki both want their Mom to get help. We can’t stand by and watch you drown yourself. Nikki promises she won’t let this addiction get the better of her. Marching int GCM, Abby’s stunned to see Kyle (who says he came to crash her ‘killer’ party)

Austin? Summer jumps. No, just Noah – sorry. Kevin and Mariah still wonder what’s poking out of Kyle’s trunk. Open it, Noah agrees. All four look inside Kyle’s trunk.

Next: Hilary’s in a hospital bed; there’s something you need to know. What more can there be that I don’t know already? Neil asks …. What the!? Jack awakens with a start to find Victor standing over him with a pillow … Lily tells Cane – we need to figure out a way to tell Charlie and Maddie why Daddy won’t be living here anymore.

My Thoughts; Nice. Sage says that she and Gabe are homeless and Billy boasts that there’s plenty of room at the Abbott mansion, but doesn’t invite the man who saved his life to have a guest room? Somewhat surprising that the writers missed an opportunity to put Adam, Chelsea and Connor under the same roof … nuKyle didn’t have many lines, but he’s already a vast improvement over oldKyle … What’s ‘Austin’ saying? Mostly ‘help’? That’s so funny Paul – but really, you didn’t think to get the kid’s name? That’s quite a mix up. If Summer and her whining wasn’t so annoying, I’d feel sorry for the added mental anguish due to Paul’s incompetency. He’s pretty quick to throw around taxpayers’ money too; why call for a tow truck before seeing if any of the Abbott’s can come pick up Kyle’s car? And shouldn’t someone have asked him if he’s OK with Kevin and the kids driving around in it? Who would be responsible if they got in an accident? … In spite of myself, I enjoyed Victor and Jack’s scenes. But it’s a sad say when Abby’s the voice of reason … i wonder if Victor had a hand in exposing Jack to the rapey perfume (which seems more like a drug than a fragrance – perhaps NE’s chemists aren’t using the exact same formula)