Wednesday, March 4th

My area lost power yesterday due to bad weather. I’ll send (and post) yesterday’s spoiler as soon as I can; within the next couple of hours. I’m trying to be as quick as possible, so excuse any errors.

At the Memorial, all gape as Summer accuses Abby of sleeping with Ausin (in my apartment? My bed!?) Have the guts to admit it!! Abby looks ill.

Sharon’s invited Dylan over to reward him for being so nice to her. Humble, he’s ‘been there’. Is he there for an ego boost? No – you’re here for THIS (the table’s set – including wine and glasses)

Devastated, Chris can’t believe her baby girl is gone – I was supposed to protect her. Paul regrets saying things that sent Chris running out. How did this happen? Chris wails.

In at interrogation room, Neil pauses as the cop slides his statement over for a signature.

Victor tells Nikki to stop looking at the door – and tell him what happened in that car. Was Nikki drinking??? No – it was a horrible accident, that’s all there is to tell, Nikki insists.

Victor wants to help Nikki, but needs the truth. Do I seem drunk? Nikki’s sure the breathalizer will confirm her sobriety. And no, it wasn’t an MS flare up; Chris ran into the street. Victor reminds that Delia’s accident also resulted in a cover up. Tell me the truth. I can help you.

Chris struggles to recall -There was a car…. the headlights … Is it Phyllis? Is it someone I prosecuted? She asks Paul to go find out who it was – come back and tell me everything. Chris is left to weep as she holds her stomach. Pouring them both wine, Sharon thanks Dylan. Faith is off on a sleepover. This is an adult sleepover to fight off loneliness. Dylan look uncomfortable as Sharon clinks his glass.

Like hell I don’t mean it, Summer continues her rant .. Tell me I’m wrong! Summer growls at Abby (who whimpers ‘sorry’ and runs out. Nick catches her at the door – how could you do this???

Abby didn’t do it on purpose. But he was married, Nick reminds. And this isn’t about HIM cheating. Did you think about Summer!? And how does Abby feel now!? I’m in hell, she runs out.

Back inside, Mariah accuses Kyle – you knew! Summer wants an answer too. Did you know my Aunt and husband were laughing at me?! Kyle came to the cabin to tell her – so they’d have to admit it to your face. Who else knew? Mariah’s busted – so’s Kevin. Livid, Summer asks Avery – why do people who love each other cheat???

This is nice – Dylan appreciates the gesture, but has he given Sharon the wrong impression? Oh, this is just a thank you; pasta and chianti. No, it’s not awkward, but Dylan should go … Sharon will take a raincheck – and next time Dylan will bring brownies. At the door, Dylan reconsiders, and since Sharon hasn’t put water on for the pasta, suggests they order Chinese.

Victor reminds that Adam’s worries started with an accident. Nikki sees no comparison – and hopes she can count on Victor. When Neil comes out, Victor notes he doesn’t seem himself. After he leaves, Victor assumes he can take Nikki home. Paul arrives to say there HAS been wrong doing; his wife is crying over the daughter they lost! Nikki’s horrified.

Nikki’s sorry – she know how much they wanted this child. Paul needs to speak to Nikki in private. Victor declares Paul in no state to interrogate Nikki – he should recuse himself. Paul just needs to hear it himself. It’s OK – you can talk to me as long as you like, Nikki follows Paul into an interrogation room.

Neil’s stopped as he tip toes into Chris’ room. As he asks the nurse about the baby, Chris calls out to him. It was nice of you to come. He heard about the accident. It was no accident, the car swerved into me. No, Nikki would never willingly hurt you. Chris is stunned – Nikki!?!?

All of you have cheated, Summer lashes out at Jack, Nick, Avery and her Mom. You all wanted sex more than wanting to protect the person you supposedly loved. Why wasn’t I enough? Wasn’t I experienced enough? Avery tries to explain – in her case, she fell in love with someone else. Do you blame Joe? Do you wish you hadn’t hurt him? After Avery leaves, Summer’s sorry for how she spoke to Avery. Phyllis tells Summer this was NOT her fault.

In the foyer, Courtney, Mariah, Kevin and Kyle argue. You have no idea who you’re covering for. All you know is Austin was cheating – and now he’s in a casket. As Kyle steps aside, Kevin and wonders who wanted him dead. Who would be that mad, that jealous?

Dinner over, Sharon cleans a spot off Dylan’s face. He leaves his fortune cookie for Faith (which Sharon thinks sweet) Thanks for keeping me company. Anytime. Careful – might hold you to that, Sharon chuckles. Now alone, and looking alone, Sharon watches through the window as Dylan leaves.

Paul reads from a folder – why did Nikki insist on driving Neil home? He’d been drinking, Nikki admits. The need to drink isn’t something he asked for. Yes, Nikki was sober; surely Paul can see that; the results must be in there. All Paul sees is his wife crying over the baby they lost. Paul feels bad for his part in it. But if Nikki was clear headed, did she aim for Chris? No! Nikki didn’t see her in time to stop. You must believe that! Meanwhile, Victor’s on his phone – come down here to protect Nikki from herself.

