Friday, February 27th

Gabe can tell something’s wrong with Chelsea. No, you’re not imposing – but she worries he’s given Sage the wrong impression. What did Sage say to you? She thinks you have feelings for me. Billy listens from the stairs.

On this sunny morning, Summer awakens in Kyle’s arms (on her sofa). It’ll be OK, he reassures. I killed Austin – how will everything ever be OK again??

Nick and Avery meet at the club – the press knows Underground had structural issues before the collapse. The city were going to shut him down – Austin never gave Nick the inspector’s messages. Yes, he had the repairs done. But, Derek’s death, the injuries, it’s all on me, Nick says.

Also the club, Kelly asks Ashley to set the record straight – Jack’s denying we made love in the storage room. Why did he suddenly turn on me!? her sharp voice alarms Ashley.

Slow day in crime? Phyllis needles the Williams’ at CL’s. Chris tells Phyllis to enjoy her freedom while it lasts. Victor and Jack are working together to prove my innocence, Phyllis boasts. A moment of good will while fighting for their lives won’t last, Chris is sure.

Victor’s impatient for his release papers – some of us refuse to be weak; shall I call the nurse to fluff your pillow? he teases Jack. When Victor mentions them working together to help Phyllis, Jack’s now not so sure it’s a good idea.

Ashley lists all Jack’s been through the last few days. He shouldn’t have anymore stress. Kelly doesn’t want to hurt Jack – she loves him. Then stay away from him. OK, Kelly agrees – IF Ashley will talk to him for her.

Jack hasn’t changed his mind on working together to help Phyllis (because he has no choice). Victor claims he’s the only one who can prove Phyllis is innocent (but won’t share his ideas) Don’t do anything until I get out of here, Jack orders. After Victor leaves, he makes a call – I need to see you right now.

Phyllis again pesters Chris – I think you’re scared Victor and Jack will crush you in court. You’ll both look incompetent. You smug narcissistic bitch! Chris stands to snarl. You’re still pissed that I stole Danny from you, Phyllis taunts. Paul reminds Chris that stress isn’t good for the baby. Baby? Yes – so back off, Paul growls. Congratulations – but if ‘Cricket’ had any instincts she’d put her baby over personal vendettas. Chris thinks that rich – from a woman who’s daughter just lost her husband. Phyllis is stunned.

Avery points out that if the work was shoddy, Nick’s not responsible. Dylan blames himself for hitting Avery’s nose. You both need to forgive yourselves. Avery has the same advice – we all survived – be grateful, no regrets. Nick still blame himself for putting everyone in danger. Sage appears to interrupt – she hates to hear Nick blaming himself for that night.

Why would Sage think that Gabe has feelings for you? Maybe it’s all the time you spend together. Chelsea’s been talking about work – and trying to get Sage and Gabe closer (which has backfired) Maybe not – Gabe thinks Sage believing he has feelings for Chelsea might actually be a good thing.

How does Sage thinking Gabe’s hot for Chelsea help matters? It shows she’s jealous – I might get what I want out of this marriage. Next time Sage comes up with a crazy notion, come to me (so there’s no misunderstandings) After Gabe excuses himself to take a call, Billy wonders if Sage isn’t just calling it like she sees it.

Sage has joined Nick and Avery – to insist the collapse was an accident. He thought about everyone else – you risked your life to rescue strangers. You care deeply for others and I won’t let you think otherwise. Smile pasted on, Avery looks uncomfortable with Sage’s gushing.

Jack thanks Paul and Chris for coming – I know you have issues with Phyllis. Yes, she tried to kill us, and Kelly. Jack now claims he was mistaken in believing Kelly (who now claims they had sex before the collapse – she must be disturbed) My going back to Phyllis has pushed Kelly over the edge. Before you said Phyllis was over the edge. It won’t work – this time Phyllis will pay for what she’s done.

Phyllis walks right into Summer’s arms – why didn’t you call me or your Dad? Kyle knew they had things going on (the collapse) Summer can’t believe this is happening. Austin’s just gone. We should never have gone to the cabin. He’s gone because of me – it’s my fault.

Why would it be your fault? Phyllis is surprised to hear that Kyle was there – Kevin fell off the roof – Austin went for help. Police found him in a wrecked car. She ID’d his body. I never got to say good bye. When Kyle suggests a memorial, Phyllis offers to arrange it. She’ll do whatever it takes to get Summer through this ~hug~

This is getting to be a habit – you always giving me a push or a pep talk, Nick appreciates both (especially during the collapse). Nice to see you Avery, Sage leaves them to their meeting. Just a friend, Nick claims. Avery thinks it more – silk panties???

Chelsea thinks Billy’s blowing things out of proportions. He’s not sure they aren’t being conned – Gabe’s pretty smooth. He’s not a bad person. maybe not – but isn’t it weird how involved in our lives he is? But YOU asked them to stay, Chelsea reminds – now you want to kick them out?

Released and ready to leave GCM, Ashley chases after Jack to say she saw Kelly – are you honestly saying you don’t remember sleeping with Kelly? Do you have any idea what you’re doing to that poor woman? Do you have any idea what ‘the truth’ would do to Phyllis? Jack denies he’s using Kelly because he’s afraid of Phyllis turning to Victor – we’re working together. You’re allies? let’s just say we’re not enemies, Jack leaves Ashley in shock.

In Kelly’s office, Victor warns that Jack’s determined to have her charged. No evidence of wrongdoing? Powerful men can make evidence, Victor warns. Kelly wonders who Victor’s playing; her or Phyllis? Victor’s goal is to get Jack away from Phyllis (the Mother of his granddaughter) It’s best for everyone. But how can I help you achieve that I’m glad you asked, Victor’s smug.

