Thursday, February 26th

Connor sleeping upstairs (at the Abbott mansion), Chelsea finds Billy researching Gabriel. Yes seriously, and he’s found something interesting.

Not one decent room in GC, Sage pouts. Seems the fancy building’s wiring caused the fire, and the Bingham estate is up for sale. Chicago?! Adam can’t go out of town! Sage tells him to be grateful he’s alive (‘a lot of people’ are not)

Still at GCM, Kyle presses the kids for answers. Abby wants to tell him. Mariah objects; too many know already. A cop asks to speak to Mrs Summers – alone. You can do this, Noah reassures her (leaving Kyle even more suspicious)

Back at the club, Cane organizes a buffet dinner – then takes a call from Lily (who thought he’d be home by now) You threw me out, he wonders if she’s still mad. Silence confirms what he already assumed.

Devon listens as Hilary insists she never cared for Neil OR him (collateral damage in the plan to avenge her Mom’s death) Devon barges in; you’re lying!

Hilary IS telling the truth; this is NOT a game. She lost her Mother because Neil was drunk and self absorbed. The posts on GC Buzz didn’t drive him back to the bottle. She needed to make him love her. You gave me the power to destroy you! I drugged Cane – it was easy to jump into Devon’s bed. Every nauseating minute with you two was worth it. After Neil leaves, Devon won’t let Hilary sacrifice herself. We’ll figure this out together.

As Lily asks Cane to come home, Adam marches over to rant about not being able to get a room. My wife and I are stranded. Over Sage’s protest, Adam assures he can afford it. How would Cane know that? Uh, Gabe’s ‘stayed here before’. Agreeing to go to Chicago, Adam first needs to drop something off at Jack’s (which Sage knows is a ruse to see Chelsea)

Billy points out that Gabriel Bingham is smiling in every photo; does he seem the life of the party to you? Chelsea doesn’t get why he cares about a guy he barely knows. Yes, so why did he run into a burning building to save me?

Kyle sums to up; so you think I moved Austin’s body (after Summer killed him)? Noah’s not buying HIS story. As all wonder what the cop’s saying, Summer returns to update that they found Austin, for real this time. She cries in Noah’s arms.

Consoling Summer, the kids are surprised to hear that Austin’s body was found in a wrecked car on the highway. That’s impossible, all are stunned.

Chelsea doesn’t understand why Billy’s suspicious. Gabe feels familiar to Billy; no, they haven’t crossed paths. Also, he said some odd things in a life and death situation (IE. ‘Now we’re even’) On cue, Gabe stops by. We were just wondering about your true identity, Billy quips. Hearing there’s no rooms in GC, Billy invites them to stay there.

Making calls from the bar, Sage is having no luck booking a room in Chicago (there’s a sci-fi convention) Cane’s sorry for being rude earlier. Both whine about their stubborn spouses (who look at them like a stranger) You’d think people you pledged to love for the rest of our lives would know us the best, Cane concludes.

Don’t you get it!? Go – and don’t come back, Hilary hisses at a confused Devon.

It’s the least Billy can do. But Jack will be home soon and will need to recoup, Chelsea reminds. Billy’s sure it’ll be OK – in fact, he’d be offended if Gabe declined. Great, he’ll go get Sage (while Chelsea chides Billy – you want to spy on him; like you did with Stitch) But – I was right about him, Billy reminds.

Neil drops by – it’s a miracle we survived (physically anyway) Lily’s so sorry – and Cane made a bad situation worse. Neil updates that it was all a lie; the marriage, the affair was all to ruin the family. Lily won’t let Neil blame himself; Hilary’s turned lying into an art form.

You loved me, Devon insists. Hilary could never love a man pathetic enough to pursue his Father’s wife, and allow himself to be blackmailed. Everything was a lie?! Devon can’t believe it. No, not everything Hilary admits.

Abby suggests Austin woke up and tried to drive off, and crashed. But he had no pulse, Kevin reminds. Maybe someone staged the accident. Who’d do that? Courtney wouldn’t tamper with already tampered with evidence. Fen had no time. Stop! Summer can’t take anymore (and the cop needs her to come to the morgue to ID the body)

Coming home, Cane hears that Lily’s gone to see someone (presumably him) I should have called, he realizes. You should have done a lot of things, Neil takes a jab. Cane shouts his apology (clearly tired of saying I’m sorry) Neil then drops the bomb; you were a victim too, just like me – and Devon.

Hilary was telling Devon the truth when she said she didn’t care about him. Pushing him away only made him run back – again and again (to forbidden fruit) You were so predictable – chasing after me …. Hilary then laughs at the ring; what are we 14? Neil finding us in bed together was the best revenge. The imagine is burned in his brain, forever. My work here is done. Go ahead – run along. Take this with you, she throws the ring with a giggle. Picking it up, Devon leaves with a heavy heart; utterly destroyed.

This is a terrible idea – what if Jack slips and calls you Adam? Sage frets. And can you control yourself around Chelsea? Welcoming Gabe and Sage inside, Billy plays host with the most.