Refusing Neil’s pleading that she calm down, Chris becomes increasingly agitated; at Nikki – and Paul for not telling her (not for HER sake, but to protect Nikki!) He’s with her right now – figuring out a way to protect poor, fragile, murderous Nikki. Chris has removed the oxygen and is now out of bed. Collapsing in Neil’s arms, Chris weakens; he’s with her.

At CL’s, Avery updates Dylan on what happened at the memorial; that Summer looked at her like she was the poster child for cheating. Dylan gets it into his head that Avery no longer remembers why they got together (that her marriage to Joe was over) Maybe now you wish it hadn’t happened.

Tidying up, Sharon reads a fortune cookie; he who has friends is never alone.

Phyllis sends Jack home to rest – then takes Nick outside to give Summer time to herself (to lean on his casket; you son of a bitch)

Abby’s moping in front of a fire at the cabin; flashing back to happier, naked times with Austin. Suddenly, Kyle, Courtney, Mariah and Kevin march into the cabin – you killed Austin didn’t you?! Abby looks guilty.

You think I regret falling in love with you? Avery knows Dylan didn’t mean to hit her. We both have a past. We’re not letting go. All we can do is forgive and hold onto each other ~hug~

Asked to leave, Neil listens as Chris tells the nurse, it’s not his fault – one person did this; no one else.

Paul and Nikki come out of the interrogation room. A lawyer won’t be necessary, she tells Victor. Yes, Paul’s heard enough. Convey our condolences for Christine; if you need anything call. Both Newman’s are stunned when Paul orders Nikki be arrested for attempted murder. He hisses the MIranda rights as a stunned Nikki and Victor protest.

I trusted you, Summer talks to the casket – I defended you, protected you – promised to love me. You promised me! How could you just die!?

Denying she killed Austin, Abby lists a motive for Mariah, Kevin and Kyle. Summer couldn’t put Austin in here by herself but I could? As she opens the armoir, all at stunned to see a note written on the mirror with lipstick; I know what happened here.

Next: Adam tells Jack – I’m going to do whatever it takes to get my family back. I’ll do that with or without your help …. Dyllan sits at Chris’ bedside; Who would do something like that? Your Mother, that’s who! she snarls ….Not only did you sleep with my husband, for all I know you murdered him!!! The kids all start squawking as Summer lunges at Abby.

My Thoughts: Oh Sharon. Give it up. Your pasta can’t possibly compete with Avery’s culinary creations; she’s so good she had her own cooking show. Someone needs to spray her down with some Static Guard … Aren’t Dylan and Sharon both taking heavy duty meds that probably don’t go well with alcohol?… Last week, Sharon was devastated at the thought of not having time with Faith, and now she’s shunting her off on sleepovers? Dylan came in asking where Faith was – like he expected her to be there. Has he already forgotten that Sharon lost custody? … Why is Dylan not there to support his fiance at the funeral of her niece’s husband (who happened to have kidnapped her at gunpoint) Shouldn’t he be there to support Avery? Or maybe it’s payback for her going to Joe’s suite instead of Katie’s Christening. Either way, these two hardly seem like a couple outside of the coffee shop …. Writing on the mirror, with lipstick. How original. It might as well have read ‘I know what you did last summer’ …. Another Baldwin free day (Victor presumably giving Mike a call to represent Nikki doesn’t count) … Do Victor and Nikki really think that accidents have no legal ramifications? That an ‘oops’ or an ‘I’m sorry’ is the end of it? Nikki was an idiot for trying to force Neil to attend an AA meeting. Neil was an idiot for trying to force Nikki to pull over. And Chris did not ‘run out’ in front of the car – she was BESIDE her car, about to get into it. Nikki had plenty of time to stop – if she’d taken her foot off the gas and applied it to the brake pedal… Why isn’t Paul having Nikki’s car impounded – to ensure no mechanical failure can be blamed? At the very least, Nikki (and/or Neil) are guilty of criminal negligence (possibly criminal negligence causing death) … Surprisingly enough, I felt stirrings of sympathy for Chris and Summer. Though hardly a sympathetic (or maternal) character, Chris may have surprised us all and been a wonderful Mother (the bar is set quite low in GC) Either way, she deserved a shot at it (and now it’s likely that’ll never happen) LLB had some great scenes – her anger was palpable as she tried to leave GCM … As for Summer, she had no business targeting Avery – but – her grief and outrage were extremely well acted (easily the most believable aspect of this convoluted storyline) Shouting until she went hoarse, Hunter really brought it today (or perhaps I just prefer angry female characters to a whiny ones) … Summer hates me right now, Sharon pouts. Um – I think she’ll hate you 40 years from now. Of course Sharon shouldn’t be at the Memorial. She betrayed Summer and didn’t know Austin at all.