It’s a little extreme, Kelly’s heard Victor’s plan. And he needs a favour (which he won’t reveal just yet) So you call the shots and I do what you say? Is that it? You in? As long as I get Jack. Victor will be in touch. How do I know I can trust you? You don’t? he leaves her to think.

At the station, Paul suggests another talk with Kelly – to see it Jack’s right Chris thinks Jack’s just trying to save Phyllis. She’s NOT innocent. Chris won’t let Phyllis get away with it – and will take on anyone (including Paul) to make that happen. My case IS rock solid. It IS, Chris leaves Paul to sigh – oh boy.

When Nick ignores Phyllis’ call, Avery wonders how Sage will deal with all his exes. This is more than a friendship, Avery pries. She’s cool, makes me laugh – Nick doesn’t know what it is. Avery’s glad to see him happy, but worries about Sharon. Sage’s personal life is complicated too, Nick reluctantly informs that she’s married – but just to help a friend. It’s not what you’re thinking. Avery is thinking this can’t possibly end well.

Back at the mansion, Adam rants n raves at Sage. I’m warning you, if you do that again you’ll regret it. Don’t take it out on me if Chelsea’s not falling for you. Go to hell, Sage hisses when Adam grabs her arm. After she storms off, Jack appears to ask what Adam and his fake girlfriend are doing there. That’s my fake wife – and Billy invited us to stay here.

Phyllis watches Kyle tuck a blanket around a sleeping Summer – then updates that she’s left messages for Nick and Avery (and will go tell Jack) She comments on Kyle appearing just when Summer needs a shoulder to cry on. You were the love of her life. Kyle hasn’t seen Summer in over a year – she was faithful to her husband, treated him better than he deserved. Phyllis agrees – but sometimes people won’t admit they made a mistake, no matter how much it costs them.

Paul drops by Kelly’s office to discuss the case against Phyllis. He and Chris both want the truth. Perhaps she framed Phyllis to get Jack back. No man’s worth that. Good, then you won’t mind talking about the day you were poisoned.

You should have declined Billy’s offer, Jack frowns. No way – he’s handing my family back to me on a silver platter. Adam doesn’t agree that Billy will ever figure out who he is. Jack liked Adam better dead. Good – keep pretending I am and things will turn out how they’re supposed to.

At CL’s, Billy tells Chelsea that he won’t kick the Bingham’s out. He needs to figure out what Gabe meant by ‘now we’re even’ (after saving him from the fire)

Nick’s friendship with Sage worries Avery; Sharon could reopen Faith’s custody case. Be careful.

Billy the gambler got good at reading people – Gabe’s bluffing. There’s an undercurrent of bitterness. Chelsea doesn’t get that at all. He saved your life. Billy still can’t shake the feeling that Gabe wanted to leave him to die.

Phyllis blows in to be introduced to Sage. After the Binghams leave them to chat, Jack’s stunned by the news that Austin’s dead. I don’t know how she’ll survive this, Phyllis frets.

Summer dreams of trying to wake Austin up (as he lies in a puddle of blood) She awakens to cry to Kyle – I can’t do it!! How did this happen!? It’s OK, shhh, Kyle holds her.

Kelly’s already told Paul all she knows – justice will be served (unless Paul lets Jack cloud his judgment) Confused by her confidence, Paul leaves Kelly smiling smugly to herself.

Ashley meets Victor at the clubs’ revolving door – what’s Jack talking about you two working together to help Phyllis? I saved him, Victor reminds – that brought about a change in Jack. You and everyone else will soon see the same thing, Victor’s sure.

Next: I have to watch this, Summer tells the assembled gang (including a worried Abby) My husband made this for me the day he died! The recording shows Austin saying – What I really need to give you is an apology … Chris screeches at Paul – This is about us – this is about our marriage and this is about your undying loyalty to Nikki!

My Thoughts: Phyllis should just leave Chris alone – and a woman who lost custody of her son to his non-biological Father, doesn’t have much room to comment on anyone else’s lack of maternal instincts (even though she’s right about Chris) … Was Phyllis planning to tell Avery and Nick that Austin’s dead over the phone? Odd that Phyllis never thought twice about going to the club to deliver messages to Kelly – but doesn’t make the effort for (and could easily have found) Nick and Avery … Is this how it’s going to be from now on (with new head writer Chuck Pratt at the helm)? Mystery after mystery? Crime after crime? Disaster after disaster (or disaster ON TOP of disaster)? How are the Baldwin’s doing I wonder? The long standing and much beloved couple’s cancer journey isn’t even on the back-burner, for reasons I can’t fathom, it’s been taken off the stove … I could be offbase with this guess – but something Victor said today made me wonder if he’s not repeatedly drugging Jack with the rapey perfume. Jack seemed quite cavalier when admitting to Ashley that he not only remembers sleeping with Kelly, but that he’s deliberately lying about it because of how Phyllis will react (just as cavalier as he was after he wad done with Kelly) Why on earth she’d want Jack after overhearing his harsh words about her, I can’t imagine. Back to Victor, his words to Ashley about everyone soon seeing a change in Jack, now seem quite sinister. IF that’s the case, we now have a triangle between three mentally damaged people – half the town being exposed to drugs within the same few days – and two alcoholics off the wagon … Seeing nuKyle and nuPhyllis in the same room, it’s impossible to believe that these two characters once kissed .. If Billy was so good at reading people, he’d have been a better gambler – and wouldn’t have been duped by Chelsea in the first place (or Chloe)