Wake up bitch! If you weren’t in a hospital bed, I’d put you in one, Lily hisses down at Hilary (who doesn’t need another sanctimonious lecture from ‘babygirl’) Lily knows Hilary doesn’t love Devon or Neil – your heart is a buzz saw. You got your revenge and now have no life. Hilary yawns – finished? Get your slutty self the hell out of GC. And if I don’t? I can be a buzz saw too, Lily leans in close to warn.

Summer’s in the chapel sobbing when as the kids wonder where (and how) she is. Does Austin have any family? Abby flashes back to finding Austin at the cabin – it’s where he comes to get away (from Summer) Over wine, Austin he about Summer buying him a 300$ tie. The wine gone, talk leads to a kiss. It wasn’t just a fling – you loved the guy, Mariah discreetly accuses Abby.

Deciding to have drinks, the boys head to the kitchen for mix; leaving Chelsea to pressure Sage: Gabe really cares about you. No – he cares about YOU, Sage blurts out.

Cane’s not buying that Hilary’s acting; she loves Devon. Perhaps she’s trying to let you two salvage your relationship. Then she dumped Devon for nothing – Neil snarls – he will NOT forgive him.

At the club’s bar, Devon mopes over Hilary’s ring (tearing up as he slides it away) In her hospital room, Hilary weeps as she flashes back to Devon giving her the ring. Oh how sad she is.

The kids are now missing Summer and Kyle. Mariah doesn’t trust Kyle. You don’t know him like I do, Abby sneers (Mariah doesn’t trust her either) Noah tells Kevin that Abby doesn’t know Kyle as well as she thinks she does – he spied on my Grandpa at NE. Agreeing the bloody towel story is sketchy, Kevin can indeed get the blood analyzed discreetly.

Summer weeps to Kyle in the chapel – why did I drink? Why did Fen spike the punch? It’s not your fault, you couldn’t have made it through the snow. Kyle flashes back to peering inside the cabin – seeing everyone passed out. No, I wasn’t there then, but I’m here now, Kyle and Summer hold hands.

Gabe cares about you, the dog walker, the supermarket cashier – everyone else but me, Sage whines to Chelsea. The boys are back after a tour. All with a drink in hand, the foursome toast; to our host – and our hostess, Adam smiles at Chelsea.

Next: Paul reacts when Chris jumps up to confront Phyllis at CL’s: You smug, narcissistic bitch, I’m going to make you pay for every vicious thing you’ve ever done! … So now you and Victor are allies. Let’s just say we’re not enemies, Jack tells Ashley …. You call the shots and I do what you say – is that it? Arms folded, Victor grins up as Kelly sums it up.

My Thoughts: How shocking – Hilary is lying – by saying she’s been lying. If Neil says she won’t forgive ‘that boy’ I hope the writers don’t expect us fans to either. It’s far too late for Hilary to grow a conscience and make this big sacrifice. The time to put others before her perverse desires would have been BEFORE sleeping with her stepson … Perverse desires? Did I really say that? While I’m in full-prude mode, I might as well mention how disgusting (and completely random) of Abby to make out with her niece’s husband. I guess Mariah kissing Austin wasn’t such a big deal after all. No wonder Abby took such exception to the kiss. The only thing that could make this scenario worse, is if Abby’s pregnant. I’m still having a hard time believing that Austin’s dead. But it would be ridiculous for a guy who had no pulse – whose body was ID’d by his wife to turn up alive (especially after at least three others were expected to die; or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking) …. Nice to hear that Gabriel’s fond of the ‘dog walker’, but where is the poor dog? Is Bugatti to be sold off with Castle Black? So what if the haunted house is on the market? Gabe and Sage still own it (and have every right to stay there until their condo’s ready). Whatever happened to the anal guy handling Constance’s estate? I guess he can’t pay the Bingham’s unexpected visits if he doesn’t know where they are ….And why would Gabe and Sage hire a dog walker? Sage may look like she’s always just taking a short break from scrubbing toilets, pruning hedges, or walking the dog – but she really doesn’t DO much of anything. And are we expected to believe that Gabe (or anyone) does their own groceries? I’m surprised Chelsea didn’t wrinkle her pretty nose and say ‘Supermarket cashier? What is that?’ …. A ‘lot of people’ didn’t make it? Who’s Sage talking about? She probably knows about poor Derek the bartender, but she doesn’t know the private jet’s pilot, or Austin. If ‘lots of people’ burned in the fire due to faulty wiring in the ‘fancy schmancy’ building, The Towers is looking at a huge lawsuit (which neither Mike nor Avery will mention).. Last laugh’s on Hilary; she’s homeless, jobless, yet foolishly tosses away not one but three very expensive rings ….. Oh Lily, you’re not so much a buzz saw as you are an annoying buzzing gnat.. Does Noah really think Abby would give a rats ass that Kyle spied on her Dad? She (Ashley and Ben) found a bug Victor planted – and she doesn’t seem to hold that against him.